Colorado Travel Diary – Day 1: Skies, Stairs, Spiders, and Sunsets

Hey, daydreamers! I’m super excited for today’s post (which, by the way, is not only the first post in my new series, but it’s also the first official post on here!)

A few weeks ago, I went on vacation to Vail, Colorado! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life! I miss it so much, and the mountains are my new happy place. XD In this series, I’m going to be sharing with you guys all of my adventures from Colorado!

A little backstory: when my mom was in College, she got to go on a mission trip to Vail and stayed there all summer! She loved it so much and really wanted to share Colorado with us. We’d already been to Colorado Springs a few years back, and we wanted to go back there super badly!

My friend (she’s going to be called Riley on this blog), her family, and my family had been talking about going on vacation together this summer – and we ended up going to Vail, Colorado, where my mom went on her mission trip! Riley and her parents decided to drive, and we decided to fly. On July 1, we hit the road/airport!

The night before, I was so excited, I could barely sleep! We had to wake up at 5:00 in the morning, and immediately drove to the airport! My little sister , DiamondUnicorn430 (but we’ll call her Unicorn or Uni in this series) loves these human conveyor belt thingies. Seriously, if you want to make her happy, all you have to do is take her on an escalator. XD

After we’d checked our bags and gotten through security, we went to our gate! I look so tired in this picture, lol. I felt kind of nauseous, but thankfully I didn’t throw up, even though I almost did. (Okay, that was TMI. Sorry ’bout that, lol.) I worked on my friendship bracelet until it was time to board!

We lined up to board when the flight attendant announced it, and then we could finally board the plane! Unicorn and I were so happy to finally go on the plane! (As you can tell, we don’t fly much. XD)

We were so excited as we walked through the hallway/tunnel thingy! I was a little bit nervous, but also super happy to not only be going on an airplane, but that we were going to Colorado!

Thankfully, I landed the middle seat! Unicorn sat on the other side with my dad. There was an empty aisle seat, and my mom and I were hoping for a skinny, quiet person. πŸ˜† And a skinny man with headphones sat next to us! We were like, “Score!” But then he ended up being super chatty and talked with the old man in the seat next to my Dad and Unicorn. πŸ˜‹ It wasn’t too bad, though – once my mom and dad had to sit next to this huge dude we call Two-Ton Tony…on an overnight flight to Paris!

I love how the plane drives slowly, and then goes faster and faster and faster and before you know it, you’re in the air and it takes your breath away. I was so excited when we took off! The view was so gorgeous and it was crazy seeing Houston from miles in the air. All the cars looked like tiny little ants!

Aren’t the clouds beautiful? When I was taking this picture, the baby in the row in front of us turned around and climbed on top of her seat and started babbling at me and my mom and tried to grab my finger! It was so cute! She was clapping and trying to get my mom to hold her. Most people would probably think that’s super annoying, so I’m glad we were the ones sitting behind her!

Another picture of the clouds as we rose into the sky, high above the city. Can you spot the little rainbow circle in the sky? That was cool to see a rainbow from above! I love flying; for me, it’s part of the vacation! I’ve only flown four times in my life, counting there and back from this trip to Colorado.

A few hours later, we landed, got on a shuttle to the rental car place, rented our car, and got on the road to Vail! We were starving, so we stopped at a Freddy’s in Denver that looked EXACTLY like the one at home. It felt like we were back in Texas!

We could see the mountains out the window – it was absolutely incredible! When we started heading out of the city towards the more rural parts of Colorado, I saw these HUGE mountains. I asked my mom if they were part of the Rockies, and she told me they were just foothills! I was blown away. I think the mountain in this picture might be an actual mountian! It’s hard to tell, they all seem so huge to me!

And get this – the bigger mountains still had snow on them. IN JULY. For a Texan who only sees snow barely once a year and the coldest temperature I’ve ever been in was 35 degrees, it was crazy to me to see snow! I’d heard it snowed the weekend before, and I didn’t believe it. πŸ˜‚

*Sighs* The mountains are so gorgeous. I miss them so much! I surprised myself and basically just stared out the window at the beautiful Colorado landscape and played the alphabet game with myself the whole time. Normally, I’m always on my phone or have my nose in a book while I’m in the car, so this was new for me.

There was a lot of confusion with our rental house – the rental company sent us the information for the wrong house, so we drove to Vail Village and were super confused (and a little dissapointed) to find that we were staying in a brown, kind of ugly little apartment that definitely wouldn’t fit seven people (our family of four + Riley and her parents)!

I made this GIF out of a video I took as we were driving into Eagle Vail!

