what i’m wearing to summer camp! (packing for camp pt. 1)

Hey daydreamers! By this time next week, I’ll be at summer camp! I’m super excited and totally freaking out because it feels sooo soon and super far away at the same time. I was super scared that I wasn’t going to get to go, but then it was going to still happen like normal! Unfortunately, they went and changed a lot of things to make it safer, like we’re mainly going to stay with our cabin group and no specialties/theme nights (except Alpha vs. Omega & Mission Impossible)/or large groups, which is sad! I’m still grateful I get to go though and I’m super excited.

Today’s post is going to be the first half of a 2-part series, packing for camp! In this part, I’m going to be showing you all of the outfits that I’m planning to wear at camp. This’ll probably change by the time I actually go, but it gives a pretty good idea of what I’ll be wearing!

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day in the life of a quaran-tween: *trying* to have a productive day! (keyword: trying)

Hey daydreamers! This post has been at the top of my idea list for awhile now, and I’m finally getting around to doing it. As you can tell by the title, I’m doing a day in the life post, but quarantine edition! I also decided to try and be as productive as I could today (Wednesday, but you’ll see this post on Saturday!), and I guess that *sort of* actually happened? Anyway, let’s get straight into the post!

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Scrunchie Giveaway Winner!

Hey daydreamers! I know I don’t normally post today, but I have a very exciting announcement for you all: today I’m revealing the winner of the giveaway!

The winner was chosen completely randomly from a random name picker website. But before we reveal the winner of our giveaway to kick off our email list, let’s take a look at the prizes they won!

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what’s in my backpack (beginning vs. end of the year)

Hey daydreamers! A long time ago at the start of the school year (haha remember when there wasn’t a global pandemic) I did a What’s in my Backpack post for back to school. I thought it would be fun to show what my backpack looks like at the end of the year versus the beginning so you guys could see what worked, what didn’t, and all the things about my backpack that have changed!

School just got out for me on May 8th, and I’m so excited about summer! I have a ton of fun, summer-y posts lined up for the next couple weeks to celebrate school ending and I’m super pumped about them. Oh, and we also upgraded to the WordPress Premium plan, which means a brand-new theme and no more ads! Make sure to head on over to the site if you aren’t there to check out the new changes! And if you haven’t yet, check out my first what’s in my backpack post before you read this one.

Okay, without further introduction, let’s start digging through my backpack!  😂

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Reacting to Your Assumptions About Me: Part 2!

Hey daydreamers! First off, I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who subscribed to the email list and entered the giveaway! It’s so amazing to do this giveaway to kick off the launch of our email list and work with SP Scrunchies! If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win two scrunchies from The Striped Plaid Co! 💛 I’ll be announcing the winner either next week or the week after so stay tuned for the results and make sure to enter before then!

Second, I’m so happy that you guys liked Part 1 of me reacting to your assumptions, and thank you so much for all of your amazing submissions! I originally planned for this to be a single post, but you guys ended up giving me a ton more assumptions than I had planned (thank you!) so I decided to make a part 2 so I could react to all of them! This time I used images from Pinterest to go along with the post, and let’s get into the assumptions!

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Reacting to Your Assumptions About Me! (Part 1)

Hey daydreamers! I’m so excited about this post, ahh! So, last Monday, I asked you guys what some of your assumptions about me were. I got so many great responses, and thank you so much to everyone who submitted them! Also, a cozy-themed photoshoot ended up winning the poll, but I decided to incorporate some pens and books and I love how it turned out! So without further adieu, let’s get straight into the assumptions!

You like the beach more than the mountains

Ooh, that’s a hard one – I think I would have to say this is wrong because I went to Colorado last summer and I absolutely loved the mountains. Colorado is my favorite place in the whole wide world (so far haha) and it’s amazing there!

Christmas is your favorite holiday

Yes! Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love Christmas music and I kinda wish I could listen to it all year long!

Your favorite types of books are long lengthy ones

This one is probably incorrect, but it really depends. I used to be in a slump where I just read Middle-Grade contemporaries, and I would re-read the same books over and over again, but now I prefer more YA, fantasy, and self-help. It’s funny, I read a lot of shorter books, but all of my absolute favorites are really long! (The Book Theif, Harry Potter, The Martian, The Hunger Games) So I guess I would have to say this is sort of right?

You like to read Harry Potter. Mainly bc a lot of ppl do.

