what to ask for christmas/teen girl gift guide

Hey daydreamers! Guys, Red (Taylor’s Version) came out yesterday and this Swiftie is a mess. 😭 I’ll have to do a post reacting to each song like I did for evermore last year!

It’s only November (and, in my opinion, not technically Christmas yet because Thanksgiving hasn’t happened…) but everyone’s doing all their Christmas shopping early. Relatives are already asking for ideas, and if you’re like me, you’re stuck on what to ask for! I put together a huge list of some fun ideas to put on your Christmas wishlist (you can also check out last year’s post for even more ideas!). Plus, this can also serve as a gift guide for any teenage girl you’re shopping for!

This post also isn’t sponsored by any of the brands or products mentioned πŸ˜‰ Let’s get right into the ideas!

If you’re super into beauty and fashion, these ideas are perfect for your wishlist!

  • acrylic nails

This one doubles as a fun outing! I’ve never gotten acrylic nails before, and I think it would be super fun. You could ask for a raincheck on this one to save for a special occasion, or just get them around Christmas for fun!

  • facial

I’ve gotten a facial a few years ago and it was SO AMAZING. It was super relaxing and a super fun, special treat! This one could be a super relaxing item to add to your list. (You could even make it a whole spa day with the nails!)

  • nail kit

If acrylic nails aren’t your thing, I found this super cute olive & june press-on nail kit! You could also ask for the manicure set or pedicure kit. I would totally use this all the time!

  • ulta/sephora gift card

This one’s an awesome gift for anyone, because they can pick out whatever makeup or skincare products they need, and they can try them on in the store!

  • perfume

I got some perfume for my birthday, and I love it! It makes a great gift because it’s something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself but would definitely enjoy. I have some from Altar’d State that I really like.

As a dancer, I feel like I’m always in need of some dance-related thing! Christmas is a great time to ask for allll the dance essentials – and some fun stuff, too!

  • warmups

Trashbag pants, those cute Bloch warmup booties, or just fuzzy sweaters to wear in rehearsal are some ideas any dancer would LOVE (warmups are the best).

This one is a super great option to put on your list! Instead of taking a trip to the dance store every month or so when you need a new pair, this company called Metronome Dancewear actually sends them in a box to you. You can customize how often you get a new box, and they even send little surprises! This one’s great if you’re consistently wearing the same shoe – this could be a dancer’s lifesaver haha!

Anna McNulty just launched a new product line, and she has a stretch kit with a super pretty yoga mat and stretch band! She also has some other fun items on her website like backpacks, water bottles, and scrunchies.

  • new dance bag

You could ask for one of those cute Gaynor Minden bags. I like this one from Amazon!

  • leotards

This one’s pretty self explanatory!

These toe pads look amazing, and I really want to try them out! They apparently mold to your feet perfectly to help relieve pain and pressure, and even help shoes last longer. Sounds like a lifesaver!

I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this category, haha!

  • artist merch!

Ask for merch from your fave bands and singers! Taylor Swift came out with new merchandise for Red (Taylor’s Version), which is perfect for all the Swifties on your list (and something to ask for if you’re one yourself).

  • airpods

I got AirPods for my twelfth birthday, and they’re probably the best and most used gift I’ve ever gotten! I’m wearing them right now haha. I probably have them in more often than not!

  • airpods case

If you already have AirPods, you should totally ask for a case! There’s a bunch of cute ones on Etsy, Amazon, or Casetify.

  • apple music or spotify premium

You could always ask for an upgraded subscription or premium membership to your favorite music streaming app!

  • instrument accessories

If you play an instrument, you could ask for any accessories you need, like a guitar strap or even like a flute case or something. πŸ˜‚

If you’re always rushing to practice, here’s some ideas!

  • activewear

You could ask for some new leggings from your favorite activewear brand, or maybe a gift card to Lululemon or Athleta.

  • water bottle

I love these Simple Modern water bottles from Amazon and use them all the time!

This super cool device simulates stunting so you can work on your balance and body positions for cheer. (Haha I sound like an Amazon review).

  • team sweatshirt

If you have a favorite sports team, you could put a cozy hoodie with your team on it on your list.

  • books (obviously)

Obviously, you can put your TBR on your wishlist! You could also ask for a gift card to Amazon or your fave bookstore to pick out your own.

  • stationery

I’m obsessed with stationery! You could get some cute journals, brush pens, or find your new favorite pen. Mine is currently these cool erasable pens.

  • stickers from your favorite series

How cool would it be to have a collection of book-themed stickers??

  • shoes!!

Christmas is the perfect time to ask for any shoes you’ve been wanting over the year!

  • 2022 planner

That was super weird to write, 2022 feels so far away…but Bloom has some super cute planners! I love my academic planner from there, and they even have cute freebies and stickers on their website!

  • room decor

Some ideas you could ask for are fairy lights, tapestries, a cute chair, succulents or little decorations to put around your room, or a collage wall kit (or, make one yourself!)

I LOVE my She Reads Truth Bible – I have the one in rose leather. I love the translation (CSB), the space in the margins for notes and journaling, the beautiful design, the devotionals, reading plans…At the beginning of every book, there’s an introduction to the book and an artist’s design of one of the verses from it. I love these tabs from Amazon too – they make it so easy to find everything!

This one’s kind of random, but I feel like having a mini fridge would be so fun and cute to store skincare, drinks, snacks…

Instax Mini polaroid cameras are always on trend & a super fun way to capture memories.

I love the case I got from Casetify – I always get compliments on it and it felt like I got a new phone!

  • cozy sweatshirts

I love this hoodie from glossier!

Whew, that was a lot! This post was a ton of fun to put together, and I hope you guys got some ideas for either your own wishlist or have some ideas for others’ gifts!

Have a great week, and I’ll see y’all next time!


What are you asking for Christmas?


12 thoughts on “what to ask for christmas/teen girl gift guide

  1. Awesome list! Such great ideas! I’m asking for a lot of different things… some books, a couple of candles, sweatpants and sweatshirts, and I’m sure there are other things… oh yeah, gel pens… and envelopes and postage stamps. Haha
    Anyways, this list is great!

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  2. SUCH A GOOD POST! I love reading gift guides! They’re so helpful and fun to write.

    Thanks SO MUCH for the shoutout! It means so much!🀍

    Also, somehow I missed a few of your posts and am now spam reading and commenting! So sorry! But, hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!

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