What’s In My Type 1 Diabetes Bag + T1D Q&A

Hey daydreamers! I’ve got a bit of a different post for this week, because as of Wednesday, January 27, I’ve had Type One Diabetes for three years. (Seriously, I almost wrote five, that’s how normal it feels now!) I’ve gotten a bunch of new readers since Blogmas (hey there!), so some of you might not know that I have diabetes. If you don’t know what it is, basically my pancreas (an organ) doesn’t make insulin (a hormone for regulating blood sugar). Because of this, I have to take insulin through a pump and constantly monitor my blood sugars and carb intake to avoid my blood sugar going high or low.

I thought it would be interesting to show you guys what I keep in my diabetes backpack that I carry with me everywhere! At the end, I’m also doing a little Q&A answering all of your questions about life with T1D. Let’s get into it!

This is my backpack! It’s from Vera Bradley in the Cloud Vine pattern. I got it for my birthday, and I love it! I also have a school backpack, tote bag, blanket, lunchbox, AND water bottle in this pattern. I might just be a *little* obsessed with it. πŸ˜› I like how all of my stuff coordinates though, and the pattern adds a cute pop of teal to my pink room!

It has a lot of compartments and pockets, which is nice, and it’s a good size. Also, this backpack looks super organized in this post, but I cleaned it out first and found no more than five masks, random trash, a tangled-up necklace…

In the front pocket, I just keep some lip balm. It has absolutely nothing to do with T1D but my lips are always chapped. XD

Also in the front pocket, I always keep my phone! My phone has an app on it that receives my blood sugar numbers from a device I wear that checks it called a Dexcom, so I always keep it with me when I go places so I get alerts of my numbers.

In the side pockets, you’ll find anything from hand lotion to trash to a piece of paper…it’s kind of the random junk pocket, haha, but I cleaned it out before I made this post so it’s empty. πŸ˜›

Now for the main area of the backpack!

In my “Covid pocket” I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer and two disposable masks. I don’t love this kind, but if I ever forget mine it’s nice to have a backup!

The pocket next to it just has a couple of snacks in case my blood sugar is low-but-not-too-low (or I’m just hungry haha). When you have a low blood sugar, you need fast-acting carbs (like skittles, juice, soda, or applesauce), and these aren’t as fast so they’re better for preventing a low.

This is my glucose meter that I can use to check my blood sugar in case my Dexcom isn’t working.

The case just has some alchohol wipes, lancets, and the actual meter inside it.

And I have a ton of low blood sugar snacks! These are the best applesauces ever, although I’m totally sick of them since I have 1-3 on most days. I also have apple juice and some glucose tabs. People with diabetes are probably the only people who drink a GoGo Squeez at 2 in the morning. XD

I also have a bunch of masks in here, which I put in before I go somewhere and don’t take out, so I end up with a ton of them in my bag. XD

This ziploc bag has everything I need if I have to change my insulin pump while I’m out, or my Dexcom is falling off and I have to tape it down.

Okay, I think that’s it for my bag! Next, I’m going to be answering a few of your questions about Type One Diabetes.

How do you know if you’re diabetic? For most people, symptoms are drinking a ton of water, going to the bathroom constantly, eating a lot but not being hungry, losing a lot of weight quickly, feeling tired all the time, blurry vision, and mood changes. I felt all of these symptoms, and was super depressed and anxious. I think that’s why finding out that I had it was such a good thing, and not a bad thing like you’d expect, because I finally knew what was wrong and how to get better! If you think that you have diabetes, you should talk to your parents or see a doctor as soon as possible. ❀

What’s the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? Okay, so nobody actually asked this question, but I think people can get confused about this so I thought I’d clarify. πŸ™‚ When you have Type 1 diabetes, your body physically cannot make any insulin. It’s also genetic and usually shows up when you’re a kid. When you Type 2 diabetes, your body is still making some insulin, but you’re resistant to it. I’m not totally sure about Type 2 since I don’t have a ton of experience with it, but it’s caused by genetics and sometimes lifestyle, and usually occurs in adults.

When were you diagnosed with it? I was diagnosed with it in January 2018, when I was 10. πŸ™‚

What’s the hardest part of having Type One Diabetes? I usually try to focus on the good parts, but sometimes it stinks to have something that makes you different than everyone else. It’s also annoying when I really want to do something but my blood sugar gets in the way, like going high or low at cheer or dance.

What do you do when you blood sugar goes down and you don’t have anything to help it back up again? Thankfully, this isn’t a situation I’ve been in too many times before, since I’m usually good about bringing my backpack everywhere! In that situation, you can’t really do anything except try your best to find something to eat.

I really hope that you guys found this post interesting and not too boring! πŸ˜‰ This is kind of a peek into the life of a person with Type One Diabetes, so hopefully this post can raise a bit of awareness and help people learn more about it. Also whenever I see someone else who has it (Like my favorite YouTuber Sadie Aldis!) I get really excited haha, so maybe that’s the same for you!

I know I said this last year, but I’d like to thank my parents for being my pancreas, my mom for being my emotional support human, and my dad for being the IT guy when it comes to my pump. Also my amazing friends who don’t even blink an eye when I’m eating apple sauce in the middle of a math test. Love you!!

Today’s shoutouts go to everyone who asked amazing questions for the Q&A! Thank you so much to Shanessa, Miriam, Hannah, Natalie, and Kaycee!

Do you have Type One? If not, did you find this interesting? Should I do more posts about T1D? If so, what would you want to see? Any more questions?


20 thoughts on “What’s In My Type 1 Diabetes Bag + T1D Q&A

  1. I’m glad you have such a handle on things! My mom’s cousin has diabetes and because of that his parent’s babied him and he can’t hold down a job, which is obviously not something that’s a result of diabetes. My mom doesn’t have diabetes, but she does have blood sugar issues and so she has a Dexcom. Those beeps are so annoying…(maybe bc hers goes off every 5 minutes?)

    Anyway, that’s just to say that while I luckily don’t have diabetes, I do know a bit about it. Still though, I found this post interesting and I think you should do more like it if you want.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I also have Type 1. I was diagnosed over eight years ago at the age of 11. I relate so much to practically everything you wrote about in this post! It isn’t always easy to manage a condition that requires monitoring 24/7 but I remember that God gives his greatest challenges to His toughest soldiers πŸ™‚ It’s so admirable that you’re able to be open about it on your blog. I still get nervous to talk about it to strangers or people I don’t know very well. Thank you so much for sharing ❀ ❀

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