What To Get Your Best Friend For Christmas – BFF Gift Guide!

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Hey daydreamers! I’m back with another holiday post, and I’m so excited for today’s one! It’s that time to finish checking everyone off of your Christmas list, but there’s still one more name on there: your best friend. It can be super hard to get the perfect gift for your deserving bestie, but I’ve got you covered! I’ve compiled another gift guide, but this time it’s filled with gifts for your best friend that I would definitely give to mine or would be super happy to get from her! Let’s get right to it! 🎁

friendship lamps

{https://www.amazon.com/, $170}

I’ve been wanting to get these for me and my best friend for a super long time, but unfortunately they’re pretty pricey! If you have a big budget to spend on your friend, though, go for it! These high-tech lamps come in a set of two and are connected to WiFi. You give one to your friend and keep the other, and you can touch the lamps to change color. Whenever you change your lamp’s color, your friend’s will, too! This is such a cool idea, and perfect for long-distance buddies. You could even come up with a secret code to talk to each other through them!

initial necklaces

{https://etsy.com, $18}

These necklaces on Etsy are adorable, but you can find initial necklaces pretty much anywhere! The idea is to have an initial necklace for each of your friends – for example, if your name is Jessica, you would get a J, A, and T for you and your friends Abby and Taylor. This gift is super dainty and pretty, and cuter than a cheesy half-heart BFF necklace but with the same kind of meaning!

group of friends ornament

{https://etsy.com, $25+}

These ornaments from Etsy are so adorable and would make a super thoughtful gift for a group of friends. You basically customize it to include the number of friends, hairstyle, skin tone, outfit, name, and title at the top! I would definitely appreciate a gift like this, and it’s in a pretty good price range too!

diy inside joke jar

{homemade, priceless!}

This gift is a little bit different from other items on this list, because you make it yourself! First, take a mason jar in your desired size and decorate it using a material of your choice, like tissue paper, paint markers, glitter, or photos. On the lid, write “Inside Joke Jar” and on the underside of the lid write “Instructions: Pull out whenever you need a good laugh! Love, [your name}.” Then write all of your crazy inside jokes and funny memories on little slips of paper and put it inside the jar. This is such a sweet, thoughtful gift that your best friend totally deserves and would really, really appreciate! I’m going to make this for my best friend, and hopefully she’ll love it!

friendship cuff

{amazon.com, $10-15}

(Just FYI, the reason I didn’t include a link for this one is because some of the bracelets on Amazon have swear words on them, so just be careful while you shop πŸ˜‰) I’ve gotten a bracelet like this from a friend before, and I love it! It’s a super stylish cuff with inspirational words inside, kind of like an upscale friendship bracelet.

coordinating jewelry

{can be from anywhere, but some ideas are https://www.puravidabracelets.com/products/sunflower-choker and https://www.puravidabracelets.com/products/daisy-choker, $24 each}

I have a sunflower choker from Pura Vida and got my friend a matching daisy one for her birthday, and then she got me the matching sunflower earrings and ring for my birthday! I’ll probably get her the daisy ring for Christmas. It’s kind of our thing, and its really fun coordinating jewelry! This idea is a twist on the matching-friendship-jewelry, it still matches but each one is different. πŸ’š

simply southern long sleeve shirt

{https://simplysouthern.com/, $26.99}

I have no idea if they have these shirts up north, lol (probably not, since they’re Simply Southern), but down here in Texas every girl loves these shirts! A perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for friend, these shirts come in tons of different colors and designs!

fuzzy socks

The last item on our list is super straightforward: fuzzy socks! Seriously, when all else fails, everyone loves a good, cozy pair of Christmas fuzzy socks.

Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed making this gift guide, and I hope it helps you find some ideas for your best friend or gives you some inspiration ❀ Merry Christmas and stay safe everyone! See you guys soon for the start of Blogmas!

Do you get your best friend gifts for Christmas, or make them? Which item is your favorite? Would you ever get a friendship lamp? What about the ornament?

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13 thoughts on “What To Get Your Best Friend For Christmas – BFF Gift Guide!

  1. These are really great ideas! I still need to make/buy something for my irl BFF, but that can wait bc we aren’t seeing each other until after Christmas. Super excited for the 12 days of Christmas tomorrow Emmie!

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