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Hey daydreamers! It’s that time of year – the snow is falling (well, everywhere except Texas, where it’s 62 degrees as I write this), Christmas lights twinkle from the branches of the tree, and stockings are hung on the mantel as children daydream of Santa’s gifts on Christmas eve…

Sorry, I went into Christmas carol mode there. 😂 What I’m trying to say is, it’s December, and that means…the Emmie Awards are BACK, and better than ever!

If you’re new to any of my blogs, you probably don’t know what the Emmie Awards are. (Get it? Emmie? Emmy? Yes I’m a genius I know) Ever since 2017, on American Girl World I’ve hosted the annual Emmie Awards, which are awards given to the best bloggers of the year and YOU get to vote for and nominate them.

Here’s how it works: Basically, there’s 10 different categories that a blogger can win. (Like Best Photos, Best Collab, Blog of the Year, etc.) In the comments, you’ll nominate your favorite bloggers for each category!

Then, nominations will close on the 14th, and on the 15th of December I’ll post a survey where you can vote for the winners of each award! When voting closes on Christmas Day, the winners will be notified by email on the 26th and they’ll have the chance to write an acceptance speech for their award.

Finally, the winners will be announced on both American Girl World and Diary of a Daydreamer. Then we’ll have a giant blog party in the comments to celebrate the winners! Got it?

You’ll learn just HOW to nominate your favorite blogs for the Emmie Awards at the end of this post! First, let’s check out this year’s categories!

This award is for the collab series or post between two or more bloggers that you really enjoyed, connected with, or felt inspired by. This award goes to the most creative and stunning collab of the year – so nominate your favorite in the comments!

Who do you think of when someone says “lifestyle blogger”? Nominate them for this award! A lifestyle blog is a blog that covers topics like the blogger’s interests, events in their life, fashion, photography, and more.

Do you have an old favorite doll blogger or a brand new one you just discovered? Any blog featuring dolls, toys, or stuffed animals can be nominated for this category! This award is for a doll/toy blog featuring exciting and creative photostories, great quality photos, and well thought-out characters.

You can nominate any blog for this category that focuses on books, characters, reviews, and most importantly, is written by a bookworm! Blogs like these make you want to read all the books they review to investigate them for yourself, include amazing photos, and show incredible effort in their content.

Note: if the blog you nominate was designed by someone other than the blogger, the credit goes to the designer! A stunning blog design can make or break your blog’s success. And some blogs accomplish that perfectly, creating an aesthetic and beautiful environment on their blog that makes you feel like you could scroll through their feed forever!

Is there a certain video, vlog, or stopmotion that you can’t stop rewatching? This award goes to a blog who posts amazing video content on their site OR has a YouTube channel associated with their blog. You can nominate a specific video, or just a blog in general who always posts quality movies!

Some blogs have gorgeous, aesthetic photos with perfect lighting and setups. Behind those amazing photos are hours of shooting and editing, so reward your favorite photographer for all their hard work by nominating them for this award!

This award is for a tutorial post that’s super easy to follow along to. A tutorial can be a craft tutorial, recipe, follow-along routine, or anything that’s meant for you to try out and follow along to! Videos count for this category, too!

This award is for the best new blog that started in 2019 OR has been public for year or less! So a blog started in December 2018 counts and so does a blog started in March 2019, but a blog that started in May 2018 doesn’t count. Got it?

And lastly, the most prestigious and highly coveted award in the entire Emmies… the honorable title of Blog of the Year! This award is given to the blog that really shined this year. Their posts were on point and they connected with their audience, and showed incredible creativity. This award is a huge honor, so nominate your most favorite blog of all time for this one!


All you have to do is comment down below! Some rules:

  • You cannot nominate yourself for an award
  • You can technically nominate me for an award, but that would be kinda strange lol
  • You are allowed to campaign on your blog to get nominations (like making a post asking people to nominate you for whatever category)

Here’s a template for what you can say.

  • Blog of the Year: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Lifestyle Blog: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best New Blog: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Blog Design: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Videos: Blogger Name @ Blog URL OR Video Name @ Video URL
  • Best Photography: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Collab: Blogger(s) Name(s) @ Blog URL(s) OR Collab Name @ URLS of posts in collab
  • Best Book Blog: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Doll Blog: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
  • Best Tutorial: Tutorial Post Name from Blog Name @ Post URL

what are you waiting for? let’s get nominating!


P.S. – If you share this post by reblogging, pinning on Pinterest, sharing on social media, or sending the link to a friend, you’ll get three FREE desktop wallpapers sent straight to your inbox! Just leave a comment telling me how you shared this post!



25 thoughts on “it’s here. — Emmie Awards 2019 NOMINATING! | CLOSED

  1. I’m hoping this works, because I’ve already typed one of these out, and then my computer crashed…
    I’m really excited for this! (I wonder if anyone will nominate me…)
    Here are my nominees:

    Blog of the Year: Jo @
    Best Lifestyle Blog: McKayla @
    Best New Blog: Sarah @
    Best Blog Design: Liberty @
    Best Videos: Ariana @
    Best Photography: Hannah @
    Best Collab: Carlye, Jorja, Merie, Mya @
    Best Book Blog: Charis @
    Best Doll Blog: Megan @
    Best Tutorial: I’ve looked, and I couldn’t possibly choose for this one!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. This is such a great idea, Emmie! Below is who I nominate. (Sorry I couldn’t think of people to nominate for most of the awards.) 🙂

    Blog of the Year: Hannah @

    Best Collab: Megan and Laura @ and

    Best Lifestyle Blog: Megan @

    Best Photography: Allison @

    Best Blog Design: Mary @

    Have a great day!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Just to let you know, I commented with the blogs I nominated! The comment is awaiting moderation because it has so many links, so I just wanted to make sure you got it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Blog of the Year: Jo @Pananaw:

    Best Lifestyle Blog: Sarah @The Sarcastic Elf:

    Best New Blog: Eden @The Happy Hedgehog:

    Best Blog Design: Charis Rae @

    Best Videos: Abbie Emmons @

    Best Photography: Abbie Emmons @

    Best Collab: Jo @Pananaw: & Enni @The Blanket Burrito:

    Best Book Blog: Olivia @Purely Olivia:

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Blog of the Year: da blog pananaw @
    Best Lifestyle Blog: The Expressive Life @
    Best New Blog: The Random Thoughts of Me @
    Best Blog Design: Sparks of Ara @
    Best Videos: In His Service and Loving It @ @
    Best Photography: Christina and the Camera @
    Best Collab: Mary Elizabeth and Emmie @ @
    Best Book Blog: Ani’s Books @
    Best Doll Blog: 4EverAG @
    Best Tutorial: Home! @

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Blog of the Year: Jo @
    Best Lifestyle Blog: Hannah @
    Best New Blog: Madi @ Adventure’s In The Air (
    Best Blog Design: Chloe @
    Best Videos: Abbie Emmons @
    Best Photography: Aria Lisette @
    Best Collab: Taking Beautiful Notes from Quaint & Darling AND Syd Inspired (,
    Best Book Blog: Charis @
    Best Doll Blog: Megan @
    Best Tutorial: DIY S’mores @

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Blog of the Year: Clara @
    Best Lifestyle Blog: Abbie @
    Best New Blog: Blogger Name @ Blog URL
    Best Blog Design: Abbie @
    Best Videos: Abbie @
    Best Photography: Clara @
    Best Collab: skipping this
    Best Book Blog: skipping this
    Best Doll Blog: Dara @
    Best Tutorial: DIY Birthday Part in a Box from Clara & Co. @ I’m so sorry I don’t have the url

    Liked by 1 person

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