50 Followers Q&A – My Answers to YOUR Questions!

Hey daydreamers! I’m so happy that all of you guys asked a ton of questions that I’m super excited to answer. I want to thank every single one of you who takes the time to read my posts, follow my blog, and write out a comment – I (literally) couldn’t do this without y’all! I wish I could just reach through the computer screen and give a big hug to every single one of you guys. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ€—

And since I’m a nerd, I listed all of my answers to your questions in alphabetical order of the name of the person to asked them. πŸ˜‚ Hopefully that will make it a little easier to find your questions!

Okay, enough of the sappy speeches, numerous emojis, and my nerdiness. πŸ˜‚ Let’s get started!

***I don’t own any of the GIFs in this post, they’re all from Google. Also, I made the images with PhotoFunia.***

What is your favorite thing you’ve learned about blogging?

I think maybe my favorite thing that I’ve learned about blogging is how to create better quality posts. When I was first starting out on my AG Doll Blog, my posts were only a few paragraphs long, my images were grainy and blurry, and I didn’t really have a good idea on what people actually liked to read; I was just taking random pictures of my dolls and hoping someone would want to read them! I’m still trying to improve the quality of my posts today, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot about how to write something people want to read.

What is the longest thing you’ve ever written?

I wrote a novel last year called the Huntress that was 30,000 words long, but I have a sorta-abandoned WIP that’s currently at 35,000! I actually haven’t written a book or story or anything in a really long time. I’d love to get back to that, but I’ve been so busy lately!

Image result for busy gif"

Which post did you enjoy making the most?

Ooh, this is a really good question – and a really hard one! Maybe one of my first posts, Colorado Travel Diary | Day 1: Skies, Stairs, Spiders, and Sunsets because it totally took me back to that amazing vacation and I just felt so happy and relaxed writing it.

Do you have any book recommendations?



I mentioned a lot of books that I love too in this post, plus I recommend anything by Raina Telgemier, the Dog’s Purpose series, and Wonder by R.J. Palicio!

What TV shows do you like?

My little sister and I love rewatching old Disney channel shows – Jessie, Liv & Maddie, and the Suite Life are a few of our faves. We watch the new ones that air now like the new Bunk’d, Coop & Cami Ask The World, and Just Roll With It, but the newer ones just aren’t as good as the old ones from the 2000s to early 2010s!

Favorite singer?

My favorite singer is Taylor Swift, and my favorite bands are OneRepublic, for KING & COUNTRY, and (of course) the Jonas Brothers!! My all-time favorite band is the Jonas Brothers, and I think Taylor is my second favorite musician and then OneRepublic & for KING & COUNTRY are tied for third place.

Jo and Kevin are the BEST

Current favorite songs?

Ooh I have a huge playlist of my favorite songs! I think right now ones I’ve been listening to a lot are Like It’s Christmas by the Jonas Brothers, Somebody to Love by OneRepublic, and Burn the Ships by for KING & COUNTRY is a really great one too.

What genre of movies do you like best?

Actually, I’m not really sure – I kinda watch everything! I love anything Marvel and Star Wars, but other sci-fi movies aren’t really my favorite. I love Disney stuff, action, adventure, contemporary…the only thing I won’t watch is horror movies! I will never in a million years watch a horror movie. I can’t even handle a haunted house! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Me watching anything slightly scary

Which movie is your favorite?

One again, the Hunger Games movies! I just watched it yesterday actually and it was AMAZING.

1. Do you prefer listening to books on tape or reading them yourself?

I 100000001% prefer reading actual books – eBooks are okay, but I have no idea why I don’t like audiobooks so much. It’s just so hard for me to pay attention unless I’m doing something! Plus I really love snuggling up in my cozy chair with a blanket and a book and reading for hours until I go to bed.

2. If you had two children: a girl and a boy, what would you name them?

Ooh, this is a really fun question! I would name the boy Elijah Samuel, because those names are really cute and have great Bible stories. I also love Skye or Skylar for a girl since it sounds so pretty, and maybe Olivia or Elena for a middle name would be cute.

3. What is your least favorite chore around the house?

Probably wiping the counters or dusting. I’m not super great at chores and I don’t really do them a lot!

me trying to iron

4. If you could meet three people from history, who would they be?

Nick Jonas from 2010 Just kidding, I think I would be really cool to meet Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and Nick Jonas from 2009 maybe Betsy Ross or Martin Luther King Jr.

5. What is your favorite movie?

The Hunger Games is amazing! I’m excited to watch Catching Fire (the second movie). I also love any Marvel movie.

6. Do you like peanut butter?

Yeah, but I don’t LOVE it. Like my dad and sister will eat it straight from a spoon, but I’d rather have it in a PB&J sandwich or on toast with bananas – yum! Basically I’m saying that I like it but only with something else.

7. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have one little sister (she used to have a blog about our dog, Chewy: she doesn’t post any more, but her photos are so cute, so check it out!) who is 9 years old.

One of her photos

do you like puppies or kittens better?

Definitely puppies! They are just so cute and amazing and fluffy and cuddly and playful and loyal and AHH I LOVE THEM.

Who can ignore that wittle face!!

pens or pencils?

Um, I have no idea. Depends on what I’m writing, how good the pen is, and how sharp the pencil is.

have you ever gone rock climbing?

Yes, actually, but only the indoor kind. There’s this huge rock wall gym near us and sometimes we’ll go there with friends and for birthday parties. There’s so many different bouldering stuff and rock walls there, it’s really fun!

pink or purple?

Pink! Blush pink is my favorite color ever.

skydiving or bungee jumping?

Ack! If you mean indoor skydiving versus the bungee jumping with the trampoline and cords, then bungee jumping any day because I hate not being able to breathe and all the air blowing in my face…but if you mean actual skydiving and jumping-off-of-a-cliff-backwards bungee jumping, I’d still choose bungee jumping because at least I wouldn’t be free-falling to the ground and ack!


highlighters or colored gel pens?

Ooh, I really love colored gel pens but I also use highlighters! Both, I guess?

lemonade or iced tea?

