My Summer Bucket List 2021!

Hey daydreamers! First off, sorry I wasn’t able to get a post up last week! I was sick, and on top of that I had to be preparing for finals (those happened on Monday and Wednesday this week and actually went pretty well!), so I didn’t have any time/feel well enough to get a post up. But I’m back this week with a super exciting post, because now that finals are over, it’s officially summer!

I’m so excited to finally not have homework and tests to stress about, and have some time to rest and relax from the crazy yet fun school year. I decided it would be super fun to make a bucket list for this summer, with 21 things on it since it’s summer 2021! I thought it would be fun to share with y’all, so here’s my summer bucket list! Maybe it will give you some ideas and inspiration to make your own πŸ˜‰ Let’s get into it! (Some of these photos are mine and others are from Pinterest)

from Pinterest

1. read in the park

There’s this neighborhood that’s connected to mine that I bike around sometimes, and it has this little gazebo thing that I’ve always wanted to sit and read at. I could go in the morning and do my devotions and read my Bible, or go in the afternoon and catch up on whatever book I’ll be reading at the moment…It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do, so I thought, hey, why not add it to the list?

2. stretch every day + get more flexible

I had a really good streak going for keeping up with a daily stretching routine, but like I said, I got sick last week and didn’t feel like it. Then I was too busy this week during finals…and since I’ll have the time in the mornings this summer, I could make a point to do a stretching routine every day. I want to improve my extensions/arabesque in ballet, and I want to get my needle for cheer, so I definitely need to be working on my flexibility consistently.

from Pinterest

3. get a collage wall for my room

This is another thing I’ve been wanting to do forever! I’ve seen those gorgeous collage walls all over Pinterest, YouTube, and other blogs, and I think one would look super cute in my room. I would just find some pictures from my camera roll and Pinterest, get them printed, and arrange them either around my mirror or on the blank wall in my room!

4. get ice cream

I want to go back to this cool ice cream shop that has all these funky flavors and serves it in a literal waffle cone (an actual, baked waffle). I’ve been there before a few times and really want to get it again!

from Pinterest

5. make a smoothie bowl

Yet another thing I’ve been wanting to do is make a smoothie bowl! They seem super delicious and easy to make, and I really want to try one!

from Pinterest

6. take a polaroid of the sunrise

This would be something fun to do at a sleepover, get up early to watch the sunrise and take a Polaroid to remember the occasion πŸ˜‰

7. get my back walkover

I have my front walkover, but have this mental block of kicking over from a backbend, which is the first step to a back walkover. This item kind of scares me, but it’s a good way to get out of my comfort zone! It was hard to get past the fear of a front walkover, and now they’re so easy to me. So hopefully I can work on my back walkover this summer and have the skill for cheer next year!

8. learn how to dive

Yup, still haven’t mastered diving…I used to be able to do it and then forgot, haha. So I want to re-learn it!

9. learn how to shuffle cards

I’m the only one in my family who can’t shuffle cards, and it seems pretty simple, so I think I should finally learn how!

10. post on this blog 2x a week (when possible)

I have so many ideas for summer blog posts, and if I have a ton of free time, then maybe I could start trying to get two posts up a week! I would still post on Saturdays but add Wednesdays, too. I used to do a lot of “Wednesday bonus posts” but got busy, so I want to start posting more frequently! There will definitely be weeks when I only post once, but I could try to get two up sometimes!

from Pinterest

11. try new hairstyles

Lately I’ve been experimenting with hairstyles, and I want to get better at doing my hair this summer!

12. paint a phone case

My friend came up with this idea, and it sounds so fun! I have an old clear case I don’t use, as well as a red one I could paint over. This would be a super fun activity to do with friends!

13. get vaccinated!

I am getting the first dose of my vaccine super soon! I’m so excited about finally being able to get it, and by the end of the summer I will be fully vaccinated!

from Pinterest

14. make a friendship bracelet a week

Friendship-bracelet making was a hobby I picked up during quarantine, and I’ve been getting back into it! It’s the perfect summer boredom-buster, and I like working on them in car rides or while watching a movie or listening to something. (I made a tutorial awhile back, but I’ve improved a lot since then, so I’m thinking of making another one!)

15. journal every day

I used to write in my diary every single day, but got out of the habit in quarantine. I still journal occasionally and have been getting into it recently, and I want to try and write in my journal every day this year!

16. make a 1 second everyday video

During the holidays, I made a video with the app 1 Second Everday, and you basically take a 1-second video each day and it automatically edits them all together to create a little movie of your life. I thought it would be super fun to do in the summer!

my picture πŸ™‚

17. go to the beach

Hopefully we’ll be able to spend some days at the beach this summer! I LOVE going to the beach – the sand, the waves, sunshine…it’s so fun!

18. babysit

I’ve started babysitting, and I’m hoping I can get some more jobs this summer!

from Pinterest

19. go on another roller coaster

We went to a boardwalk for my sister’s birthday this past spring, and I went on my first rollercoaster. I discovered that I love, love, love roller coasters! I thought I would absolutely hate them, and I was shocked when I had so much fun on it! I was super surprised that I enjoyed thrill rides, and now I want to go on a bunch more!

20. go to the movie theater

There’s some new movies coming out that I want to see, and I’ve only been to the movies once since Covid.

21. have an amazing week at camp!

I can’t wait for summer camp this year! I’ll be at the junior high/high school camp, and I’m super excited for it!

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post! It was super fun to make! I tired my best to find a picture from either Pinterest or my camera roll for each item, but some of them I couldn’t find a good picture for. I hope that this was fun to read, or maybe it inspired you to make your own summer bucket list! It would be fun at the end of the summer to show y’all how I did on this list with pictures of each thing I did.

Oh, one more thing! If I did a series where I interviewed different bloggers, what would you name it? I was thinking The Emmie Show or Blogger Chats or even just Blog Spotlights, but let me know if y’all have any other ideas for names, or if you like any of these! Once I have some ideas I can make a poll for you guys to vote on the name for the series!

See ya next week! Have a great weekend/summer!


Have you done any of these things? Are you excited for summer? Did you make a summer bucket list/ are you planning to make one? What’s on it? Ideas for a blogger-interview series?


23 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List 2021!

  1. i suppose summer is at different times in different parts of the world for our summer break is nearly done! this post was so fun to read, nevertheless! i hope you get most of these done and have a great summer :)) also i know that thing with the backwalkover is so frustrating! i can do a backend but for some reason i never seem to be able to kick back from there! anna mcnulty on youtube really helps with that, though! great post, emmie and i think the emmi show sounds great!

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  2. Awesome ideas! I love the photo above “go to the Beach”. It’s amazing! Some of those ideas are really good! I want to have a great time at summer camp as well! I’m going to horse camp for the first time this year! I also want to have a blast in the play I’m in, sew lots of doll clothes, post on my blog(s) regularly, and journal more often.
    I hope you can do all of these!

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  3. Hey! I saw that you didn’t have a contact list (Neither do I). And, if you need bloggers to interview, I would be happy to do one! There is also someone named Elizabeth, who is a really great blogger! Her website is
    Thanks for the amazing posts! I like the idea of a Bonus Wednesday! I found you off of Beautiful Days, and I am a dancer and do pointe as well!

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  4. Love this post idea! I should make a summer bucket list thingy sometime… I don’t have many things that I can think of, to do thoπŸ˜‚ Maybe a weird question (lol), but what are your views on the covid vaccine?

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