Spring Clean With Me!

Hey daydreamers! How has everyone’s weekend been so far? This post is inspired by Sadie Aldis – she’s an awesome YouTuber and she made a spring cleaning video that got me in the mood to tidy up my space for spring! This post is kind of self-explanatory, but basically, I’ll be showing y’all the process of how I deep-cleaned and organized my room + closet for spring. Hopefully, this is satisfying/inspiring! Let’s get into the post.

First, I took everything off all the surfaces in my room that wasn’t plugged in. This was crazy to see the sheer amount of clutter that was everywhere! I also threw away any trash I found.

Next I cleaned all the surfaces that had been cleared with some spray and a cloth, and cleaned all my mirrors.

Then I dusted everything with a cloth.

After that, I returned all the items that were on my bed back to where they belong.

Moving on to my vanity – I threw away old makeup and organized everything. Here’s a little before and after!

day 2

I also tidied up this little basket that holds my magazines and notebooks and such, it was super cluttered before and now it’s nice to look at!

My desk drawer has kind of turned into a junk drawer. Now that it’s organized, it holds a folder full of pen pal’s letters, a clipboard and notepad, ONE ruler (I had like four in there originally?? Why??), a whiteboard, flashcards, tape, post-its, and gold paperclips, tacks, and binder clips. I’m really happy with how this turned out because now I can actually find things!

I organized all the bins on my bookshelf, which took forever but was totally worth it!! I rearranged things so I could use one of the bins for socks, since my sock drawer is teeny tiny and won’t close. I got rid of a ton of junk that was in there which was so satisfying! Also, all my dance clothes are finally folded – I used to just throw them in there, now it looks so much better and it’s a whole lot easier to find things!

day 3/4

I didn’t do anything on Monday, so not sure what to count this day as? Anyway, as most of my room was organized I moved on to my closet, particularly my dresser.

The top of my dresser was extremely messy, so I put everything in its place and threw all the trash away, and it looks 10x better!

I file-folded my jean drawer from light to dark wash, lol, which makes it easier to find a particular pair (gosh, I have a lot of jeans, I still need to check which ones still fit.)

day 5/6

Finally, I swept, made my bed, and tidied up the pillows on my chair for the finishing touch!

I hope this post was inspiring to do some spring cleaning! This was so satisfying to see the end results and for my room to finally be more organized! Now to see how long it lasts 😅

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See y’all next week!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Coffeandcream! THANKs so much FOR COMMENTING AND SUPPORTING MY BLOG, and she has an amazing blog as well!

Have you done any spring cleaning this season? Which part of your room is always messy (for me it’s my vanity)? Are you an organized person (I try to be but get lazy sometimes 😉 )


18 thoughts on “Spring Clean With Me!

  1. I just did I deep cleansing of my room a while ago. It took me two days, and my room was a wreak during the cleaning process. It was mostly just me being rid of all my sister’s old stuff because it use to be their room. Anyway, Your room is really cute. I love the pink. 🍭🥰🌺💗

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