Reasons Why I Love You Jar |DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Family!

Hey daydreamers! You might have noticed that it’s not my normal posting day. I’m really sorry about that, but I wasn’t able to get a post up last weekend because I had sooo much homework – 2 projects plus an oral report, typing and revising an essay, reading three chapters and writing a paragraph, a take-home assesment for a minor grade, video notes…not to mention I also had dance, a photoshoot event, and a father-daughter dance. 😳😳😳 So yeah, I was INSANELY busy!

I had originally decided just to not post at all this week, but then I came up with this cute craft idea and needed to post it before Valentine’s day, so that’s why I’m posting in the middle of the week!

Today, I’m going to be showing you a really cute, easy, and meaningful Valentine’s day gift that’s perfect to give to your parents or grandparents. You can have all of your siblings help out, and you can find most of the supplies at home! Let’s get started!

For this craft, you’ll need...

  • A mason jar OR a mini glass milk bottle
  • A straight edge cutter OR a pair of scissors
  • A pen
  • Pink or red tissue paper (you only need this if you’re doing the mason jar)
  • Pink or white card stock or construction paper
  • Hole puncher
  • Gold sparkly ribbon (white or red also works!)
  • A rubber band (not pictured)
  • Several sheets of plain white printer paper

First, write out 30 or so reasons why you love the person you’re giving the gift to! I made one for each of my parents. Make sure to mark “Mom” or “Dad” or whoever you’re giving it to on each sheet. You can be really creative with this, and try to write meaningful things for each person!

Using a straight edge cutter OR a pair of scissors, cut out the whole list so it’s easier to cut each reason.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out all of your reasons into little strips of paper – sort of like fortune-cookie style. Make sure to separate each list so you don’t get them mixed up!

Place the slips of paper into the jars/milk bottles.

These next few steps are for the mason jar ONLY – since I didn’t have a lid, I made one out of tissue paper! If you’re using a milk bottle and don’t have a lid, you can also do this for it too, and just adjust for size.

Trace the bottom of your jar to get a good idea of what size it needs to be.

Then cut out a huge circle around it – make sure you cut at LEAST one or two layers, so that way the color shows up a lot more! You might need to try a few times to make sure your size is large enough.

Drape two or three layers of your tissue paper circle over your cup, like shown. You’re kind of going for it to look like a jar of jam.

Then, take a rubber band and twist it twice around the top of the jar to create a little lid!

This step is for both jars. Since I’m making two, I drew two hearts on pink construction paper and cut them out, but if you’re doing only one or more than two you can adjust to however many jars you’re making.

Cut them out so now you have two small pink hearts.

Next, take a whole puncher and punch a small hole right at the “V” part of the two “humps” of the heart. If your punch goes through the top, then just add some tape at the top and it will still work.

Almost done with the hearts! These are going to be your tags. Add “To” and “From” on the back and write “___ Reasons Why I Love You” on the front.

Loosely measure how much ribbon you’ll need to be able to wrap around the jar and have enough string left over to tie a little bow.

Tie the ribbon after wrapping it around the jar. Make sure it covers your rubber band if you’re doing the mason jar! Slip the ribbon through the hole punch on the name tag.

Tie it once again around the front, and you’re finished!

Thank you so much for reading this! I had a TON of fun making this craft. If you followed along, I would LOVE to see what you made! Shoot me an email with your craft at emeraldphoenix[at]icloud[dot]com, and you’ll be featured in the next craft, art, or journaling-related post.

Speaking of…Janel sent in some pictures of her INCREDIBLE bullet journal spread!! How cute is that? Hers was so much better than mine!

Thank you so much for sending in your photos!! Now I wish it was Christmas again!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

Did you make this craft? Did you enjoy it? What do you think about Valentine’s day? Do you usually get or make your family any gifts?

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