Trust In The Trials (A Devotional)

Hey daydreamers! Today’s post is definitely a bit different from usual. At my school, I’m a part of a leadership organization. Last fall I had the opportunity to lead all the junior high students in a Bible study!

I actually thought that it would only be for the organization, so I had prepared to speak in front of 20 people or so, but I had to give a presentation for over 80 people. (My school is pretty small compared to public school) That was pretty crazy! It was a really good experience, and it was really cool to come up with a topic and dive deep into God’s word.

I thought it would be fun to share the Bible study I did as a devotional post! I made little images of some of the quotes and verses from the post – feel free to save those as wallpapers or whatever you’d like. Let’s get into the post!

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