what’s in my cheerleading bag!

Hey daydreamers! As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been at cheer camp this week and it was super fun (and insanely exhausting)! Since we aren’t allowed to do stunts and stuff like that because of coronavirus, they basically shoved four halftime dances, the fight song, a million chants, a bunch of cheers, technique, and a bunch more into our brains, plus a ton of conditioning and stretching within five days. It was a lot, but also super fun and I got to see my friends who are also on the team!

At my school, it’s K-12, so there’s one cheer team for junior high (the team I’m on) and one team for varsity/high school. Our JH team is super small this year, so we’ll only have one stunt group, and my best friend and I are going to switch out as flyers and I’m so excited!

I’ve done a What’s In My Backpack and a few other dance bag/volleyball bag posts, and all of them have done super well and I had fun making them, so I decided to do a post showing you guys my cheer bag for camp! Without further introduction, let’s get started!

First, I have my cheer backpack! If you’re wondering about the yellow thing, it’s covering up my real name. The backpack is super cute and durable, with a surprising amount of space and lots of pockets! I love how it has my name and mascot and it’s fun to be matching with the rest of the team.

First, I have my practice shirt. (Once again, the little blob is covering up my school’s name.) I have three other practice shirts, but those were in the wash when I took the pics for this post. The shirts are huuuuuge – seriously, this is supposed to be a size small but my dad could fit in it! Everyone else’s is like that though, so I just tuck mine into my skort.

Then I have my practice skort! (Which I’m showing the back of by accident, oops) It’s actually super comfortable and a good length.

Next I have my warmups! I have some warmup pants that are also insanely huge, and then my favorite thing in my bag besides my bow and poms…my team warmup jacket! It even has my name and school logo on it (covered up for privacy/safety reasons) and I feel so official, lol! I’m slightly obsessed with the jacket.

Next I have this door stretching thing! Basically it hooks over the door, and you put one foot in the loop and pull on the other side, and it raises your leg up to stretch it. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not, and super helpful. My coach gave it to me, which was super nice!

Next, I have my cheer shoes! Cheer shoes are normally super expensive, but we were able to find some from Academy that were only about $30. They’re not as high quality as Varsitys or Nfinitys, but they still work!

Next, pom-poms! I love the shiny, sparkly-ness and the color. We used them during camp to practice the dances with them, and I’m so excited to perform with them because they make the dances look super good!

I also have my bag tag, which is super pretty. It has my name on it in a cute font, but I had to cover it up with my hand, lol.

Next, some navy Spandex biker shorts, which are worn under the game day skirt because nobody wants to see your underpants when you’re jumping and tumbling. πŸ˜‚

Next, my game day top! It’s a little big in the sleeve area, so when we recorded our dance in the game day uniform I had to use some safety pins. I think it’s super cute though!

Next, the game day skirt! I like the little cutout, but it’s super long, just a couple inches above the knee. That’s what happens when you go to a private school, lol. πŸ˜‚

And last but not least, my bow! It even has its own little case with my name on it. I love the rhinestones on it and the color is amazing!

And that’s it for this post! Not pictured is the poncho thingy to wear at rainy football games that I haven’t opened yet and the shell, which is like a crop top you wear under the game day top to add sleeves, since I couldn’t get a decent picture of it. This post is a little bit shorter than usual, but I was busy this week and had to do it all today, so I’m proud of myself for finishing it in time lol. πŸ˜‚

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14 thoughts on “what’s in my cheerleading bag!

    1. Thanks! Lol. XD Lainey’s doing basketball, volleyball, and cheer, and I think Gracie’s doing vball and cheer, but I totally understand why! I didn’t want to do volleyball this year since I’m already super busy with cheer and dance + dance company anyways. Isn’t it? Thanks!


  1. Cuuuutttteeee!! Those uniforms are adorable! And, I totally feel super official when I’ve got my name on things too, so you’re not alone!

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  2. So cute!! I loved reading. ❀ Also, I've been wondering how you design your headers. They're super pretty! Is there a specific website/software that you use or could recommend?


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    1. Thanks for reading! πŸ˜€
      Thank you, and sure! I use Canva to create my headers, and awhile back I bought a clipart pack from a website called Pretty Little Lines that had all the flower and ballet graphics that I used!

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