a little life update! (featuring an all-nighter, performances,and minor accomplishments)

heyy daydreamers! gosh, it has been forever since i’ve posted on here, and i’m super sorry about that! (after i had all of these goals of posting more…oops!) i thought it would be a fun idea to share what’s been going on in the couple of months since my last posts on here, and fill you guys in on everything that’s been happening! i haven’t missed actually blogging too much, but i’ve really missed all of y’all and i’m super glad to be popping in here to say hey! let’s get right to the post 🙂

i’m not even in this picture since i’m the one who took it, but it appropriately captures the mood of a 4:00 am snack binge
  • went to a dnow weekend at my friends’ church, and i absolutely loved it!! it was so fun to hang out with them and get to know them on a different level through small groups, and i absolutely loved the worship and all of the games. one night we stayed up until 5:00 am (and then we had to wake up at 7 for church), which was interesting to say the least…
  • went to the regional dance america festival! it was an incredible experience involving lots of different masterclasses, getting to see some amazing performances, performing in front of other dancers and hanging out with friends! on friday night our company closed the show with our piece which was cool. i also got a pointe shoe fitting by the bloch vendors and they had all these different dancewear brands with booths there!
  • had a sleepover with my friend and we found a random bridge in her neighborhood and took pictures on it. we also attended a fifth grade movie night and went to an elementary school playground that night – overall quite eventful.
  • i did wordle in three tries which goes on my list of top 10 life accomplishments. i would like to thank the kind folks at new york times for choosing that particular word of the day and my mom, who advised me to “just pause and think about it”.
  • i’ve been getting better at guitar and learned + wrote a bunch of new songs!
  • reread the book thief (in a tree at the park, because why not) which was incredible and i’m still crying on the floor at how absolutely evil the ending of the book is. even though i knew it was coming, which somehow made it worse?? my german curse word vocabulary has greatly expanded from this book though, which has proven surprisingly useful.
from one of many long backyard practice sessions…the jump looks good but my face is interesting
  • tryed out for cheer and made varsity! which sounds like a big accomplishment, but my school is super small, so everyone who tried out made varsity. it was still a really stressful experience though.
  • went to that ice cream place that i’ve posted about a bunch! not a super momentous event in the past few months, but this picture felt like it needed to be included in this post.
  • performed in our giselle spring show! we put on giselle, which was a ton of work but really rewarding! i was a villager in the first act and a willi in the second act. it was really cool to be apart of and both shows went pretty well!
  • i’ve been binge-watching gilmore girls and i’m currently in the middle of season 4. i’m completely obsessed & seriously considering buying this sweatshirt…
  • drew this and i like how it turned out! the mountains kinda look like oceans…but I like how the trees and grass look. it’s always tricky getting the proportions and everything right – it’s a little off compared to the picture, but on its own it looks okay.
  • chewy decided to join me sewing new shoes, which is monumental event that deserves to be recorded in this post. he also has better middle splits than me, which is a little frustrating.
  • made a very pretty looking smoothie bowl for breakfast yesterday! i just used some frozen bananas, peanut butter, and milk, and it tasted pretty good!

overall, these past couple of months have been really busy, but really fun! recently i’ve been taking care of myself a lot more and i feel really good. i’ve been working out 2x a day, trying to do better about taking care of my blood sugar, journaling, keeping my space clean, reading my Bible and i’ve definitely felt a lot better lately.

how have you guys been? looking forward to reading y’alls comments, and have an amazing day!


18 thoughts on “a little life update! (featuring an all-nighter, performances,and minor accomplishments)

  1. I’m so happy you’re back! That all looks like so much fun! I love the dress you wore to the dance expo. I also love Gilmore Girls and am in the middle of Season 3. Dean or Jess?

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    1. glad you loved the post! aw thanks, i’m not usually that productive all the time, this post is kinda monthly highlights! i definitely have days where i’m on my phone all day and do absolutely nothing 😂

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  2. My Germán curse words vocabulary has increased from reading the book theif as well😂 I love that book so much. That ending made me cry, and I was reading it in school. But no one noticed I was crying so 🙂😂
    I love the no caps aesthetic! I use it on my blog as well : )

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  3. I came around you blog and damn girl I loveeee it! your dog is the cutest and it looks like you are really enjoying life! go girl!!

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