But then, we figured out it was the wrong place! Then, the GPS took us to this random house with a lovely view of…a construction site? After some calls to Riley’s mom, we figured out the right place and were blown away when we got there! Here’s a tour:

This was our living room! The furniture wasn’t the most comfortable in the world – when we first got there, I was so excited that I ran into the living room and threw myself onto the couch – big mistake. It was rock hard, and it hurt super bad! πŸ˜‚

Here’s another picture of our living room – there were these huge windows and a gorgeous deck I got to read my Bible on every morning and look at the mountains! We played cards on that coffee table for hours and hours…

The view from the porch was absolutely stunning – we could see a huge mountain! On the other side, you could see all of Vail and the mountains in the distance. It was insanely awesome!

This was the kitchen! (Sorry about the mess – I actually took these pictures on the last day of our trip, so our stuff was everywhere from packing up!)

This super-annoying wooden thing didn’t go up all the way to the ceiling and bothered us all for the entire week and made us all OCD. πŸ˜‚

There were these really cool animal sculpture thingies (I seriously need to stop saying thingies) in some places. We couldn’t decide if the first one was a deer or a fox, and the other one kind of looks like a panda in this picture, but it’s actually a bear.

They had these fun frames with posters from all these different parks that were super cool to look at!

This was the room my parents stayed in. It’s nice, right? I like the little lamp with the branch.

Unicorn looks extremely unimpressed with the time change in this picture. πŸ˜‚ She cracks me up.

Let’s venture downstairs, shall we? My sister was so excited to have stairs – we live in a one-story house, and for some reason it’s always been her dream to have an upstairs.

We did this super fun thing were we slid down the banister every time we went downstairs. Kind of a weird picture, but we basically lied on top of the banister, grabbed the sides with our legs and arms, and slid!

There were these super weird/cool wooden bird things that remind me of Angry Birds. Seriously, doesn’t the big pointy-headed one look like the yellow guy, and that littlest one like that tiny little white one, and the fifth one from the left like the red dude?

And of course, we shall not forget the spider that lived with us for the week and just hung there with that bird and ate bugs. We (me, Unicorn, and Riley) actually saw it with a bug all wrapped up in webs, and we thought it was an egg sac and freaked out that there were going to be a ton of baby spiders everywhere like in Charlotte’s web! πŸ˜‚

This was the room Riley’s parents slept in. (We took this when we first got there, before Riley had arrived, because that would be weird if I went in her parent’s room. πŸ˜‚)

WHY DID I TAKE A PICTURE OF OUR BATHROOM. πŸ€” Anyways, enjoy this unnecessary photo of the restroom next to the kid’s room. Hey, at least it was a pretty nice bathroom. 🀷

Sory this picture is blurry! Anyways, here’s our bedroom! Unicorn and I landed the top bunks, and Riley slept on the bottom, below Unicorn. Our room was so cute and fun, and I loved sleeping on a bunk like at camp!

This was the view from our porch! 😍😍😍 I can’t get over how pretty Colorado is. I still can’t believe I got to spend almost a week there.

After Riley arrived (somehow we beat her even though she’d been driving for two days!), we went out to eat at this place called Pazzo’s Pizza! But, it wasn’t exactly the best dining experience of my life…first of all, the room felt weirdly slanted to me (I think I was a little bit disoriented from altitude sickness. I could’ve sworn I was slanted downwards!), and then our food took almost an hour! And it turned out that ordering “thick” pizza meant I got a pizza brick. Yum. When we got home, I took these photos of the beautiful sunset!

You could see the sun sinking below the mountains as the sky turned pink and orange from our porch! I love sunsets so much. And a sunset in the mountians? Ahh, I love it even more! 😍

I took a sunset selfie with the Portait mode on my mom’s iPhone X – it has an awesome camera! I look kinda weird in this picture, but oh well – the lighting is amazing, at least!

And thus ends this super-long post with a selfie with me and Riley! I hope you enjoyed hearing all about the adventures from my first day in Colorado, touring the house, and seeing our flight. Thank you so much for reading through this whole thing! Have an awesome day!

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24 thoughts on “Colorado Travel Diary – Day 1: Skies, Stairs, Spiders, and Sunsets

  1. Ooooh, how fun! Last year I went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina with my best friend/cousin. We pretty much spent every day for a week together on the beach! It was super fun. OMG THAT WOODEN THINGY IS SO ANNOYING AND I ONLY SAW ONE PICTURE!

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  2. Looks like you had fun! I used to live in Texas and we visited Colorado once. Except we DROVE so it took forever. Ah, yes, sliding down the banister. I do that all the time (if there’s a banister, XD)

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