A Day in My Life: Winter Break Edition! (Blogmas Day 9)

Day 1: Nutcracker Recap

Day 2: Playlist Swap

Day 3: Blog Spotlight

Day 4: Christmas Outfits

Day 5: Nail Inspo

Day 6: Evermore Reaction, Pt. 1

Day 7: Evermore Reaction, Pt. 2

Day 8: Joy Devotional

Hey daydreamers! Christmas is literally SO CLOSE. We only have a few more days?? Like where did time even go?? Today I thought it would be fun to kind of “vlog” my day, but blog style – so I made a Day In The Life post to show you guys what a typical day looks like during winter break!

I got out of school last Wednesday after taking finals that morning, but I left for a retreat on Friday and got back on Sunday, so I’ve only had like 2 full days at home so far. So this is less a routine and more of what I do when I actually have free time. XD Let’s get into it!

9:20 – I woke up nice and late, which I’m so happy about not having to set an alarm. XD I sat in bed for a little bit, opened the window, etc. to let myself wake up a little bit. Then I went on the Bible app and did my devotion plans for that day. I’m super behind on all of mine, so I’m going to try and catch up before 2020 is over. 😉 At 9:36, I finally got out of bed.

9:45 I finished making my bed and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast.

9:55 – For breakfast, I put some waffles in the toaster and covered them in sugar-free maple syrup, lol. I also peeled a cutie to go with it. My mom made me an iced coffee with peppermint creamer, and it was super good! Thanks mom! During breakfast, I talked with my sister and mom. After breakfast, my sister and I did our Christmas tradition of finding little figures from a Nativity scene each day before Christmas (today we found the angel!) in our game room! We also challenged our parents to find it when we hid it, because they accused us of being bad at finding it haha 😂

Haha why am I staring directly into the mirror’s soul XD

10:37 – Next, I got dressed. Today I’m wearing the comfiest oversize sweatshirt ever that I got at that retreat I mentioned, my favorite black leggings, and some fuzzy buffalo plaid socks. I also put on this cute little angel necklace and some fake diamond earrings I got from Amazon for like $15 in a pack of 9. Here’s the link, I’m obsessed with it! (I think the price went up, though.)

10:40 – Next I watched On Pointe on Disney+, it’s so good! It’s a documentary following the dancers at SAB (School of American Ballet) as they prepare for NYC Ballet’s The Nutcracker. It always inspires me to stretch, so I stretched both splits and middle splits while I was watching it.

this photo turned out so cool!

11:22 – After I finished the episode, I went back into my room to work on this blog post, lol. Mainly what I’ve been doing during winter break so far is working on Blogmas, so I’ve been spending a lot time planning, writing, creating images, etc. for posts. I like to put on Christmas music while I work on these. 🙂 I got a bunch of this post done and scheduled tomorrow’s Blogmas, so I was pretty productive lol!

12:24 After that, I went and jumped on our new trampoline for a little bit! It was an early Christmas present, and I’ve been making up a cheer routine on it. I’ve got like 2 minutes of it, and I’m very proud of myself haha. It’s really fun to pretend to stunt on there, and also to do flips and jumps! My sister also joined and we did some 2-person stunts together.

1:00 – I watched the first part of the next episode of On Pointe and manicured my nails. Then my mom got back with Cane’s (yum!) so we all ate together.

1:30 – I attempted to recreate one of the photos from my nail inspo post, and it actually turned out okay! I need to clean up the edges, though. I finished up the episode while I painted them.

2:00 – This is probably the least productive part of my day, lol. I just kind of messed around on my phone and laptop, procrastinating finishing this post for about thirty minutes, which is not good for me but it’s a bad habit haha. I was feeling pretty unmotivated and tried to get some more Blogmas done, but I ended up taking a break and walking my dog instead.

3:20 – I wrapped all my Christmas gifts I’m giving to my family! Not all of them are pictured here. I used to be terrible at wrapping, but I’m getting better at it!

5:00 – After hanging out for a while, I played Minecraft with my little sister. I don’t play Minecraft regularly, but if I have a bunch of free time like on Christmas and Thanksgiving break, I always get back into it.

5:30 – I did an Anna McNulty stretching routine to help get my middle splits. I’m only an inch away from the ground! Since my New Year’s resolution was to get my middle and right splits, I’ve already gotten my right, so I figured I could try and get my middle splits before 2020 is over.

7:00 – After we looked outside at the Bethlehem Star conjoined planets thingy through a telescope (it was pretty cool!), we made these hot chocolate bombs a friend gave us. They were sooo good, super sweet! We watched Home Alone, which is one of our traditions.

9:30 – After taking a relaxing shower, brushing my teeth, and changing into PJ’s, I did my quiet time. I read a Christmas-themed devotional on the Bible app and took notes while I did it.

10:00 – I read some of my book. I finished the first few books of The Mother-Daughter Book Club series, so now I’m reading So This Is Love by Elizabeth Lim and it’s really good so far. Also, I took this picture today, so that’s why it’s light outside lol.

10:50 – Goodnight!

And that’s it for today’s Blogmas! I hope that y’all enjoyed seeing what a day in my life looks like, Christmas break-style. See ya tommorow!

What’s your favorite breakfast? Aren’t toaster waffles amazing? Do you watch Home Alone every year?Do you like Minecraft? Are you watching On Pointe? What book are you reading right now?

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