Lemonade all the way, I really love diet lemonade from Chick-Fil-A.

fav. bible verse?

Ooh, mine is:

Psalm 62:7-8 The Message (MSG)

7-8Β My help and glory are in God
Β Β Β Β β€”granite-strength and safe-harbor-Godβ€”
So trust him absolutely, people;
Β Β Β Β lay your lives on the line for him.
Β Β Β Β God is a safe place to be.

copied and pasted from Bible Gateway

fav. hobby?

Dancing!! Especially ballet!

if you could rename any animal, which animal and what would you name it?

I would rename the llama “Majestic Creature of Amazing Awesomeness.” Just kidding, I would maybe rename fish Aquatica, since it just sounds so majestic and cool!

1. What does a usual Day in the Life of Emmieβ„’ entail?

Ooh, so it really depends on the day. On any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, I’ll wake up and eat breakfast while watching a show with my little sister. Then I’ll usually get started on my homework for the day. On Monday and Friday I try to do at least one or two subjects, but on Wednesday I have to do all of them since they’re due the next day. When I’m done with homework, I’ll blog, film, or work on whatever project I’m doing at the moment, and then I’ll eat dinner and go to dance on Wednesday and sometimes Monday. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have school, which lasts from 8:00-ish to 3:00, and then I’ll work on projects and blog stuff or just hang out until I have dance in the evenings. On Saturday, I have ballet at 9:00am that I have to wake up early for, and then I have rehearsal and my sister has soccer that afternoon. On Sunday I don’t have any dance usually, and I go to church and eat lunch with my family and hang out. That was REALLY long but basically that’s the general idea!

2. What are your best productivity tips?

My tip is to make a checklist for the day on what you want to accomplish – whether it’s a mental list or you write it down on paper or in a bullet journal. If I write it down then I usually forget to check things off, but the night before I like to make myself a mental plan for today to follow in the morning!

3. Can you give us an in-depth look at your morning routine?

Once again, my morning routine really depends on what day it is. On a “home day” (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) I’ll usually wake up around 8:00 or 9:00 and watch a show while I eat breakfast. Then I’ll work on my schoolwork after I get dressed and wash my face. On school days, I wake up at 7:00, get dressed, do my hair, wash my face, put on my shoes, eat breakfast, grab my backpack, and go! On Saturday I have early-morning dance so I’ll wake up at 8:00, put on my dance outfit, do my bun, eat a quick breakfast, and wait a little bit for my ride to arrive. Sunday, I get ready and I’ll make myself some peppermint tea to put in a little to-go cup that I bring to church.

4. As you know, having an autoimmune disease can be discouraging. How do you take care of yourself emotionally/mentally and stay positive throughout your battles?

I think I’ve just learned to embrace that this is my “new” (it honestly feels like I’ve hat T1D for my whole life, but it hasn’t even been two years) normal. I know that to keep myself healthy I have to do some certain things (like sticking my fingers with needles and inhale applesauce at 12:00am), and that’s okay, because that’s my new normal.

5. Do you have any thoughts on pursuing your dancing dreams despite an illness and what that’s like?

Sometimes it’s difficult when my blood sugar is going crazy, my monitors are falling off, and my pump gets in the way. But like above, I’ve learned to manage it, and I don’t let it stop me!

7. Did you realize I skipped #6? XD

Nope! How did I not even notice that…

What is your favorite clothing brand?

Ooh, good question! I have no idea. Maybe Target or Children’s Place.

Favorite dancers?

Chloe Lukasiak, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, and Misty Copeland are my favorite dancers ever! I love their books and all of them are so inspirational and amazing, incredible dancers, ahhh.

DC or Marvel?


Pink or Purple?

Pink! Blush pink is my favorite color ever.

Cats or Dogs?

DOGS DOGS DOGS. Dogs are so amazing and loyal, and they’re adorable and playful and cute and cuddly! Mine is currently sleeping on my lap as I type this.


Drawing or Painting?

I think I’m better at drawing and it’s a lot easier to get out a pencil and doodle then, say, get out a canvas and paint a masterpiece. However, I really love the look of paintings (especially watercolor!) and they’re so relaxing, but really time consuming! I might say drawing.

Do you watch Once Upon A Time?

No, I don’t. But I remember in Kindergarten when I was absolutely OBSESSED with Frozen I saw the episode where she like materialized out of a pool of liquid/ice or something? I remember I would try to recreate that by rising up from under a blanket. πŸ˜‚ I was a strange six-year-old.

Favorite movies/TV shows?

Like I said above, I love old Disney channel shows! I also love Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix.

Favorite candy?

I love M&Ms! I think my other favorite candy is Musketeers. I loooove marshmallows (haha, flashback to 2017!) and ESPECIALLY ones covered in chocolate, and Three Musketeers have all of that in a candy bar, so YUM!

Favorite movie?

Haha, almost everybody asked this question! For the fourth time, I would say Hunger Games. LOL! Ooh, my favorite Disney movie is probably the Greatest Showman.

What do you do in your free time?

I’m always watching YouTube, checking WordPress, working on a blog post or stop motion, reading a good book, and dancing! I also have to be listening to music while doing all of those things for some reason, lol.

Pink or Aqua?

Ooh, aqua is so pretty…but blush pink is my favorite color…so pink? But I only like very light shades of pink, light coral pink, and tan-ish pink, not any hot pink or dark pink. I’m really picky!

And that’s it for this post! Thank you to everyone who asked questions for the Q&A – y’all are the best! *hugs* I had so much fun answering your questions and trying something new by adding a hundred GIFs, lol.

Pink or purple? What’s your favorite movie? Your opinion on the Hunger Games? Are you a dancer? Do horror movies freak you out? Do you like old Disney channel shows?

Forgot to ask questions? Ask them in the comments! See ya next week!

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There’s still 3 days left to ask questions for the Q&A!

Hey guys! I’m just popping in to let you all know that there’s still 3 days left to ask questions for the q&a! Don’t forget to check out this post to comment your questions, or comment them here! I’m so excited to answer all the questions that you guys asked.

