Altar’d State Haul & Review!

Hey daydreamers! How has your week been? I just got back from vacation (as I’m writing this), so that’s why there wasn’t a bonus post on Wednesday. 😉

A few weeks ago, my mom took me shopping at Altar’d State! I totally found my new favorite store – everything was exactly my style. It was like my Pinterest boards came to life. 😂 Everything was super organized and aesthetic. They played Christian music and had the cutest clothes and jewelry! They even set up your dressing room for you, with your name written on the front! It was such a fun outing, and I thought it would also be fun to post a haul/review of what I got from Altar’d State!

Let’s get right into it!

The packaging was so cute! The bag is so gorgeous – it’s this pretty marble design with gold letters, as you can see here!

I still have the bag because it’s so cute! 😂 It even had a Bible verse written on the inside (Esther 4:14) and the words “Hello Beautiful” on the outside.

The cashier wrapped all the items in tissue paper with a sticker on it.

The first thing I got was these white paper bag shorts on sale! (I couldn’t find them on the website, so no link) They’re super soft and have these lacy designs on them. It also has a belt you can tie around the waist. I’ve been looking for some paper-bag-waist shorts forever! These will be super cute to wear all summer.

They also have super spacious pockets (Score! It’s so unfair that girl’s clothes never have real pockets!), enough to fit my phone and a pair of sunglasses! These shorts are light material and super nice quality. Since they’re white, they’ll also go with a bunch of different tops!

Here’s what they look like on me. The top I was wearing when I tried it on in the dressing room made a cute outfit!

The next thing I got was this adorable green dress! It has these little white flowers all over it. I’ve been wanting a dress like this for ages, and I have ones like this pinned all over my Pinterest boards! It’s sooooo soft and super comfy.

The dress has ruffles at the bottom and on the sleeves, and it has a V-neck. It’s super flowy and feminine, which I love! I like how it could be dressed up, maybe with some heels or platform sandals and a purse, or dressed down with Converse and a messy bun.

Here’s what it looked like when I tried it on!

The last thing I got was this adorable skirt on sale! It also has a super flowy, ruffle-y design with flowers, like the dress. My favorite detail is how the ruffles sort of cross over each other (if that makes any sense). The material is super high-quality, and it fits really well! It’s also super comfortable to wear and a pretty color.

This is the outfit I put together with the skirt! I’ve worn this to church. I just put it with a plain white tee, white Converse, and a pink Kendra Scott necklace!


Overall, I had a great experience shopping at Altar’d State and would definitely go there again! I’m so happy with the items I got (I paid for the skirt and shorts with my own money, and my mom paid for the dress. Thanks for taking me shopping, Mom!!), and everything was super nice quality. I also love how the store is Christian-based, and you’re helping people by shopping there!

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I’m not trying to brag about what I got or anything. I personally enjoy reading and making these types of posts. This also wasn’t sponsored or anything (Sadly. That would be awesome if it was, though!)

Have an AMAZING week and I’ll see y’all soon! Bye!

This week’s post goes to Francesca from Francesca’s Finds! She has an amazing blog, and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

Have you ever shopped at Altar’d State? What’s your clothing style like? What do you think of the new font?


26 thoughts on “Altar’d State Haul & Review!

  1. I love all of these outfits so much!! Altar’d State is one of my favorite store for sure! You don’t happen to have the link for that dress do you – it’s just the cutest!?

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