Heidi Talks Bullet Journaling, Holidays, and More! | The Emmie Show Ep. 5

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Hey daydreamers! Welcome back to another episode of the Emmie Show! In case you’re new here (if so, hey!), on the Emmie Show I interview different bloggers all about their blogging journey, advice, and other fun questions.

Today’s interview is with Heidi from the blog Heidi Lane, and I’m super excited for you guys to read it! My questions will be in bold, and hers will be in regular font. All the photos are from Heidi’s blog. Let’s get right into the post.

Emmie: Hey Heidi, so happy to have you on the blog! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us where to find you?

Heidi: Hello Emmie! Thanks for having me! Well, as you already mentioned, my name is Heidi and I run a blog called Heidi Lane. Here is the link: heidilane1.wordpress.com I tend to post bullet journaling content as well as other fun and creative things.

E: What inspired you to start a blog?

H: My mom used to have a blog when I was younger. Over quarantine I tried to convince her to start it again because it was so fun looking back at old memories, but she wouldn’t. So I decided to start blogging. 

E: How long have you been blogging?

H: *takes a second to scroll through my posts to see when my first post was* My first post went up in August of 2020…so, 11 or 12 months. My blogiversary is coming up!

E: Ooh, happy blogaversiary! Also, I love your holiday tree posts! How did that start?

H: Thanks! I got one of those fun little artificial Christmas trees this past year and put it in my room. After Christmas I didn’t know if I should take it down or not because if I did, I would have this awkward gap in my room. My mom suggested that I could decorate it for each holiday. So I decided to try the idea this year and keep the tree in my room. I decorate it for each month’s main season or holiday. 

E: Fun! What’s your favorite holiday? 

H: My favorite holidays are probably Good Friday, Easter, Christmas, and my birthday. 

E: What’s your favorite post you’ve done?

H: I like all my journaling posts and my faith posts. 

E: What’s your favorite part of bullet journaling?

H: Getting creative and trying new techniques. I also like looking for inspiration. 

E: Okay, next-to-last question: What is your favorite Bible verse?

H: I don’t have one specifically, but some verses I have read and liked recently are 2 Timothy 1:9, Exodus 14:14, and John 16:33.

E: Finally, what’s your best advice for bloggers?

H: Write about what you want to write about. Do what makes you happy and have fun!

E: I love that! Thanks so much for doing this!

H: Thanks again for having me!

Thank y’all so much for reading this post! I hope that you enjoyed reading it – I had a ton of fun making it! See y’all soon!

What’s your favorite holiday?


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