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Check out my dance bag post to answer questions!

One more thing – make sure to share this post so as many people as possible can ask questions before Friday, November 15 at 12:00PM Central Time!

Bye! See y’all on Saturday!

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My Dream Bedroom Tour + 50 Followers Q&A!

Hey daydreamers! I love how my room is now – it’s teal and llama themed, and I love the gallery walls I made and how colorful it is. But, of course, I’m always daydreaming about what my room could look like if I redid it – pink and grey colors, with golden accents, light wooden furniture, fairy lights and soft furry fabrics…a girl can dream, right? πŸ˜‰

So in this post, I decided to give you a little “tour” of my dream room using photos from Pottery Barn Teen! Once again, this post was inspired by Hannah @ The Striped Plaid Co – make sure to check out her awesome dream house tour posts!

Also, I have some super crazy exciting news – GUYS, WE HIT 50 FOLLOWERS! (Technically 53 by the time I’m typing this post up!) This is so, so crazy – I just started this blog in like July. That’s not even six months! DD is growing so fast and I’m so grateful for all of y’alls amazing support and kindness. *Reaches out of the computer to hug each and every one of y’all* πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

To celebrate, I decided to host a Q&A with you guys! Basically, you can ask questions in the comments, and in two weeks on November 16, I’ll answer them all in one giant post! I’m so excited for this, and I think it will be a ton of fun! Make sure to leave your questions in the comments!

Okay, enough rambling – let’s get started on my dream room!

(Also, this isn’t sponsored by PBTeen or anything! I just love their room decor, so I used photos from their website.)


Color Scheme

Made by Emmie with Canva

The four main colors would be a blush pink, grayish brown, cool black, and metallic gold. I think these colors go super nicely with each other! Also, white is another main color, but that wouldn’t really show up, so…

Bed & Bedding

I really love this adorable bed, and it’s in the perfect color! I really like the style of the headboard and the side drawers are really cute. I love the light brushed wooden color, and it goes so perfectly with the color scheme!

THIS BED IS LITERALLY AMAZING! It’s totally my style, the perfect colors, and that comforter is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, I really love all the decor and polaroids in the picture! I don’t know if I love the platform bed style though…maybe if it was taller?

Desks, Nightstands & Vanities

I really love this cute white desk! The angled legs are really cute, and I also really love the chair. The calendar at the top is pretty, too!

Also I love the gold on this minimalistic nightstand! This could totally be my room because I ALWAYS have books everywhere – lying on the floor, in piles on the corner, on top of my nightstand, next to my bed…

This nightstand is also totally my style! Just by the pictures so far, you can get a pretty good idea of what I like. πŸ˜‚ Also those rose gold headphones are amazing, lol! This nightstand is pretty similar to the last one, but I like it a little better since it’s a little smaller.

Also this desk is AMAZING! Well, more of the general color, chair, and design and decor of the stuff on top of it, but I’m not a huge fan of how the wood print looks. Otherwise it looks really cute! I would probably want a chair with a back though, not just a stool.

AND THIS VANITY IS GORGEOUS! Sorry, got a little excited there…πŸ˜› I don’t currently have any makeup (Although fingers crossed for Christmas! πŸ€žπŸ˜‰) I think this little setup would be so cute and helpful for when I do. I might add a little more color to this, with some succulents and stuff…but I love the built in brush and curler holders, along with the clear-top storage drawer inside the vanity! I also like how it attaches to the wall, so it wouldn’t take up that much space, and I could just put a small stool under it for when I would use it.

This vanity is also cute! I mean, I obviously like the other one a lot better (As you could tell by that very thick paragraph) but I like how simple and charming tis one is.

Chairs & Lounge Stuff

This grey chair is so pretty and simple! I would probably put it at my desk. It looks like a comfy velvety material, which would be really cute, and of course the gold legs are perfect for the color scheme.

I LOVE this fuzzy, furry beanbag chair! How cute is that?? I think this would be super fun to relax and read in.

Photo from CB2

This stool I would put under that vanity table! I love the idea of a fuzzy stool like this. I would probably want one with a thicker/fluffier seat. This is so cute though!

Bookshelves & Storage

This is pretty cute! I don’t love how the tops curve like that, and I would probably want solid sides – do you know what I mean? Probably not, I’m horrible at explaining things. XD

I like this bookcase a lot though! I think the drawer adds a cute touch to it. Since I have a lot of books and stuff, I’d probably have two of these in my dream bedroom.

These bookshelf are also really cute! They match perfectly with that bed, too. I really love the paneled wood, and the creamy brown/gray color.

Miscellaneous Stuff πŸ™ƒ

This simple and pretty circular mirror is so pretty! In my dream room, I would put this next to my bed, kind of like how I have a mirror in my room now. I love how simplistic this is!

And these succulents are so cute! I’ve always wanted succulents for my room – I have a really tiny fake one in this little llama mug, but I don’t keep it in my room. I’d probably have to stick to fake succulents, since I pretty much have a black thumb…πŸ˜‚

This fuzzy pink shag rug would look really cute in front of the bed in my dream room! (Haha, I can picture everything in my room perfectly!) Plus it would tie in some more of that blush pink and add a pop of color.

Also these pink curtains are really pretty and would add some color too! I like how they’re sort of sheer, but not. Welp that didn’t make any sense

And that’s it for this post! I had a ton of fun making this, and I can totally picture everything I listed here in my room. You can definitely get a good idea of my style from this: minimalistic, trendy, girly, and aesthetic! Also anything pink or gold…

Also, don’t forget to comment below your questions for the Q&A! I’m so excited for this, and I can’t wait to see all of your questions! And don’t forget to share this post to get the new cozy-themed November wallpapers!

Do you like PBTeen? How would you describe your decorating style? What does your room look like now? Have you ever redone your room? Any questions for the Q&A?

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I’ll never forget the day I found out I was getting my first pair of pointe shoes. It had been a long, crazy, horrible day, and I was feeling so stressed and frazzled when I walked into the studio, I couldn’t remember where to put my bag. I was pretty suspicious, though – there was supposed to be a parent meeting that day. And that could only mean one thing!!

