Best Friends Tag! (Ft. My BFF Skylar)

pics in ft. image are from pinterest 🙂

Hey daydreamers! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m SO ready for spring break! I’ve been super busy with cheer tryouts this week (I’m actually writing this while I’m waiting to go in, eek!) and I can’t wait for some rest, relaxation, and sleepovers (the last one ruins my alliteration but it’s very essential lol). 

For today’s post, I thought it would be super fun to do the Best Friend Tag! So I grabbed one of my closest friends, Skylar (not her real name), to answer some questions with me over text. Let’s get into this!

Emmie: How would you describe each other in three words?

Emmie: Athletic, pretty, funny

Skylar: Hilarious, outgoing, thoughtful

E: Aw, you’re sweet!

S: You too!

E: How did you meet each other?

S: Ummm, kindergarten maybe? Or first grade?

E: We didn’t really know each other that well in kindergarten, but we started to be friends in first grade.

S: Yup

E: I think our moms were friends too and we were apart of the same group of friends.

S: That sounds right 🙂

E: What’s your favorite inside joke of ours?

S: I like our emojis for boys and I like “did she just snort” [Very long story lol]

E: This one is super hard! XD There’s so many!! Probably the emoji code.

E: And don’t remind meeeee 😛

S: And our gravestones hehe [another long story]

E: Is that still your wallpaper?

S: Yes ofc

S: Remember booty dance [yet another long story]

E: Yessss 💃and oh dear 🤦‍♀️

E: Okay, think of your current favorite song (and don’t share it). Now guess the other person’s favorite song. 

S: Ok. The song you made up?

E: Haha I was thinking of Driver’s Liscence but close!

E: Just Friends by Allie Baron

S: Yes!

E: The next one is the same thing, but this time think of your favorite show

E: Got it

S: Wait one sec – Sophia the First!! 

S: JK the show Cheer

S: Wait wait stop, it’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

E: Yes!!

S: Hehe yay

E: Yours is When Calls the Heart

S: Ofc

S: Yes sir yes sir you’re doing good

E: Why thank you 😛

E: This next one is a fun one! Guess the other person’s celebrity crush.

S: Joshua Basset

E: Yes 😍 Lol

S: Hehe

E: Hmmm, yours is Chris Pine?

S: Yes! Lol we are awesome

E: Exactly 😎

E: Who would play us in a movie?

S: Hmmm

E: Young Taylor Swift or Pressley Hosbach could play me?

E: Jules Leblanc could play you!

S: 👍

E: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

E: When people don’t wear their mask above their nose lol

S: Ppl smacking!!

E: What’s a word that annoys you?

E: Squeegee makes me cringe…

S: Umbilical cord

E: Weird habit?

S: Pulling my eyelashes lol

E: This one is super weird but I have to put a Band-Aid on my left toe even though I don’t need it anymore

E: Also wearing socks constantly, I’m never barefoot

S: Hehehe that’s funny

E: Lol nobody knows that but now I just told the entire internet

E: Favorite memory of each other?

S: When you made me laugh so hard with Teardrops on my Guitar [a song that’s special and funny to us because of yet another long story]

E: Haha yes that was amazing! Also Halloween when I slept over

S: Yes and that other time you sleep over and we did those cute cheesy photos

E: That was awesome!

S: So fun

E: Oh and all the music videos! Those were so depressing!

S: They rly were…

E: I can’t chose one favorite

S: Me neither I love them all 💖

E: This one is another guessing one – what did the other person want to be when they grew up in kindergarten?

E: Yours was either a lifeguard, princess or mom

S: Mine was a popstar

E: Ohhhh

S: Yours was a singer

E: Mine was actually the first female president of the United States – big goals for a 6 year old XD

S : Oops lol

E: And that’s what you were for future self day recently

S: Hehe we switched! But you don’t want to be a singer?

E: Nah now I want to be some sort of writer, like someone who does journalism or devotionals or writes TV shows

S: That sounds fun

E: Or a doctor except I’m struggling with the anatomy unit so that might be out of question XD

S: Haha same, but I thought you wanted to be an endocrinologist

E: Yes that too

E: Best qualities in a crush? (Lol)

E: Haha we were listing these last night…

E: They have to love Jesus, be kind to everyone, have a good sense of humor, and be smart

S: Will go up and talk to me, funny, competititive, also a listener, cute, love Jesus ofc smart

E: Second to last question!

S: Oooh

E: How many kids would you want to have and what would their names be?

S: 2 or 4 and I’ll get back to you on the names I need to go in notes for my baby names hehe

E: I would want three, two girls and a boy: Emryn Grace, Harper Sierra, Samuel James

S: Logan Reid, Noah Tyler, Skylar Grace [she chose her blog name based on one of her baby names lol], Ashlyn Hope, Walker Christian, Hunter Chase, Ansley Joy

E: Yours are so pretty!

S: Aww thanks 😄 Yours are so good too! I love the name Emryn!

E: Thanks! Okay, final question…(dun dun dun)

E: Do you have any questions to add? (that’s the question ol)

S: Ohhh hahah let me think

S: Favorite colors together?

E: Pink, gold, and white

S: Gray, light teal, and white

S: Favorite book of the Bible?

E: Oooo that’s a really good one! Probably James or Romans

S: James for me, I LOVE James

S: Favorite book series?

E: The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are tied followed by Keeper of the Lost CIties

S: I like KOTLC, Harry Potter and the Selection

E: Thank you so much for doing this with me!! I had so much fun and I love having you on the blog! Any final words for the followers? XD

S: I don’t think so! This was so fun!

This post has got to be one of my favorites! It was SO fun to spend some time chatting over text with Skylar about random things, answering fun questions, and letting y’all get to know us a little more! Thanks for reading, and happy spring break everyone!

Also update on cheer tryouts, since I’m finishing this post up the next day, they went super well and I made the team! 😀 Super excited for the upcoming season! Let me know any cheer-related post you want to see, and really any post ideas since I’m planning to get a few posts scheduled over the break.

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Diamond from Build a bears furever and i have 12% of a plan! She is an amazing blogging friend of mine and is so talented, and thank you so much to her for always commenting on my posts!

Favorite baby names? Favorite book series? COlors that go best together? Any of your other opinions on these questions?


26 thoughts on “Best Friends Tag! (Ft. My BFF Skylar)

  1. This looks so fun!
    *sticks post idea in my back pocket*
    Did ya know me and my irl friend are planning a collab too? It’s very different than this, but I think it’ll be really fun.
    I enjoyed getting to meet Skylar! And learn a bit about the two of you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my goodness, I loved getting to read your collab with your bestie!!! And congrats on making the cheer team!! What are your tips when you got into a cheer tryout? I have considered trying out for cheer possibly!! 😉
    And yeeess two KOTLC fans in the house, whoop whoop!!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay I’m glad that you liked it!!! Thank you so much!
      Oooh, cheer is so fun, you should definitely try it! Let’s see, a tip is to make sure what kind of cheer you’re trying out for, hobby cheer or sport cheer. Hobby cheer is mostly waving pom-poms and chants, and it can be fun, but sport cheer involves tumbling, dancing, stunting, a lot of conditioning, and cheers and chants! Also make sure to smile and be loud when you tryout! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah and ofc girly girl! 😀 And ooh cheer looks like a lot of fun and ooohh thanks for tips, sis!! I may just tryout at school this year, although I don’t know if I will yet. 😉
        -kaelyn 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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