christmas eve outfit ideas (& 5 years of blogging!)

Hey daydreamers! Wow, it has been a while since I’ve typed that… I feel like such a bad blogger–I haven’t posted in over a month. Partly from extreme busyness (from school/rehearsal, straight to finals, right into Nutcracker weekend, a vacation, and now Christmas) and partly from lack of motivation/ideas. But I’m back, and hopefully, I can post more consistently now that I’m on break!

And yet somehow after barely posting this school year?? We’re almost at 500 followers?? How is that possible?? Guys, there are so many other blogs much better than mine to spend your time on, and yet y’all actually like reading what I have to say. That literally blows my mind. I genuinely can’t believe this! *giant virtual group hug* 🤗🥰😭

Also, peaking of surprising milestones…I’ve officially been blogging for 5 years! This particular blog has only been around since 2019, but I started my very first blog (if you want, check it out here and read some of the old posts… it’s quite entertaining to look back on!) on December 21, 2016! I’ve definitely come a long way since then! In all of my fourteen years of existence, I’m so glad that blogging has been a creative outlet for five years of it.

Gosh, that was an emotional rollercoaster of an intro, and I haven’t even explained what this post is about yet. 😂 Today I’ll be sharing five super cute outfit ideas for Christmas Eve! These are perfect for all of your plans – whether it’s Christmas Eve service or gathering with family, or just staying in, I had a ton of fun putting these outfits together! Let’s (finally) get to the post.

outfit #1

I love these Chelsea boots from Ross, they make any outfit feel super fancy! I also liked how the skirt looked with the sweater – it’s a comfy outfit, yet nice enough for church and looks super cute.

outfit #2

If you live somewhere cold, sandals probably aren’t practical for Christmas Eve, but it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees here so I’m definitely busting out the short sleeves and open-toed shoes. 😂I did something similar in last year’s Christmas outfit post–the shirt is actually a dress that I grew out of, so I tied it in the back to make a shirt!

outfit #3

This one’s a bit more casual thnan the others. I love this shirt from Target with the jean jacket!

outfit #4

I got this top from Altar’d State last summer, and I love it! Definitely for warmer weather again, but I love how it looks with the cowboy boots.

outfit #5

This top is super easy to throw on with skinny jeans and a pair of black boots for a perfect going out outfit!

It was a bunch of fun coming up with these outfits! I’m super happy to be back to blogging, and I hope everyone has an AMAZING Christmas! Bye everyone!

THIS WEEK’S SHOUTOUT GOES TO Addie from shining star!

Which outfit is your favorite?


9 thoughts on “christmas eve outfit ideas (& 5 years of blogging!)

  1. Cute outfits!! I like them all! It’s definitely not warm enough where I live to wear short sleeves and sandals!! 😂 It’s only like, 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside right now.

    Merry Christmas!


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