My mom and I walked into the studio to find my class huddled in a circle around my teacher. She handed us each a packet that read-

Dear Emmie*,

The image of dancing on pointe as effortless is a mere illusion. Much energy and skill is required to assimilate hundreds of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones to rise up and dance on pointe. Many dancers have impatiently waited for their first pair of pointe shoes only to be shocked at how difficult dancing on their toes can be. the results of such misunderstanding can lead to frustration, disappointment, and in some cases, injury.

As you begin your pointe study, please be aware that it is a privilege that is accompanied by significant responsibility.

1. Your attendance to each class is imperative.

2. You will be required to dance in the summer to maintain your sill and strength. If you don’t dance at least 4 weeks in the summer, you will not be able to return to pointe study at the beginning of the next fall term.

3. Don’t work at home in your pointe shoes on your own, as you may develop improper habits. Be patient and endure!

*Not what the letter actually said, obviously, it said my real name lol.

As soon as I saw the packet, I knew – it was real. It was actually happening. I was going to get my pointe shoes! And after 3 weeks of waiting, the day of my first pointe shoe fitting had finally come.

Hey guys! Today I’m doing something a little different – I decided to make a vlog about my first ever pointe shoe fitting! I filmed the entire day, from waking up, heading there, the actual fitting (sort of), and when I got back! I’m so excited about how this video turned out and I really hope you guys will like it!


CREDITS – Intro: Taylor Layman https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpEI…

Intro Music: Wanderlust by Nomyn https://soundcloud.com/nomyn Creative Commons β€” Attribution 3.0 Unported β€” CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/wanderlust-nomyn Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Q66WFX4eeVw

Background Music: Audio Library

I really hope you guys enjoyed! I’m so sorry this video is SUPER late, but that’s because this took so long to edit and upload, plus I’ve been busy with dance and school so I haven’t had time to actually type this post up.

Do you have pointe shoes? Opinion on microwave mac-and-cheese? Have you ever danced before? How far can you go on your splits? Who’s your favorite YouTuber?

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The Pointe Book {Mini Book Review} + Pointe Shoes Expectations VS Reality Ft. Natalie @ Taking The Cake

Whew. That was quite the long title.

Hey daydreamers! Today I’m doing something a little bit different than usual: I have two posts that aren’t really long enough by themselves, but since the topics go PERFECTLY together, I decided to smoosh them into one giant pointe-shoe post!

In case you didn’t catch the CRAZY EXCITING announcement in my last post, I’m getting my pointe shoes in exactly 2 weeks from today! I’m so excited, so while I’m impatiently waiting for October 19, I’m trying to soak up as much pointe shoe information as I can. And what better way to do that than read The Pointe Book by Janice Barringer and Sarah Schlesigner and ask Natalie from Taking The Cake some questions about pointe?

So today I’m going to be doing a miniature book review, plus a super fun collab with Natalie where I share my pointe shoe expectations, and she gives me the reality! This post is going to be AWESOME, so let’s get started!

***Gifs via Google***

A complete examination of the pointe technique and pointe shoes is provided in this guide. Dancers tired of their pointe shoes wearing out too quickly benefit from a thorough explanation of the shoemaking process, and the book includes tips that show how to best fit, care for, and custom order toe shoes. Interviews with ballet stars reveal their highly evolved but proven methods of caring for pointe shoes, while the basics of the pointe technique, different methods, and its history are also discussed. With a handy reference on pointe-related injuries and their remedies, this new edition also offers the latest information on contemporary designs, materials, products, and suppliers. A sampling of pointe technique schools around the country offers an authoritative syllabus for teachers and students alike.

Synopsis & Cover from BarnesAndNoble.Com


  • The cover is really bland: it’s literally just a bunch of text in boring fonts slapped on a stock photo of pointe shoes. Not exactly my favorite design, but the back cover looks really nice! I think maybe they could’ve used more interesting fonts and aligned the text better, or maybe a different image where the shoes don’t look so yellow.
  • Some of the information was oudated, but that’s expected from a book that was published in 2012. Maybe they’ll make a fourth edition?
  • I didn’t think some of the sizing recommendations were super helpful for a beginner, since I had no idea if I had a high arch or tapered toes or a large instep since I didn’t have anything to compare to. (I did figure out I had high-ish arch and slightly tapered toes, though!)
  • I think the chapter that just listed dance flooring companies was pretty unnecessary. I think they could’ve done a list of the names and websites, maybe not writing out the entire flooring company’s catalog and history.
  • It was pretty wordy.
  • These are actually the only cons. This book was awesome!


  • This was so inspirational! The history of pointe chapter was mind-blowing, and as I read, I just wanted to dance forever!
  • I thought it was really cool learning about the different pointe shoe companies, how the shoes are made, and different ballet companies and academies.
  • The “Conversations on Pointe” chapter is one of my favorites. It was super cool seeing how famous ballerinas wear their pointe shoes!
  • I’m definitely going to keep this book in my dance bag for reference, especially for the Injuries sections. They had tons of different remedies for lots of different pointe-related injuries, from calluses to corns!
  • I think it was set up really nicely, starting with history and ending with questions on whether pointe shoes are relevant today.


This book was super helpful and taught me a lot about pointe shoes. It showed me what to expect and cleared up misconceptions. I recommend this book to anyone who’s just starting pointe or has been dancing for years!


I rate this book 4.5/5 stars!

Next, I’m going to be sharing some of my expectations for pointe shoes, and Natalie is going to be debunking them and sharing her pointe shoe realities! Thank you so much for collaborating with me, Natalie! This was so fun! πŸ˜‰

Emmie’s Expectation: It’s going to take 9 million years to find my first pair of pointe shoes, but once I get them, I’ll never want to take them off!

Natalie’s Reality: Actually, I’m pretty sure it only took about a half hour of trying on shoes for me to find the right ones-I have very wide feet so that kind of narrowed the options down. I’m also still wearing the same kind of pointe shoes, Bloch European Balance. My dance teacher actually told me I wasn’t allowed to wear anything else because my feet are so wide.

