Reacting to the Evermore Album: Part 2 (Blogmas Day 7)

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Day 6: Evermore Reaction, Pt. 1

Hey daydreamers! GUYS, CHRISTMAS IS SO CLOSE!! *runs around screaming Deck the Halls* I’m back for part 2 of my evermore review/reaction! I’m going to be tackling the last of the songs on the album. Let’s get right into it!

coney island

“i’m on a bench in coney island / wondering where did my baby go? / the fast times, the bright lights, the merry go / sorry for not making you my centerfold.”

This one has a grey-skies kind of feeling for some reason? It has that forlorn, wistful feel, and it’s filled with the amazing vocals from Taylor and the National. The lyrics are sad and regretful – “did i close my fist around something delicate / did i shatter you?” Once again, this one isn’t my favorite one, but it’s so beautiful and haunting that it’s definitely up there!


“ooh, i can’t, stop you putting roots in my dreamland / my house of stone, your ivy grows / and now i’m covered in you.”

For a little bit, this song was my favorite one on the album, but I think I’ve changed it to willow. I still do really like the tune, and it’s really catchy. I like how it’s a little more upbeat, and it’s really pretty.

cowboy like me

“takes one to know one / you’re a cowboy like me / never wanted love, just a fancy car.”

This one has a country feel to it, which I like! It’s a chill kind of song that I would put on while doing a face mask or blogging. “and you asked me to dance / but i said, “dancing is a dangerous game” is another favorite lyric!

long story short

“and i fell from the pedestal / right down the rabbit whole / long story short it was a bad time”

For some reason, the tune from this one reminds me of the last great american dynasty from folklore. It also has an Alice and Wonderland feel for some reason? I like the tune of this one, it’s a happier one with amazing lyrics. I definitely like other ones better, though.


“what died didn’t stay dead / what died didn’t stay dead / you’re alive, you’re alive in my head”

This one I was really confused about at first, but then I figured out that Marjorie is Taylor’s grandmother, and everything made sense. XD I really like listening to this one, and it’s such a sweet tribute to her grandmother!


“yes, i got your letter / yes, i’m doing better / i know that it’s over / i don’t need your closure.”

This one is not the most memorable one on the album – to be honest, I kind of forgot about it? I’m not a huge fan of the instrument at the beginning, I don’t know how to describe it lol. I don’t really like how they added the effects to some of her vocals, either. Other than that, I really like the lyrics for this one.


“and i couldn’t be sure / i had a feeling so peculiar / that this pain would be for / evermore.”

When I saw that this song was featuring Bon Iver, I was really hoping for a sequel to exile. Even though it isn’t, this title track is a really calm and pretty way to finish off the album. It is a little sleepy, but the vocals are so amazing and it has such a cool meaning! I love the lyric change at the end to “i had a feeling so peculiar / that this pain wouldn’t be for / evermore.” The harmonies are also really pretty.

Overall thoughts: I really like the evermore album, and I think it was an awesome surprise for her fans during a lonely winter! However, I definitely prefer folklore to this one. The other album had stronger songs as a whole, but evermore had a few really good songs and the rest sounded very similar to each other.

What do you think? Did you prefer evermore or folklore? What’s your favorite song from each album?

See y’all tommorow!

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