summer goodies giveaway (ft. asha batchelor’s summa collection!) {CLOSED}

The giveaway is now closed! The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

Hey daydreamers! I don’t normally post today, but I’m going to start doing “Wednesday Bonus Posts” every so often whenever I have something quick to share or to tide you over until the next post!

As you could tell from the title, I’m hosting another giveaway! I’m super excited about this one and I think you guys will love all the items in it! We’ll be getting to the rules, bonus entries, what’s included, and all that fun stuff in just a bit!

I’m super excited to announce that this giveaway is sponsored by Asha Batchelor, blogger & Poshmark boutique owner, and her new summer collection, Summa Accessories! Thank you so much to Asha for sponsoring the giveaway and providing part of the prizes. I had so much fun working with you!

Okay, now for the part we’ve all been waiting for: what you’ll be getting!

The giveaway includes 4 total items (5 if you count both stickers) and it’ll come in this adorable pineapple packaging with a handwritten letter from me!

The giveaway includes a homemade lip balm and handmade bracelet from Asha’s shop, two super cute & high quality leafy vinyl stickers from Amazon, and an adorable & encouraging notebook!

The notebook is super cute, has a bunch of pages, and a fun little message on it! You can use this notebook as a journal, diary, blogging notebook, planner, prayer notebook, for school or work, to jot down ideas, literally anything you can think of!

These stickers are super adorable and they’ll look great on your mirror, water bottle, camp trunk, to send to a pen pal, also anything you can think of! I love the cute colors and how they look kinda like emojis.

Next, there’s an adorable handmade bracelet from Asha’s shop! I love the colors and it’s super duper high quality. It should fit most wrists and it looks super summery!

And finally, this cute homemade peppermint/lavender lip balm from Asha’s collection!

Thank you so much to Asha for sponsoring the giveaway! Make sure to check out her Poshmark shop here. Now it’s time to get entering!

how to enter:

  • Since you’ll be sharing your address with me if you win, make sure your parents are okay with that first!
  • You need an email address I can contact you by
  • Simply fill out the form below! You can only enter once, but there are different bonus entries you can do to increase your chance of winning!
  • If the form’s not showing up, it’s probably because you’re in the WordPress reader and not on the actual site. If it’s still not working, you can use this link:

And that’s it! Next Saturday’s post is going to be scheduled, since I’ll be at camp. (If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my packing for camp post!) I’m super excited to do more bonus Wednesday posts and fun giveaways like this! Thanks again to Asha for sponsoring!

Did you enter the giveaway?

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