Emmie’s Expectation: I’m going to get a TON of blisters.

Natalie’s Reality: I have never ever gotten a single blister, so fear not, young padawan. I have rubbed some skin off on my little toe, but that’s about it and it didn’t hurt.

Emmie’s Expectation: Sewing my pointe shoes will be pretty easy. 

Natalie’s Reality: Well, that depends. I learned to sew when I was really young, so sewing wasn’t hard for me, but I found sewing the ribbons the first time to be stressful since I had just gotten these beautiful shiny pink shoes and I didn’t want to ruin them. Also, sewing elastic is such a huge pain the first time. (at my school, were required to have elastic on our pointe shoes in addition to ribbons)

Emmie’s Expectation: The first time I stand en pointe will be totally magical! And painful. πŸ˜‚ 

Natalie’s Reality: Yes and no. Yes, it’s freaking amazing and it feels like being 8 feet tall and on top of the world. And no, it doesn’t hurt, it actually feels just fine, except for a little pressure on your toes. If the shoes hurt when you step up on them, then they probably aren’t the right shoes.

Emmie’s Expectation: I’m going to need a million layers of padding – tape, Ouch Pouches, lambs’ wool, Second Skin…

Natalie’s Reality: I wear toe pads and that’s it. It’s very important to be able to ‘feel the floor’ beneath the shoe,and with too much padding, that’s really hard. And like I said, I’ve never gotten a blister.

Emmie’s Expectation: My first class will pretty much be sewing and tying ribbons. 

Natalie’s Reality: My first pointe class we actually did get to dance a good bit. At my ballet school, level 4 and up wears ribbons on their flat shoes, so we all knew how to tie them. Our teacher just helped us burn the ends of our ribbons (so they don’t fray) and then we were up and dancing.

Emmie’s Expectation: It’ll be pretty easy to releve, but literally impossible to pirouette or even stand on one foot. 

Natalie’s Reality: Rolling up onto releve feels fine the first time, uncomfortable the fifth time, and ”OH MY GOSH I WANNA DIE” the tenth time. As for pirouettes…eheheh, still working on those. 

And that’s it for this pointe-shoe megapost! I had so much fun doing this collab with Natalie and reviewing The Pointe Book! Thanks for reading!


Do you wear pointe shoes? What were some of your expectations that you had? Do you take ballet? Or dance? Have you read The Pointe Book?

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My September Bullet Journal Spread | Recreating AmandaRachLee BuJo

Hey daydreamers! Today I’m going to be doing something a little different than what I usually do – I’m going to be showing you guys this month’s spread for my bullet journal!

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s basically a dotted notebook where you track your mood, habits, calendar, to-do lists, and it’s basically a productivity tool. A lot of YouTubers (like AmandaRachLee) take a more artistic approach to bullet journaling (or BuJo) and make this really cute, creative spreads!

I got my bullet journal like forever ago, and I would always make a whole complicated watercolor spread I found on YouTube, never use it, decide to start over, rip it out…and repeat that cycle over and over again. But, then I found the YouTube channel AmandaRachLee, and I was super inspired by her fun and creative bullet journal ideas that I decided to give them a try!

A few months ago, I made…um…whatever this is. I tried to do Amanda’s June bubble tea theme, and it didn’t turn out that well! I had a hard time keeping the doodles from getting messy, the spacing was all over the place, it looked really weird…overall, I just wasn’t that happy with it.

*apologies in advance for the cringey-ness* This was my attempt at her June calendar…yikes! That weird sheet of paper was glued in there in attempt to cover up some horrid mistake. As you can tell, I didn’t exactly use it that much!

(This is actually the only spread from that month that I actually sort of liked…The only thing that bothers me is the wonky boxes and weird shading, but these songs are all so amazing! Plus, I love all the pictures in here!)

The next month, I tried again. I actually like this page from one of Amanda’s old videos, but I didn’t ever finish the rest of the month. I do like the travel-themed doodles on this one, though! In August, I pretty much just gave up.

(If you want to compare Amanda’s spreads to mine, don’t forget to watch her video!)

But a few days ago, this lovely little video popped up in my notifications! I really liked the adorable stationery theme, and it seemed pretty easy to me. I was feeling pretty artistic, so I decided, why not give it a try?


And I’m SO GLAD I did! This probably turned out to be one of my favorite drawings EVER – I’m not even kidding, I’m that happy how this turned out! I decided to use a different color scheme from Amanda, and I decided to make the opening page a little different, adding my own colors and designs. On the left page, I continued the design from the right to make it more interesting! This is one of my favorite pages from this month!

On the left page, I wrote “SEPTEMBER” in bubble letters that kind of bounce around the page. Above that, I drew some markers and wash tape! Below, there’s some pens, a ruler, paperclip, more washiest tape, a little notebook, a pencil, and an eraser.

On this side, I used a lowercase typewriter font along with the bubble one to write “You can never have too much STATIONERY!” (I always thought it was spelled stationARY, but turns out, I’m wrong. Β―\_(ツ)_/) Then I drew binder clips, washiest tape, a paperclip, ruler, gluestick, pencils, eraser, and then added some ACTUAL washi tape strips to the page.

My next page is my calendar spread! This one took a long time to do – it took awhile to figure out spacing and stuff, plus at first I made a 6-day week. πŸ˜‚ Once I got that all straightened out, I added a little box on the side for tasks and some more stationary! (As you can see, I’m pretty busy this month!)

At the top, I also wrote “SEPTEMBER” in the same way as the last spread. I also wrote abbreviations for each day at the top in the same font from the last spread also, but this time in uppercase. I traced the letters with a gel pen from each color in my palate.

I drew a bunch of washi tape at the top (by tracing actual washi tape, lol). I wrote “TASKS” in a smaller version of the bubble font, and then I added a little pushpin/tack drawing to my task box. In the tasks box, I’ll write the overall stuff that I need to get done this month.

