Colorado Travel Diary – Day 2: An Epic Discovery at 8,150′

Hey daydreamers! I’m so happy you guys liked the first installment of my Colorado Travel Diary, and today, I’m back with another one! The second day of our trip was truly amazing, with even more new things and new adventures to explore.

On day 2 of the Colorado trip, I faced my fears, tried new things, hung out with my friends, and saw even more of this beautiful state. And I’ll be documenting all of that in this post, so let’s get right to it!

I had a bit of a rough night – I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was about to faint from altitude sickness, and I had these strange, vivid dreams that I kept waking up from every hour or so. But, I woke up to sunlight streaming through the windows and the beautiful mountain view! I read my Bible on the porch while everyone was still waking up – it was absolutely gorgeous, and I felt so close to God!

(Isn’t the sky so pretty? *Sighs*) After we had eaten breakfast, we got dressed and headed off towards Lionshead Village (just a few minutes away from Eagle Vail, the town where we were staying), found a parking spot, and walked around Lionshead for a little bit. Once we got gondola tickets, we decided to go up the mountain to check out this adventure park!

All of us on the gondola! (Riley’s face, lol. She’s the one in the blue shirt, next to me.) I was a little bit nervous about going up the gondola – I kept thinking of this episode I saw in a show called Bunk’d where the ski lift breaks! XD

The gondola started going faster and faster until we were in the air! It absolutely took my breath away being able to see the mountains from hundreds of feet in the air. It was so fun! (Except for the fact that my ears kept popping, lol.)

Me, Unicorn, and Claire in the gondola! We were so excited to go up the moutain!

Before we knew it, we were on the mountain! They had this really huge building called The Eagles’ Nest that had a ton of resturaunts and ski schools inside. Inside that little hut next to it, they had this mini-science center, which was a little lame. XD

Family photo! You can see the rockies in the background – aren’t they so beautiful?? I know I’ve said that like a thousand times so far in this series, but it’s so true! (By the way, the yellow tag thingy on Unicorn’s jacket is her gondola pass – you can also see mine attached to my jeans.)

At the top of the mountain, we discovered HUGE piles of snow!! In July! We were all freaking out with excitement and playing around in the snowpiles and throwing snowballs and “snowboarding” (aka sliding down on our shoes). That’s Texans for ya, haha.

This photo was supposed to be “aesthetic”…not sure if you can actually tell that it’s a close-up of the snow, lol. However, I love how the snowy bokeh looks like shimmering glitter! So pretty!

After we had looked around and decided all the stuff we wanted to do, we went back down the gondola to Lionshead Village to purchase our passes for the adventure park and eat some lunch (since the restaurants in the Eagle’s Nest were crazy expensive). This photo was taken as we went down the mountain in the gondola!

We ate lunch at this cute little restaurant (with a really weird name that I can’t remember right now) that had a deck on top of the roof where you could eat outside. It was so cool! I took this photo while we were waiting for our food – it’s probably one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken! Aren’t those flowers pretty? (I really need to stop saying pretty and beautiful in this post.)

After we bought our passes for Epic Discovery, the adventure park at the top of the mountain, we headed back up in the gondola! Unicorn says her favorite part of the adventure park was the gondola. XD

Unicorn and I got to do this super fun bungee jump while Riley went on a zipline! It was really cool jumping up super high and doing cheer and dance jumps, but whenever I almost attempted a backflip, I would lean back, see the sky, and change my mind! However, I’m determined to someday accomplish a backflip on a bungee jump! 🤪

Riley and I both decided to go on the ropes course, but I wanted to warm up on this little baby ropes course they had that was literally three feet off the ground, yet somehow you had to wear harnesses anyways. When I was waiting in line to put my harness on, they had these ropes that said Vail on them and I had to take a picture!

This is the baby ropes course I did – behind it, you could see a real one, but it was closed, so Riley and I did another one on the opposite side of the moutaintop. The baby course was so easy, I went through it super fast!

This was the course I went on with Riley – I only did the first level, and I’m glad, because I’m not the best with heights sometimes! It was kind of scary – they didn’t have one of those automatic belays. You had to actually unclip one of the ropes that was holding you and move it to the next area you wanted to go on, and then do the next one, but I had a lot of trouble with that because I’m so short! I’m glad I got off on the first story, since I started feeling lightheaded right at the very end when I got down.

photo credit: Epic Discovery

I didn’t get a picture of the rollercoaster (since I was on it, duh, and also my mom only took videos of it, and I only have the free plan 😉), so enjoy this photo of two random people on the coaster from the Epic Discovery website. 🤪 There was this really cool mini – rollercoaster that Riley, Unicorn, and I went on, where you drove your own car and controlled the speed! I went slow at first, but then realized I totally loved full speed and went super fast the rest of the way! We all agree that this was the best attraction in Epic Discovery (except in Unicorn’s case. She still thinks it’s the gondola.)

Doesn’t this photo look like either Unicorn is super tiny or we’re about to back-flop of a cliff? We took a bunch of cool boomerangs of us jumping up and down right here, but WordPress won’t let me post them.

We were all super tired and exhausted from the day, so we headed back home in the gondola! We took a little bit to rest and recover from the busy day at Epic Discovery, and then headed over to Vail Village, where we shopped and ate at this cute little deli.

To end this post, here’s another sunset photo I took on the second day. Every day, I took some pictures of the gorgeous sunset, so I’ll be closing off every post in this series with them! I’m planning on making every other post part of this Colorado Travel Diary series, but that might change. 😉 Keep an eye out for a collab or guest post coming soon, along with a What’s In My Backpack + Back To School Haul post! See you then!

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19 thoughts on “Colorado Travel Diary – Day 2: An Epic Discovery at 8,150′

  1. “We were all freaking out with excitement and playing around in the snowpiles and throwing snowballs and “snowboarding” (aka sliding down on our shoes). That’s Texans for ya”
    SO TRUE! Lol. We went to Colorado a few years back, and for the experience, we just had to go to an area that still had snow. (It was old snow, so it was the nasty icy kind that didn’t stick very well. Yeah…our conclusion was: snow hurts. A LOT X’D )

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  2. That looks like a really fun day. OHMYGOSH, that all looks so fun—-especially the bungee jump—. Fun Fact About Me: I used to absolutely HATE roller-coasters and heights…..and now I’m the one who tries everything. I love the adrenaline, I guess.
    Again, I love the Colorado mountains. My family (which consists of my Mom, Dad and younger sisters (They’re twins) plus my Aunt, Uncle and Grandparents.

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