How I Did On My Summer ’21 Bucket List! (Summer Recap)

Hey daydreamers! Monday was my first day of school and I can’t believe that summer’s over! It literally went by so fast. It was such a great summer full of amazing memories, and it’s weird to be back at school!

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve last posted on here! I’ve been super busy with a dance intensive, cheer, and also all the back-to-school events/things that needed to be done, so I haven’t had much time to blog. But I’m back today with a post that I’ve been excited to write: how I did on my summer bucket list! Let’s get right into it.

1. read in the park βœ“

One morning I went on a super relaxing bike ride around the park/lake and listened to some summery music, it was so fun! I stopped at a picnic table to write in my prayer journal and read for a bit. (The construction noises were ruining the vibes lol). I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos so then I packed up and rode my bike home. Despite that haha, it was super peaceful and really fun! It was nice and cool since I went in the morning, and I’m really glad I did this.

2. stretch every day + get more flexible βœ“

I didn’t manage to stretch every single day this summer, but I did stretch often and saw some improvement in my flexibility! I was working towards getting my needle, so I did this Anna McNulty stretching routine a lot. I had some pretty good streaks of stretching, but on vacations or at camp I missed a bunch of days. I did stretch enough to where I feel like I can check this off. πŸ˜›

3. get a collage wall for my room βœ“

I’m super glad that I put this item on my bucket list for this summer because it turned really cute! I made a post all about how I made my collage wall here if you haven’t read it.

4. get ice cream βœ“

I went to the ice cream place I was talking about in the post twice this summer, and it was sooo good! I got cotton candy and thin mint. πŸ˜‹

5. make a smoothie bowl βœ“

I made a banana/peanut butter smoothie bowl and it was SO GOOD. It kind of tasted like ice cream and it was definitely really filling.

5. take a polaroid of the sunrise βœ“βœ—

This one gets both a check and an X, because I sort of did it? I had this whole plan to wake up early and watch the sunrise, but I overslept and mostly missed it. I did catch a little bit of the sunrise though! I ended up just taking a picture instead of a polaroid, because it wouldn’t have made a very good polaroid lol.

7. get my back walkover βœ—

Nope, I didn’t get my back walkover this summer…I did work on it a little bit, but I was pretty busy by the end of the summer so I ran out of time. It kind of scares me so I was putting it off haha. I eventually want to try and get my back walkover, though!

9. learn how to shuffle cards βœ“βœ—

This one gets another check/X, since I learned how to do the actual shuffling part, but I’m not very good at it yet haha. I wanted to learn how to do the bridge shuffle, which I can sort of do, but I didn’t quite master it. I definitely made progress though!

9. learn how to dive βœ“

I finally got over my fear of diving! It felt so good to finally be able to do it. I practiced it at my cousins’ house, and once I just did it, it was super easy! I’m getting better at it now. Next I need to work on my standing dive, and then I’ll try to do it off a diving board!

10. post on this blog 2x a week (when possible) βœ“

Out of 14 weeks of summer posts, I posted twice 7 times! It was stressful at times coming up with ideas for two posts a week, but it was super fun and also improved stats and traffic a lot! Some of my favorite posts from this summer are How To Make A Vision Board, Altar’d State Review, and Summer Playlist & Aesthetics. I also started the Emmie Show series, which featured some great bloggers! I had a lot of fun working on my blog this summer and I feel like my post quality has improved a lot!

As for posting twice a week during the school year, I’ll try my best to get two posts up a week, but that most likely won’t happen every single week. I’ll put most of my effort into Saturday posts, but I’ll be posting on Wednesdays too sometimes.

11.  try new hairstyles βœ“

I found some new hairstyles this summer that I really like!

12. paint a phone case βœ“

My friend and I did this together and it was a super fun activity! It didn’t exactly turn out very well…but it was fun to do πŸ˜‚ Probably won’t be using this phone case, but it was a fun thing to do together 😜

13. get my vaccine βœ“

I’m now fully vaccinated, yay! I was so excited and relieved to get the shot. Now I don’t have to worry as much about getting sick, and I know I’m doing my part to help keep others safe.