Yes, I am aware that September has 30 days. πŸ˜‚ I didn’t add a whole other row for two reasons: 1) I thought it would look weird and 2) I forgot. Oh, and I also drew a pencil, pencil eraser, and pen cap at the bottom.

On the next page, I have my Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker spreads! A habit tracker is exactly what it sounds like: you track your habits using mini-calendars for each category. If I complete a task that day, I’ll color in one of the dates. At the end of the month I can look back at my productivity!

I have six categories that I want to keep up with this month: reading my Bible every night, stretching every day, either writing or blogging each day, writing daily entries in my diary, and keeping up with my skincare routine and brushing my teeth twice a day. πŸ™‚

For the header, I wrote “HABIT” in bubble letters and wrote “tracker” in the typewriter font. I also drew a little highlighter and colored over the word “tracker” like the highlighter was highlighting it!

A mood tracker is pretty much the same idea: depending on my mood, I’ll color in the bubble letters with a certain color. I pretty much did the same header as my habit tracker, and drew the calendar like it was on a sticky note.

My key is a little different from Amanda’s, since I’m using different colors! Sad is a bright teal, frustrated/annoyed is grey, neutral/bored is just left white, happy is pink, and excited/joyful is golden!

My second to last spread is my brain dump page! A brain dump is a place where you can literally dump all of your ideas. I drew a bunch of stationery around the page – I think the pink gel pen at the top looks the best for some reason! I totally agree with Amanda – this page was super meta to draw a notebook…inside of a notebook!

Why is it so hilarious that a binder clip drawing and a REAL binder clip are right next to each other 🀣🀣🀣🀣

And now, for my final page, my first weekly spread for this month! (Each week, I’ll draw a new weekly spread similar to this one). This spread I kept very minimal and simple, since I wanted to leave as much room as possible for the actual bullet journaling part.

I wrote each day similar to how it is on the calendar, and in the eighth box I added a little space for notes. Right now it looks pretty boring, but hopefully once I fill it up with to-do lists and such it’ll look better!

If you made it to the end of this post, I applaud you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you want to learn more about bullet journaling, head over to the official BuJo website for more info and tips! And for more bullet journal ideas, tips, and inspiration, check out Amanda’s channel, AmandaRachLee! You also can buy the bullet journal I have here!

This isn’t sponsored, I swear πŸ˜‚

Now, it’s your turn! Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have way too much stationery (like me)? Do you like art? Pushpins or tacks? Should I share my BuJo spreads every month? What are your favorite bullet journal YouTube channels and blogs?

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Colorado Travel Diary – Day 3: Rodeo Ridin’ The River Rapids

Hey daydreamers! (Lol, alliteration overload in the title.) You guys really seem to enjoy my Colorado Travel Diary series, so today I’m here with Day 3! Ahh, I can’t believe there’s only 2 more days left in the series.

Today was super special, because we went…*drumroll please*…WHITEWATER RAFTING! It was so, so, so much fun – I could’ve spent all day on that raft! And I still can’t believe that – wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait for today’s post, so let’s get started!


Credit: Lakota Guides

Once we’d eaten breakfast and hung out for a little bit, it was time to drive to the rafting place! When we first got there, I was kind of nervous. I kept thinking about everything that could go wrong, and what if I fell in? I was also super nervous about my insulin pump and supplies, because how was I supposed to treat my blood sugar on a tiny raft? What if I fell in and my pump got ruined?

Credit: Lakota Guides
(Those people stuck in the branches? That’s us. πŸ˜‚)

We had to put on these wet suits that were really uncomfortable, since the straps were rubbing on my sunburn I got from going to Epic Discovery! We also had to wear these waterproof shoes, helmets, and splash jackets. For some reason, the helmets had random names on the back of them, and mine said Dory! Unicorn’s was Sleepy, lol.

Credit: Lakota Guides

We got to ride in a bus with all the other rafts going on the trip, and once we got there, we practiced a couple of strokes on the ground. Riley and I were tall enough to paddle, but poor Unicorn was stuck in the middle seat! 😜 We learned that when our guide, Perry, called out “Forward 3!” We’d row forward three strokes, and “Backward 3!” meant the same thing, but backwards. Us Texans were used to canoeing, so it was really fun learning how to paddle the raft!

Credit: Lakota Guides

My heart was pounding when we first got in! (I’m the terrified one in the back right, lol.) The water was soooo cold, so I was super grateful that we had to wear all that gear!

Credit: Lakota Guides

We started to paddle, and I felt like I was getting into the groove a little bit more! I started to relax as we traveled through the river. You could see the mountains from the raft!

Credit: Lakota Guides

And then we hit our first rapid! It was CRAZY. I was so scared and screaming with delight at the same time! It was such a fun adventure, and the rapids weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.

Credit: Lakota Guides

But then, of course, Riley decided to go on this thing called the Rodeo Seat, which is basically this rope that’s on the front of the raft. You kind of sit on the very edge, and the only thing that’s keeping you on is the rope! Riley seemed to be having fun, and the rodeo seat looked scary but also pretty cool.

Credit: Lakota Guides

Another raft in front of us had gotten stuck on this log, and their entire boat flipped over! Once they got free, the log was rolling around like crazy.

Credit: Lakota Guides

My exact thought process was, when I saw the helmet bobbing up and down in the water: “Oh look, there’s some girl in the water. WAIT!!!! THAT GIRL IS RILEY!!!!!!!!” She had fallen in the river! Suddenly, the log was rolling towards her. She went underwater and moved out of the way at the last second! It was crazy!!

Credit: Lakota Guides

Once we’d pulled Riley back onto the boat and that craziness was over, another person had fallen out of their raft! At first I thought it was my dad, lol, and then it turned out to be some random person. Since we were the sweeper boat, we had a special job of picking up all the people who fall off, so the guy rode on our boat for a few minutes before we could get him back to his party.

Credit: Lakota Guides

Paddling along the river was sooo relaxing – I just wanted to stay on that raft forever and ever! And the whitewater rapids were so exciting and scary and thrilling and petrifiying, all at the same time.

