2022 vision board & resolutions! (+ a survey)

Hey daydreamers, & welcome to the first official post of 2022! I have a bunch of fun things coming around the blog in the new year, starting with a new design! I liked the old one but I was kind of getting tired of it, so make sure to head over to the website if you’re in the WordPress reader!

I thought it would be fun to show y’all the vision board I put together for 2022 (if you want to make your own, I did a whole tutorial here!) It was a super great way to spend new year’s day putting this together! I’ll also be sharing some of my resolutions for the new year (so maybe I’ll actually stay accountable since I’ve put them on here lol.)

This collage represents all the stuff I want to do this year, and also just some pictures that make me feel happy and quotes that motivate and inspire! I love how it turned out! All the photos are from this Pinterest board.

1. write in my diary every day

I did this all through the summer as part of my summer bucket list, and I really enjoyed getting my thoughts out at the end of the day! I love looking back at my old journals and getting to see all of the memories I’ve recorded. So far I’ve been doing pretty well with writing in my diary every night. Hopefully I can keep it up, even if it’s just a short entry!

2. stretch often

I purposefully put “stretch often” rather than “stretch every day” so I wouldn’t feel bad if I missed a few days, haha. I’ve loved stretching every morning during winter break – it’s such a great way to start the day, and I really want to work on improving my flexibility this year. I’m so sad that school is starting and I won’t be able to stretch in the mornings, but hopefully I’ll have time to do some stretching after school! I’m focusing a lot on improving my feet and arches, leg flexibility, and extensions (which I’ll talk a little more about later).

3. read the Bible every day

Last year I accomplished my main 2021 resolution of reading the whole Bible! I read it almost every day and really made diving into God’s word a habit every night. I definitely want to keep up with that! Instead of doing a whole Bible plan, I’ve been focusing on specific books. Right now I’m reading Matthew. Let me know if you want to see a post about how to start a habit of nightly quiet time!

4. improve extensions

Extensions in ballet are when you extend your leg to the front, side, or back. I would love to get mine higher, and also improve my balance and technique so I can stop struggling in adagio! I really hate adagio, I would much rather be turning or jumping, so I definitely want to focus on this weak point in my ballet skill. I’ve been trying to do some strengthening exercises and also find tips to help with balance and technique!

5. memorize Scripture

I definitely have a hard time memorizing scripture – I’ll have a verse pretty much memorized but then forget about it haha. I decided if I can memorize every single Taylor Swift lyric (haha) and random science facts for school then I should probably be able to memorize God’s word, too. I don’t really have a game plan for this one at the moment, but I’m going to try to focus on a few verses a month. Let me know if you have any memorization suggestions in the comments!

6. improve at guitar

I took guitar lessons back in third grade, and I’ve recently gotten back into it! I’ve been learning from videos and guitar tabs online, and it’s such a relaxing creative outlet and something to entertain myself while learning a new skill. I’ve gotten past the absolute beginner phase and gotten better at different chords and strumming patterns, but I’d love to improve my guitar abilities this year! Things I want to work on are barre chords, strumming, palm-muting, and fingerpicking.

7. get back to blogging!

I made a whole separate list of blogging goals for this year, and I really want to continue to grow Diary of a Daydreamer and make it exactly how I want it, and post helpful things that you guys want to read! To do that, I made a survey so you guys could let me know how I can improve Diary of a Daydreamer! You can take it using this link and right down below!

take the survey!

Thanks so much for reading this post! I ended up really loving how this post turned out, so I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe it inspired you to create your own vision board for the new year! I would love to hear y’alls resolutions and goals for the year in the comments! Don’t forget to take the survey! 🙂 Bye everyone!

This week’s shoutout goes to Rue from Full of grace!


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