Spring Transition Outfit Ideas For March!

Hey daydreamers! Almost exactly a year ago, I did a March Lookbook post. I remember being super proud of that one. I thought it would be fun to kind of re-create that post, updating it with my current style and favorite pieces!

These outfits work well for March because it’s usually still cold enough to wear jeans and a sweatshirt if you feel like it, and on warmer days you can go with a short sleeve and jeans or long sleeve and shorts! Let’s get right into the outfits! This post isn’t sponsored (But hey, if Pura Vida or anyone wants to sponsor me, check out the collab page. πŸ˜› JK!)

#1 – crewneck and ripped jeans

I borrowed this pink crewneck from my mom and I’m kind of obsessed, haha! It says Warrior and Isaiah 41:10 on it. I tucked it in and paired it with my current favorite jeans from Stitch Fix that are distressed and super comfy. Oh, and all my jewelry in this post is from Pura Vida. I wore this outfit ice skating and it’s perfect for chillier March days!

#2 – cozy crewneck and athletic shorts

This one is definitely giving me cozy vibes! This was to demonstrate how a crewneck and athletic shorts can be perfect for a transition outfit, but the cozy socks and oversized A&M sweatshirt made me think of a chill day. My friend paired a peachy crewneck with similar athletic shorts and it looked so cute! With less casual sweatshirt and some Converse you could totally wear this out.

#3 -striped top and black jeans

I didn’t think I would like this outfit that much when I was planning it out for this post, but when I tried it on I really liked it! I’ve had this shirt forever and used to wear it constantly, and I paired it with some black jeans. I feel like a black-and-white striped shirt is something you’d probably have in your closet, and it looks really coordinated and put-together with black jeans!

#4 – lightweight long sleeve and jeans

I wore this outfit to a youth group night and got a bunch of compliments on it – I’m obsessed with this shirt and wear it all the time! Of course jeans go with everything, and this top would look cute with a denim skirt too. I wear this outfit to church nearly every week (our church is pretty casual) and it’s perfect for spring because even though it’s a long sleeve, the top is more thin and lightweight.

#5 – hoodie and capris

Starting to realize this post is mostly jeans with different tops, but oh well. πŸ˜› This pink hoodie from Stitch FIx is another go-to item for church or really just any day. I put it with these comfy hand-me-down capris (They have a sweatpants-style band at the top that you can’t see). I used to wear them all the time in quarantine, but now they’re a bit small.

#6 – striped top with jeans

Whoah, no way, another top and jeans? Didn’t see that coming! πŸ˜› I haven’t worn this shirt in awhile, so it’s kind of cropped now. I put it with my signautre three-button light wash jeans from Hippie Girl (I wear these on jeans days to school so much that my mom got me two pairs lol)

#7 – t-shirt and jeans

Turn last summer’s tie-dye into this spring’s staple wardrobe piece! XD With all the Pura Vida and the tie-dye, you could wear this outfit with jean shorts in the summer, but I think the pastel works nicely for spring. It also kind of coordinates with the light wash jeans and white vans. This outfit was suprisingly a new favorite, and I haven’t really worn it before so I can’t wait to try it out!

I love these types of posts because afterwards I have a ton of new outfit ideas! My favorite is either the first or last one. I hope everyone has been having a good spring break, and I’ll see you soon next week! Bye!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Ariela on the go! Thanks for commenting!

Which outfit was your favorite? What do you like to wear in spring? Do you have a favorite pair of jeans or is it just me?


22 thoughts on “Spring Transition Outfit Ideas For March!

  1. These are all so adorable! It’s so nice that some days are warm enough for shorts, t-shirts etc.! Where I live in the US though, we can pretty much always count on having rain πŸ˜‚

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