Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas!

Hey daydreamers! Y’all really seem to like my fashion posts, and I really enjoy making them! I thought since Valentine’s day is tomorrow, it would be super fun to share some outfit inspo for Valentine’s day. I love how these outfits are super versatile for what you’re doing on that day – comfy for staying home and watching rom-coms (haha me), cute for a Galentine’s party, or put-together for church. And, of course, they’re all pink and red for the holiday spirit! πŸ˜‰

I’ll try to say where I got the items, but I don’t always remember, sorry. Without further introduction, let’s get into the outfit ideas!

outfit 1

scrunchie: amazon

sweatshirt: hand-me-down but the brand is old navy active

jeans: stitch fix

socks: gifted

I love this outfit because it’s super chill and comfy for an at-home Valentine’s Day! This sweatshirt is sooo comfy, and I’m obsessed with these jeans and wear them all the time. The side ponytail with the scrunchie adds a cute put-together touch and I paired it with some fuzzy red socks. The sweatshirt is oversized, too, which in my opinion makes it 10x comfier and cuter. πŸ˜›

outfit 2

sweater: the children’s place

necklace: kendra scott

jeans: stitch fix

shoes: converse

This is an outfit that I wear all the time! It’s comfy enough to wear around the house, but I’ve also worn this sweater to a party and a bunch of other things. I added my favorite necklace from Kendra Scott that’s rose quartz and matches the sweater! For some reason black jeans make every outfit a little nicer, and I wear my white Converse 24/7. This outfit looks super cute with hair down, but you could totally do a fun heart hairstyle to be extra-festive! πŸ˜›

outfit 3

scrunchie: francesca’s

top: stitch fix

jeans: hippie girl

shoes: vans

This outfit looks super cute but didn’t take that much effort to put together, which is nice! I went with a messy bun for this one, which I almost never wear since I’m a dancer and my definition of “messy” bun is very different from most people’s. XD I decided to try it with this outfit and I think it turned out cute! This top from Stitch Fix is definitely a go-to because you can wear it while working out, going out, staying home, even to bed!

outfit 4

scrunchie: amazon

earrings: gifted

sweater: khol’s

jeans: stitch fix

shoes: vans

This one might be my favorite out of all the outfits in this post! I love the heart-shaped tassel earrings and the sweater is sooo comfy! I got it awhile ago from Khol’s or something, and it still fits but now it’s kind of cropped which is cute! I wear my white Vans all the time. Once again I don’t do this hairstyle that often, and I didn’t do it very well, but the scrunchie looks cute with all the red. πŸ™‚

I definitely want to make more fashion posts after this one – let me know in the comments of you’re down for that! How do you plan to spend Valentine’s Day? I’m writing this on Thursday, and tomorrow (last Friday) at school we get to wear a Valentine’s shirt and jeans instead of a uniform (I’m wearing #4) and I made some cards for my friends. I’ll probably make some cards for my family too, and just hang out and watch a movie on Sunday.

Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you some ideas for what to wear on Valentine’s day!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Zainab from zaniab chats! THANKS so much for always taking the time to leave a comment!

Any plans for Valentine’s? What fashion posts should I do? Which outfit is your favorite?


35 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas!

  1. So nice! I love the last one and the first one! I’m not sure what I am doing for valentines day… I think just staying at home and maybe watching church online… My sister is going to make cupcakes, I think, so that will be yummy!

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    1. We probably didn’t get that much snow compared to most people but it felt like a lot haha! Yes, we lost it for about a day but we were pretty lucky since a lot of people didn’t have it for almost five days!


  2. Great outfits! I have a school dance soon for Valentine’s Day so this gives me lots of ideas what to wear! Thanks! Also, Happy New Year!

    -AJ | Happy Bees

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