Pura Vida Review!

Hey daydreamers! Sorry this post is a bit late. I’ve been so busy this week with my studio’s dance intensive, a cheer intensive on top of that, and getting ready for school. Also, it’s hard to believe it’s already August (!!). This summer has literally flown by so fast!

At camp, I lost my one of my favorite sunflower earrings from Pura Vida that I wear all the time! I was so sad – I took them out so I wouldn’t lose them in the lake…and I lost one of them when I took it out. *facepalm* So I ordered a new pair to replace it.

When I did, I saw that Pura Vida was having a huge sale, so I went ahead and grabbed a few more items! I took some pictures as I opened the package, and I thought it would be fun to do a little review. Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored or anything 😉 Let’s get into it!

Pura Vida just has the cutest packaging!! I love the color and the little design.

Here’s everything inside the package!

There was a little thank-you card with some info about Pura Vida’s mission and the brand.

I love how it always comes with stickers! And they’re so cute! I love these colors and the beachy vibe. I used these for my school notebook and it looks so cute on it.

I went ahead and added the “mystery bracelet” to my order because it was only a few dollars, and it’s so cute! I love the turquoise beads, and it’s super unique.

These are the earrings I got to replace my old ones! I love these earrings because they match my sunflower choker. I just feels so put- together wearing them! It’s also nice to have a “fresh” pair, because I wore the other ones so much they were getting tarnished. Also, now I have a backup with the old earring I didn’t lose, so that’s nice.

The last thing I got that I was the most excited about was the Luma Set by Aspyn Ovard. It was originally $48 but I got it on sale for only $15!! I got it in rose gold (which definitely matches my style). It was packaged so nicely, and I use the box it came in to store the set!

First were these adorable rings! I love the little rainbow design and how you can easily stack them.

These are the bracelets! My favorite is probably the one on the left. I like how you can stack them or wear each one on their own. I kinda prefer wearing them separately since all of them get a little tangled.

Here’s what they look like on 🙂 (Ignore my nails lol)

I also really like how the bracelets match my watch! I just feel so cute and coordinated wearing this jewelry set. It’s so high quality too!

Overall, I’m super happy with my Pura Vida order! 🤗 Everything was super nice quality, super nicely packaged, and so cute. Apologies for the amount of times I said “cute” in this post XD

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review and have an amazing week!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Hannah FROM faith over tea!

Do you own anything from Pura Vida? Which one of these items is your favorite?


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