14. make a friendship bracelet a week βœ“βœ—

I didn’t make a friendship bracelet a week, but I did make a lot of bracelets. (Actually, when you think about how many weeks are in summer, this isn’t that much…but it feels like it because they’re a lot of work haha)

I’m really proud of the ones I made! My favorite is the zigzag one and the sunset wave anklet.

15. journal every day βœ“

This might be one of my proudest accomplishments of this summer! I only missed four or five days out of the whole summer. I definitely got into the habit of writing in my diary every night, and it’s a super good way to reflect on the day! It’s also been super helpful to go back and remember what happened on different days or relive memories. Another great thing about keeping a diary is it helps me process my emotions and thoughts. (Should I make a post about why you should keep a diary/tips?)

16. make a 1 second everyday video βœ“

I’m so glad that I did this!! It was so fun coming up with different things to film each day. It was a really cool way to document the summer and the end result turned out really good. It’s kind of like a highlight reel of the summer and little snapshots of my favorite moments of each day. It’ll be really cool to look back on later! I’m definitely going to do this for the school year!

17. go to the beach βœ—

Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the beach this summer, which is sad! I hope we can go sometime next year though!

18. babysit βœ“

I only babysat once this summer, but it was super fun!

19. go on another roller coaster βœ“

I went to Six Flags and had the best time! I discovered that I love rollercoasters this year, so I was super excited to try the ones at Six Flags. I went on three different ones!

20. go to the movie theater βœ“

I saw the Black Widow movie, and it was sooo good.

21. have an amazing week at camp! βœ“

I went to the junior high/high school summer camp this year, and it was amazing! I grew closer to God, made some great friends, and got to try a lot of new things.

Overall, summer 2021 was a really good one! So much better than last summer – we could actually go places this time. XD

Sorry this post is so long! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it though, and I hope everyone has an amazing rest of your week! Let me know any back-to-school or fall-related posts you want to see. See y’all soon!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO maryam from infinitely a daydreamer!

Have you done any of these things? What posts do you want to see? Have you gone back to school yet?


33 thoughts on “How I Did On My Summer ’21 Bucket List! (Summer Recap)

  1. This post was so fun to read – I love journaling, too! That ice cream looks awesome, and I’m so glad you got most things checked off of your bucket list! I think Anna’s videos are super helpful because I’ve tried SO many splits videos & only hers has come close to working up until now! Great post πŸ™‚

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  2. I loved reading this post! The video a second every day idea is really great! I’d love to do that someday. Also, your Emmie Show posts have been fun to read. Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The collage wall and ice cream look so lovely! Have a nice time back at school – I don’t go back until September so I’m just trying to savour the last bits of summer! πŸ™‚


  4. Looks like a very satisfying summer! So much fun and you’ve made great progress. You’ve reminded me of how much I enjoyed my polaroid camera. I sold it a few years ago but it was the cutest thing to bring around on my travels. Might have to get another!

    I think I’ll make a summer bucket list this year too. I never do and that’s probably why so many days end up wasted. I have so many ideas for what I’d like to do which is ironic because I’m very much still in lockdown. A beach trip and cafe date, to start with. Also want to begin driving again! I haven’t been behind the wheel in so long, probably over a year now. I’m sure it’ll feel like muscle memory once I’m there though. Other than that, I want to take a proper trip for my eighteenth! Go to Europe, maybe see Greece and Italy.

    Thank you so much for the shoutout also! Hugs xx

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  5. Oof, this reminds me I meant to make a summer bucket list but never did it. 😢 But you managed a lot of what you planned to do! and it looks like you had a really fun summer – Good job! πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Awesome post! You did really well on your Summer bucket list! It would be so cool if you edited all of your one second a day videos together!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful, productive summer! I love that you had so many goals for yourself and accomplished so many of them. You’ve inspired me to try some of these things as well. πŸ™‚ I hope you have a great school year!

    Liked by 1 person

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