Credit: Lakota Guides

And of course, towards the end of the rafting trip, Riley decided to get BACK on the rodeo seat, even after her fall into the river! I was super amazed by her bravery. I could never have done that. 😜😜😜

Credit: Lakota Guides

And then, of course, on the very last rapid of the ride, she fell of again. πŸ˜‚ Poor Riley!

Credit: Lakota Guides

Soon the rafting trip was over, and we were all exhausted! We all got out of the raft and took off all our gear. They even had snacks, water, and cookies, so that was super nice! After enjoying our cookies, we got in the van with another raft and we all talked and rehashed the insanely amazing rafting trip. It was the highlight of Colorado, for sure!

We drove around this place called Minturn for a little bit, and then decided to eat lunch in Vail Village at this cute little deli that had AMAZING ice cream and sandwiches! Riley’s older sister called, and she answered with, “Guess what? I almost died today!” Uni and I almost died laughing! πŸ˜‚

Credit: My mom πŸ™ƒ

We found these really cool murals next to the parking garage! They had all these flowers and swings on them, and I had to pose in front of it! I love how these kinds of murals make it seem like you’re part of the painting. I read in this travel magazine that was lying around the rental house that said something like “the murals in Vail aren’t complete until someone stands in them”, which I thought was really cool!

Credit: My mom again πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

And of course, Unicorn had to pose, too. I love her expression in this photo, lol! She’s looking into the distance with a devious smile on her face, and I her arms are shrugging like “Whaaaaat?” when she was trying to “grab” the ropes of the swing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It actually does kinda look like she’s sitting on the swing!

Credit: My mom again (again) πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

I love this picture!! The rest of the day was spent doing puzzles, playing cards, eating snacks, laughing, chatting, and playing around in the yard. Riley and I even found these sleds in the garage, so we sledded down the hill of our rental house in the grass, just so we could tell everyone that we went sledding in the summer! πŸ˜› It was actually really fun, except the grass was really itchy and irritated my skin.

Credit: Uh, me. It’s a selfie.

AHHH AVERT YOUR EYES! I look downright scary in this selfie. πŸ€ͺ I had to use the flash since it was getting darker. THIS SELFIE WILL HAUNT YOU IN YOUR NIGHTMARES MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Credit: me

Anyway, here are the traditional sunset photos for today! I STILL can’t get over how GORGEOUS Colorado is. I know you guys are probably sick of me talking about how pretty this place is, but it’s so true. ❀

Credit: me again

I miss Colorado so much! In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. πŸ’• πŸ”οΈ

Photo by Jingda Chen on Unsplash

(We unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of the fireworks, so here’s a cool one I found from Unsplash!) Even though it was July 3, there were fireworks going off! We raced outside, and we could see the fireworks show perfectly…from our deck! It was insane. It was such a crazy, incredible experience to be able to see fireworks…oh, and also to be freezing cold on July 3rd. πŸ˜‰

And that’s it for today’s post! I’m really enjoying this Colorado series, and I hope you did, too! Writing these posts totally takes me back to that amazing vacation and puts me in my happy place! See you next Saturday!

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What’s In My Backpack (Back-To-School 2019)

Hey daydreamers! I honestly can’t believe that school is starting in a few days. I’m half completely freaking out and half really, really excited! My favorite part of Back-To-School is always school supplies shopping! We recently went a few weeks ago, and I spent the following days decorating binders, notebooks, and getting all my stuff together.

There’s this big event my school has every year the Thursday before the first day of school called Back-To-School Bash, where you meet your teachers, sign up for clubs, meet the new kids, buy yearbooks and spirit wear, and there’s always food trucks and a big presentation. Every year, the day after the Bash, we put our backpacks and supplies together!

Today I’m going to be showing you guys what’s in my backpack for the first day of school, plus how I decorated my binders and how I organize my things!

First, let’s start with the backpack itself. I got a new backpack for sixth grade because I needed a bigger one, since this year I’m trying to just use one backpack instead of lugging around two giant heavy bags. I got it from Academy for around $45, and I love it!

It says Adidas on the front and has a line of black strap thingies (what do I even call that πŸ˜‚) to hook things like your lunchbox on, and it’s this pretty striped gray/white pattern. There’s five different zipper pockets, a mesh pocket towards the front, and a laptop pocket in the back, along with mesh pockets on the sides for your waterbottle.

Here’s a back view of the backpack – the gray/white pattern is on part of the straps, along with the Adidas logo. Apparently the straps have some sort of “Loadspring Technology” to make wearing it more comfortable, and somehow that helps (even though I have no idea how that works). The straps are also padded, which is sooo nice, since my last backpack didn’t have padded straps and they rubbed and hurt sometimes. Overall, I rate this backpack 5/5 stars, because of the amount of space, comfy straps, endless pockets, and cute athletic design!

Alright, now that the boring backpack review part is over, let’s move on to what’s actually inside the backpack! (This is a What’s In My Backpack post, after all. πŸ˜‰)

Let’s start by opening up the front pocket! Inside, you’ll find…another backpack? Instead of having another large minibackpack in addition to the other two backpacks I had to wear/roll around, this year I’m using my smaller blush pink minibackpack to hold my diabetes supplies for school and volleyball.

(By the way, if you didn’t know that I had Type One Diabetes and/or have no idea what that is or how it works, check out this page to learn more!)

This minibackpack has a small zipper pocket in the back (where I stash my Skittles for when my blood sugar is low), the main area in the middle zipper, and a phone/wallet pocket in the front. I got this awhile ago, so I can’t remember how much it was, but it’s from the Art Class line at Target.

Since at school I can keep my insulin and Glucagon (this special emergency medicine that’s kind of like an Epi-Pen) with the nurse, I only need to have my phone (not shown), an extra insulin pump site (the baggie in the top left corner), some applesauce to take when I’m low, an extra blood glucose meter (in the black bag), some fruit leather and a granola bar for when I’m hungry, and Starburst, skittles, and fruit snacks to take when my blood sugar is low.

