Summer Hairstyle Ideas!(Part 2)

(Check out part 1 here if you missed it! )

Hey daydreamers! Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m going to be showing you guys some more hairstyle ideas for summer. These work for any season, but they definitely make me think of summer! They’re pretty easy too, and shouldn’t take up too much time. Let’s just get right into it!

half-up claw clip

Claw clips are super trendy right now, and I’m definitely on board with it! This hairstyle that I made up (it might already exist, though) is super simple to do. You’ll just need a mini-claw clip (like these ones from Amazon) and one bobby pin to do this style.

Start by pulling the front pieces of your hair back. The trick is to get the right amount – the pieces were too small in this picture and I ended up redoing it. Also, you can pull some hair out in the front if you’d like.

Now just twist the two pieces together.

This part is easier done than said – basically, like you’re doing a bun, pull the twisted hair up and over so it creates a donut shape.

Now just secure the ends with your mini claw clip.

Since the bun is kind of floppy, take a bobby pin (it doesn’t have to be as big as this one) and pin the top of the bun. Now it’s nice and secure!

And that’s it! Definitely easier to do than explain, but it turned out super cute!


I’ve been wanting to try out this hairstyle for awhile, and it turned out super cute! Shoutout to my amazing dance friend for inspiring this hairstyle! She definitely does it better than I do XD You just need two ponytail holders and a brush to do this one.

With your finger, draw a line from your temples to your part to create the half-pigtail.

Use a brush to smooth it out and pull it tight.

Use a ponytail holder to secure it and pull out some pieces of hair in the front. And you’re done! You probably won’t want to use clear hair elastics for this one – it really hurt to pull those out and made a huge mess of knots. This is a cute way to get your hair out of your face and it would be a fun summer camp hairstyle.

This post was super fun to make, and I hope you guys enjoyed it! It’s a little shorter than the first part in this mini-series because I procrastinated making this post until the day I had to put it up on the blog XD Let me know if you try these! Have a fantastic week and I’ll see you soon!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO meara! Thank you so much for commenting on my posts!

Will you try any of these hairstyles? Any suggestions for a part 3? Would you like to see a “how I get ready for ballet class” post?


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