Colorado Travel Diary – Day 4: Flowers & Fourth of July

Hey daydreamers! First off: super sorry that I missed last week’s post! I was really busy transferring American Girl World to the new site. Also, school and dance has been absolutely crazy lately!!

(My dance teacher actually said that some of us will be getting our pointe shoes the Saturday after Halloween…DEFINITELY NOT FREAKING OUT HELP)

It’s been like 3 weeks since I’ve done a Colorado Travel Diary, so I decided now would be a good time to post Day 4! (AKA the second-to-last day of the trip. Waaaaaah 😭😭😭) So let’s get started! (I sound like a YouTuber lol)

We’d planned to go to this Fourth of July parade, except everyone was so exhausted from whitewater rafting that we all slept in. Once we all finally woke up, Unicorn, Riley, and I were just hanging around the house when we decided to go on a walk around Eagle Vail!

But then my blood sugar went low, so we decided to take a break in this gorgeous little community garden that was sooo cute! We explored, talked, and of course I took a ton of pictures.

I love this picture! We found this random little chair made of sticks that Riley could actually fit in.

Also, for some reason, Riley and Diamond felt the need to collect all of these little golf balls that were all over the place and throw them into this basketball hoop. It was pretty funny.

⬆️⬆️ Said basketball hoop ⬆️⬆️ Oh, and this sandbox that we found all of these cool little toys in!

Oh, and we also found this adorable little playhouse!

It was really small, but it even had a little kitchen, windows, door, curtains, bench, and a shelf! I would’ve loved this thing as a little kid.

We found this cool pine tree that if you crawled under this opening in the leaves, you could actually stand inside the leaves! It looks super cool and pretty from inside there. I love how the sunshine streaming through the leaves dapples the ground with soft spots of light.

This is the little chair – how cool is that? I wonder if somebody actually made it from sticks in this garden? Or is it just made in a factory with some real sticks? Regardless of how it was made, this makes a cool picture! For some reason it looks like there’s a lake in the back, even though there isn’t. Maybe that’s the fence? It looks cool anyways.

They even had a mini-library where you could put in an old book and you could borrow the other books in there! On the sides were these super cute paintings.

I took so many pictures of the different flowers! I love how this one turned out – I think the purple goes nicely with this picture.

This yellow one looks super cute, too! I love the contrast between the green mountains and trees and the bright, yellow flower.

I’m not a huge fan on how this one turned out, but it looks okay. There’s so many flowers!

This is my absolute favorite picture so far! I can’t believe I took this moments before the lady bug flew away and it actually turned out pretty well. One of my favorite parts is the cool bokeh in the background and the vibrant ladybug. (Okay, that’s two, but whatever.)

We found this patch of tiny little strawberries! Shh, don’t tell – we might’ve eaten a few! 😉

I know dandelions are weeds, but don’t they seem like flowers? No? Just me? 😛

This birdhouse is so cute! When we opened up one of the little doors, we found cheese in there! How weird is that? XD

They even had a whiteboard full of all the stuff that needed to be done in the garden..

I love this sign. XD

When I saw this out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was a REAL butterfly, but it’s actually just this little statue thingy. There was also this cute red robin pinwheel!

These flowers look really cool against the sky.

After our walk, we headed over to Beaver Creek for the Fourth of July festival! But it turned out that everything there was SUPER EXPENSIVE, and most of the stuff was exactly the same as Epic Discovery.

So we ended up just walking around the village, and it was super fun checking out all the cool shops, and we even ate chocolate gelato! They had tried to dye the chocolate a patriotic blue for the Fourth, except it ended up turning green! It was still really delicious, just the color threw me off!

So that explains why Unicorns’s lips are greenish brown. Very appetizing. XD Also, U didn’t even notice this until now, but you can see this little boy in the corner holding that same green gelato. 🤔🍨

I’m looking very patriotic in my maroon shirt, pink scrunchie, and Aggies baseball cap. 😂 🇺🇸

There was also this huge lake/founatain/river/pool thingy that we tried to put our feet in, but the water was sooooo cold! There was even this dog that was bathing in the water. It was hilarious.

We spent the rest of the day playing cards and helping our dads finish the puzzle – MINUS ONE PIECE. We never found that piece – it’s still driving me crazy!

After trying and failing to find a way to get on the roof and watch the fireworks happening on the other side of Vail, we decided to play this SUPER FUN card game called spoons – there are several spoons in the middle of the table, one less spoon than the amount of players. You start with four cards, and pass around different cards that you can reject or replace with a card from your hand – the goal is to get four of the same card. Once you do, you try to grab a spoon! Once someone’s found a match and grabbed a spoon, everyone else tries to grab a spoon as fast as possible. The person without a spoon is out!

We had so much fun on our last full day of Colorado!

And that’s it for today’s post! I really hope you enjoyed it! (Once again, I sound like a YouTuber.) Kudos to you for making it to the end of this post! You guys are my favorites See you next week for maybe a room tour! Bye!

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