My September Bullet Journal Spread | Recreating AmandaRachLee BuJo

Hey daydreamers! Today I’m going to be doing something a little different than what I usually do – I’m going to be showing you guys this month’s spread for my bullet journal!

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s basically a dotted notebook where you track your mood, habits, calendar, to-do lists, and it’s basically a productivity tool. A lot of YouTubers (like AmandaRachLee) take a more artistic approach to bullet journaling (or BuJo) and make this really cute, creative spreads!

I got my bullet journal like forever ago, and I would always make a whole complicated watercolor spread I found on YouTube, never use it, decide to start over, rip it out…and repeat that cycle over and over again. But, then I found the YouTube channel AmandaRachLee, and I was super inspired by her fun and creative bullet journal ideas that I decided to give them a try!

A few months ago, I made…um…whatever this is. I tried to do Amanda’s June bubble tea theme, and it didn’t turn out that well! I had a hard time keeping the doodles from getting messy, the spacing was all over the place, it looked really weird…overall, I just wasn’t that happy with it.

*apologies in advance for the cringey-ness* This was my attempt at her June calendar…yikes! That weird sheet of paper was glued in there in attempt to cover up some horrid mistake. As you can tell, I didn’t exactly use it that much!

(This is actually the only spread from that month that I actually sort of liked…The only thing that bothers me is the wonky boxes and weird shading, but these songs are all so amazing! Plus, I love all the pictures in here!)

The next month, I tried again. I actually like this page from one of Amanda’s old videos, but I didn’t ever finish the rest of the month. I do like the travel-themed doodles on this one, though! In August, I pretty much just gave up.

(If you want to compare Amanda’s spreads to mine, don’t forget to watch her video!)

But a few days ago, this lovely little video popped up in my notifications! I really liked the adorable stationery theme, and it seemed pretty easy to me. I was feeling pretty artistic, so I decided, why not give it a try?


And I’m SO GLAD I did! This probably turned out to be one of my favorite drawings EVER – I’m not even kidding, I’m that happy how this turned out! I decided to use a different color scheme from Amanda, and I decided to make the opening page a little different, adding my own colors and designs. On the left page, I continued the design from the right to make it more interesting! This is one of my favorite pages from this month!

On the left page, I wrote “SEPTEMBER” in bubble letters that kind of bounce around the page. Above that, I drew some markers and wash tape! Below, there’s some pens, a ruler, paperclip, more washiest tape, a little notebook, a pencil, and an eraser.

On this side, I used a lowercase typewriter font along with the bubble one to write “You can never have too much STATIONERY!” (I always thought it was spelled stationARY, but turns out, I’m wrong. Β―\_(ツ)_/) Then I drew binder clips, washiest tape, a paperclip, ruler, gluestick, pencils, eraser, and then added some ACTUAL washi tape strips to the page.

My next page is my calendar spread! This one took a long time to do – it took awhile to figure out spacing and stuff, plus at first I made a 6-day week. πŸ˜‚ Once I got that all straightened out, I added a little box on the side for tasks and some more stationary! (As you can see, I’m pretty busy this month!)

At the top, I also wrote “SEPTEMBER” in the same way as the last spread. I also wrote abbreviations for each day at the top in the same font from the last spread also, but this time in uppercase. I traced the letters with a gel pen from each color in my palate.

I drew a bunch of washi tape at the top (by tracing actual washi tape, lol). I wrote “TASKS” in a smaller version of the bubble font, and then I added a little pushpin/tack drawing to my task box. In the tasks box, I’ll write the overall stuff that I need to get done this month.

Yes, I am aware that September has 30 days. πŸ˜‚ I didn’t add a whole other row for two reasons: 1) I thought it would look weird and 2) I forgot. Oh, and I also drew a pencil, pencil eraser, and pen cap at the bottom.

On the next page, I have my Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker spreads! A habit tracker is exactly what it sounds like: you track your habits using mini-calendars for each category. If I complete a task that day, I’ll color in one of the dates. At the end of the month I can look back at my productivity!

I have six categories that I want to keep up with this month: reading my Bible every night, stretching every day, either writing or blogging each day, writing daily entries in my diary, and keeping up with my skincare routine and brushing my teeth twice a day. πŸ™‚

For the header, I wrote “HABIT” in bubble letters and wrote “tracker” in the typewriter font. I also drew a little highlighter and colored over the word “tracker” like the highlighter was highlighting it!

A mood tracker is pretty much the same idea: depending on my mood, I’ll color in the bubble letters with a certain color. I pretty much did the same header as my habit tracker, and drew the calendar like it was on a sticky note.

My key is a little different from Amanda’s, since I’m using different colors! Sad is a bright teal, frustrated/annoyed is grey, neutral/bored is just left white, happy is pink, and excited/joyful is golden!

My second to last spread is my brain dump page! A brain dump is a place where you can literally dump all of your ideas. I drew a bunch of stationery around the page – I think the pink gel pen at the top looks the best for some reason! I totally agree with Amanda – this page was super meta to draw a notebook…inside of a notebook!

Why is it so hilarious that a binder clip drawing and a REAL binder clip are right next to each other 🀣🀣🀣🀣

And now, for my final page, my first weekly spread for this month! (Each week, I’ll draw a new weekly spread similar to this one). This spread I kept very minimal and simple, since I wanted to leave as much room as possible for the actual bullet journaling part.

I wrote each day similar to how it is on the calendar, and in the eighth box I added a little space for notes. Right now it looks pretty boring, but hopefully once I fill it up with to-do lists and such it’ll look better!

If you made it to the end of this post, I applaud you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you want to learn more about bullet journaling, head over to the official BuJo website for more info and tips! And for more bullet journal ideas, tips, and inspiration, check out Amanda’s channel, AmandaRachLee! You also can buy the bullet journal I have here!

This isn’t sponsored, I swear πŸ˜‚

Now, it’s your turn! Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have way too much stationery (like me)? Do you like art? Pushpins or tacks? Should I share my BuJo spreads every month? What are your favorite bullet journal YouTube channels and blogs?

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11 thoughts on “My September Bullet Journal Spread | Recreating AmandaRachLee BuJo

    Meanwhile, I’m over here hating on my September spread. It isn’t bad, I just don’t like the colors.
    (I copied and pasted your questions bc I am extra)

    Do you have a bullet journal?

    Do you have way too much stationery (like me)?
    Emmie, sweet Emmie, there is no such thing as too much stationary.

    Do you like art?
    Yes, but I’m not good at it.

    Pushpins or tacks?
    Um, tacks? I don’t really know the difference.

    Should I share my BuJo spreads every month?
    I probably wouldn’t do it every month, but maybe do like, once a quarter?

    What are your favorite bullet journal YouTube channels and blogs?
    Um, I just go on Pinterest and search up Bullet Journal. I get a lot of inspiration from there.

    Thanks for the great post Emmie!
    P.S. Can you check out the Camp Happy Heart Survey and Q&A on BABF when you get a chance? It’d mean a lot to me.

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