I’m so excited to share my WIPs with you guys! I’ll update this page periodically, so check back often for new aesthetics, word counts, covers, and stories.

The Diagan Chronicles Book 1: The Huntress

Title: The Diagan Chronicles Book 1: The Huntress

Staus: Completed first draft of rewrite, waiting to edit

Written for: NaNoWriMo YWP 2017, Camp NaNoWriMo July 2018, major WIP

Wordcount: Around 30k

Synopsis: “I’ll be back next summer.”

Those are the words that Aspen’s brother always whispers into her ear before he returns to Huntrex Academy, where he is learning to become a Hunter and join the Hunt. But one year, he can’t keep that promise.

The dramatic turn of events leaves Aspen with nothing but a scar on her cheek, a letter in her hand, and a broken heart. The stars are her only escape from reality.  Five years later, it is Aspen’s turn to attend Huntrex. There she and her new friends discover that there is a traitor in their midst. Can they figure it out before it’s to late? And more importantly, can Aspen become herself again? 

Trying For the Sky

Title: Trying for the Sky

Staus: Current WIP (first draft)

Written for: Camp NaNoWriMo April 2019

Wordcount: Around 12k

Synopsis: For Paris, basketball is her whole world. But when she is sent off to boarding school, basketball and everything she’s ever known is taken away from her. Can Paris fight for what she loves, stand up for herself, and discover her true self?

And that’s it for now! I only included my more recent WIPs, and the ones that actually got written and not just researched for.