October Playlist + Aesthetics (ft. free wallpapers!)

Hey daydreamers! I’m alive! Sorry that I disappeared for a few weeks! I have been EXTREMELY busy for the past month or so. Between school, cheer, friends, and ballet (especially with Nutcracker coming up, I’m at the studio 7 days a week), I’ve had almost no time to blog. I might not be able to be as consistent with blogging as I was in the summer, since free time = nonexistent right now. 😛

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share my playlist of the month for October – it’s full of cozy vibes and some current favorite songs, so I’m super happy with it! – as well as some fun fall aesthetics and a mini life update to catch up with you guys. Let’s get into it! All of these photos are from Pinterest.

  • happy for me – kenzie
  • dirty air force 1s – alexander 23
  • i don’t miss you at all – finneas
  • girl – alexander 23
  • tear in my heart – twenty one pilots
  • die from a broken heart – maddie & tae
  • we belong – brynn cartelli
  • jane – brynn cartelli
  • if i could – brynn cartelli
  • autumn leaves – ed sheeran
  • mess it up- gracie abrams
  • i miss you, i’m sorry – gracie abrams
  • a concert six months from now – finneas
  • one direction – dan + shay
  • favorite crime – olivia rodrigo
  • sittin’ in the backseat – needtobreathe
  • what i’m here for – needtobreathe
  • cheerleader (demo) – jp cooper
  • dear john – taylor swift
  • idk know you yet – alexander 23
  • box in the ocean – alessia cara
  • i miss you, don’t call me – alessia cara
  • cry over boys – alexander 23
  • track 9 – alexander 23
  • what they’ll say about us – finneas
  • see you later – alexander 23
  • supposed to – blu eyes
  • sad – alexander 23
  • halcyon – blue eyes
  • cardigan – taylor swift
  • exile (ft. bon iver) – taylor swift
  • my tears ricochet – taylor swift
  • this is me trying – taylor swift
  • gold rush – taylor swift
  • champagne problems – taylor swift
  • tolerate it – taylor swift
  • cowboy like me – taylor swift
  • uncomplicated (acoustic) – hillsong young & free
  • best friends (acoustic) – hillsong young & free
  • hope ur ok – olivia rodrigo
  • long sleeves – gracie abrams

I’m super happy with how this post turned out! It was really fun and cozy to put together – I’m obsessed with this playlist and the aesthetics turned out really pretty! At first I was not excited for fall at all, because I was super bummed about summer being over and school starting. But now that it’s getting a little colder, it finally is starting to feel a little like fall, and now I’m pretty excited for it! How about you guys?

Oh, also, let me know any song suggestions to add to the playlist! I’m always looking for new music!

I’ve got some fun posts planned, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them up soon! Again, I might not be able to stay super consistent with posting during the school year, but I’ll definitely try! Love all you guys, and hopefully see you soon!!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Esmerelda FROM lattes with literature!

Are you excited for fall? If not, did this post make you more excited? XD What’s your current favorite songs? Any suggestions to add to the playlist?

PS: Here are some free wallpapers I made with the collage!


16 thoughts on “October Playlist + Aesthetics (ft. free wallpapers!)

  1. Love this! Fall is so pretty, definitely my favorite season but I miss summer for sure! The aesthetics are so cute, and I love the collage wallpaper. I’ll definitely be listening to the playlist, I feel like we have a very similar taste 😛 Try “Feels Like” by Gracie Abrams it’s so dreamy 😍

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  2. This is all super aesthetic! Such dreamy pictures even though we’re not in the Autumn season yet in Australia. Summer for the win after what felt like a never ending winter! But the lavish gardens in the fall and all the crunchy multi coloured leaves underfoot are such a cosy vibe! x

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