In the next mesh pocket, I have my pencil bag, a hole puncher, mini stapler, and a whiteboard eraser. (Ignore the blurred blobs on the eraser, that’s just to cover up my full name, which was written on there.)

Let’s take a look inside my pencil case! I got it from Walmart, and it has this pretty holographic marble pattern that I love. It’s surprisingly roomy and really cute! I think it was around $8, but I’m not super sure.

And here’s everything that’s inside! I have a Sharpie highlighter, pencils, a pink eraser, map pencils, black and blue pens, red gel pens, Expo markers, washable Crayola markers, a pencil sharpener, tons and tons of crayons, scissors (once again, the blurs are covering up my name), a bunch of scented erasers that I’ve had forever and never used, some sticky note tabs, and finally a gluestick and blue gel pens.

Tip: To keep your different supplies together, use clear hair elastics! When you have a lot of one item, like a boxful of crayons, then you can use a medium-sized rubber band and wrap it around twice. This trick really helps and it keeps you from digging through your pencil case to find all your markers! For extra credit, heh heh see what i did there you can also put different supplies in small Ziploc bags. (E.G. All your pencils in one bag, all your map pencils in another, etc.)

Moving on to the zipper behind it, you can find my science binder, a book of my choice for reading time in English class, and my English book, The Secret Garden. Wishtree is an amazing book from the point of view of a tree that I really love, and The Secret Garden seems interesting, but so. Many. Words. 😳 I am pretty excited to read it, though!

And now for my Science binder! It’s just a white three-ring binder from Walmart that came with tabs and a clear pocket in the back. I drew and hand lettered the cover design myself, and I’m happy with how it turned out! I was going for a kind of desktop look, (a literal top of a desk, not a computer) and I drew pens, pencils, and a paintbrush, two differently shaped succulents, a notebook, and a phone. I’m really proud of the shading on the succulents for some reason, but I think the overall look of this cover is pretty cute!

Inside my binder, you’ll find my tabs with the clear pocket and notebook paper in the back, this cheap green calculator I’ve had since fourth grade, and a ruler that’s facing the other way and looks like a white strip of paper, but oh well. There’s also a book called The Case for a Creator tucked in that pocket, and I’m actually really excited to read it. It’s a journalist showing how science proves that God exists, and it seems pretty cool.

My five tabs read Assignment Sheets, Homework, Reference, Labs, and Graded Work. By the way, thankfully we get to leave our giant, heavy hardcover science textbooks at home, so I don’t have to carry it in in my backpack.

In the next and last pocket, you’ll find my English and Math binders, along with the textbooks and workbooks for each of the subjects. First, we’ll start with my math stuff.

Here’s my math textbook – we’re actually using a different textbook at my school this year, and I’m really happy with the change, since our last textbook was heavy, very boring, and we never used it anyways. In our old textbook, the foreword literally said “no colors or pictures to distract from learning”. How boring is that? This new textbook actually is colorful with illustrations and it’s consumable, so you can write directly in it.

And here’s my math binder! It’s just a teal two-inch three-ring from Walmart. I printed out some pretty aesthetic gold-and-blue marble from a website called Free Pretty Things For You, and then hand-lettered the word Math with my brush pen! I messed up really bad on my name at the bottom, so I covered it up with a black box and wrote my name over it with a white paint pen. Unfortunately you guys can’t see how I lettered it since it’s blurred, but I used a tall, all-caps font to contrast with the cursive. I think it turned out really cute, and it’s definitely my favorite design I did!

Inside, I basically just have a bunch of tabs (numbered 1-33 for each week of the school year) and some notebook paper and graph paper in the back. The table of contents shows 1-52 since we ordered that many tabs, and then took out the ones we didn’t need. Also, behind the table of contents is my login stuff for the math websites we use for class.

This is my English binder! Again, it’s a purple/pink one-and-a-half inch binder from Walmart. I painted the watercolor part myself to match the color of the binder, and then handlettered the world English in big, tall letters. I also wrote my name underneath in a long, wide cursive, but again it’s blurred. This design isn’t my favorite, but I’m still happy with it.

Inside the binder, I have a bunch of papers I had to pick up at the Back-To-School Blast, and tabs that say Assignments, Warm-Up, Grammar, Vocab, and Reading/Novels. I ran out of tabs that came with the binder, so there’s also two lonely tabs in the back that say Writing and Research.

Next, for the rest of my English stuff! I have two textbooks, a notebook, and a binder.

First, I have my Grammar textbook, which has the most boring illustration ever. In past years there’s been rocket ships, undersea scenes, even one that was Australia-themed. But they really couldn’t think of anything more interesting than a guy waiting at the airport? Seriously? πŸ˜‚

I also have a Vocabulary textbook, which I’ve flipped through and is pretty boring, but oh well. The cover also isn’t the most interesting in the world, either. I do think vocabulary and English in general is pretty fun, though, so hopefully this textbook won’t be too bad!

And last but not least, I have a plain purple/pink spiral that matches my binder. It has 100 pages, it’s college-ruled, and blank right now. Also, not sure why I needed to show you what the inside of a notebook looks like, but here ya go.

And that’s it for this super long backpack tour! I really hope you guys liked this post – I had an awesome time making it, and hopefully me showing you my textbooks and pencils was somewhat interesting.

By the way, if you’re wondering where my History/Social Studies stuff are, that’s because I don’t take History at school! Instead, I take a homeschool class with Riley’s mom and a bunch of my friends.

Also, if you’re wondering if I’m public schooled or private schooled, I’m actually neither! I go to a type of school called University Model, where I actually am at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the rest of the days I have assignments and homework. It’s also structured a lot like college, where you have 16-week semesters, pick your classes, and this year we even all have different schedules instead of all going from class to class together. It’s also a K-12 school, so I’m not starting a new school or anything for middle school. My classes are just upstairs. πŸ˜‰

Now, it’s your turn! What’s in YOUR backpack? What type of school do you go to? Should I do a room tour or dance bag/volleyball bag tour? Should I show you guys what my backpack looks at the end of the year vs. the beginning? Are you excited for Back-To-School?

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