Yes!! I’m obsessed with Harry Potter right now (I’m a proud Hufflepuff!), and I’m rereading all the books and watching the movies while I’m in quarantine! Tbh, I read the books in third grade, absolutely loved them, and then I kind of forgot about them. At the beginning of quarantine, I decided to start reading them again, and I just started rereading book 5! When I’m bored I look at Harry Potter memes, haha. I think it’s safe to say this assumption is correct. 😉

U are a really nice sister and u and ur sister don’t fight a lot bc u seem to be really good at expressing ur self and solving/fixing problems.

I’m really flattered that you think that!! 😊 When it comes to drama or problems with friends, my first reaction is often “HEY GUYS LOOK OVER THERE ISN’T THAT AN INTERESTING WALL?? And ooh let’s take a moment to think about rainbows and puppies and sunshine shall we?? REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN WE WERE ALL GETTING ALONG HAHAHAHA SO FUN hey let’s reenact that!!”* I hate drama and just want people to get along, haha! Usually, I’ll talk to my mom about what to say and then I take a step back, think about it, and once I’ve found the perfect words try to say something that would best help solve the problem. But the thing is, with my sister…well, we sometimes argue, but of course we do – we’re sisters! We get on each other’s nerves a lot but we secretly would do anything for each other. We used to fight a ton, but now we’re getting a bit better about it!

*This proves that I am 100000% a Hufflepuff, no questions asked.

you do really well in school

Yes, I’d say I do pretty well in school! I have A’s in all of my classes, but of course, there’s the occasional quiz that I don’t do well on or a forgotten assignment. My best subject is probably English, and the one I have to study the hardest for is Math because I’m definitely more right- than left-brained! (Not to be braggy or anything, I hope I don’t come across that way!)

you’re super tall

Nope, not at all! I’m actually pretty average, but I’m on the shorter side. I’m only about 5 feet tall, and most of my friends are around 5’2″ or 5’3″. I looked it up and I think the average height for a 12-year-old female is 5 feet. I just feel really short because all my friends are tall, haha!

you’re very girly

Yes! This is so true! I love soft, feminine colors, I don’t play a ton of sports besides ballet and volleyball, I love hair and makeup, and I enjoy fashion and a lot of other things that would be considered girly! So yes, definitely!

you’re quite a positive person 

Yes!! This is actually very true about me. I’m always trying to look on the bright side, find the good thing in the situation, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to be positive, but I’m always trying to work on being able to find joy during tough situations (e.g. right now!!). I’m usually a pretty smiley and bubbly person, except when I’m tired or mad/sad, haha.

you love baking

I love baking, and I wish I could do it more often! I recently made this edible cookie dough recipe and my family liked it, and I was obsessed with it. I’d say I’m at least decent at baking but I’m not very experienced, however, I do enjoy it!

you’re one of the oldest in your year group

This one is from Sophie, who lives in the UK, so I think year group means grade in America? (correct me if I’m wrong!) I’m in 6th grade, which I think is equivalent to Year 7 in the UK. I don’t think I’m one of the oldest in my grade (there are a few people who are 13) but I’m not the youngest either. So I think I might be sort of in the middle, since I turned 12 in October?

you prefer creative subjects in school

100%! I love writing and essays, and I also really enjoy project- and group project-type things.

you like reading

Yes! I love, love, love to read. Before I go to bed every night, I read whatever book I’m currently working on for about an hour. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day and it’s the only way I can calm myself down to go to sleep!

you have a big friend group but not a best friend

I actually have both! I have a really big friend group (we have to pull up a million chairs to the lunch table to fit everybody, lol!), and then I also have a best friend within my main group of friends (she was in a few of my older posts, like this one!) I also have a bunch of friends outside of my friend group at school, (Hi Janel, I know you’re reading this!! *hug*), and then a bunch of friends from dance and also online friends. Whew, that was complicated, but hopefully you get what I mean, haha. So this one is half-correct, half-wrong.

your favorite emoji is 😂

😂 is probably my most-used emoji (I type it constantly!), but my favorites are 🩰, 🦙, and 😊! I also like this 🤠 random cowboy one, because he’s (its?) very underrated. *nodnod*

you’re a morning person

I actually have no idea. Am I? I wake up earlier than most of my friends (I’m horrible at sleeping in, which is a really funny thing to be bad at – I can never sleep past 9:00, or else my body will wake me up exactly then! It’s really funny), but it usually takes me a second to get going in the morning or even just to get out of bed. I’d definitely say I’m way more of a night owl because it takes me forever to fall asleep, but I guess you could say I’m a morning person.

Wow, I only got through about half of these! I’ll definitely do a part 2, because this post is getting long but you guys submitted so many awesome assumptions that I definitely want to react to. If you didn’t get a chance to comment your assumptions, that’s okay! You can just comment yours down below and they will be included in part 2! Stay tuned for an extra-special post coming up next week, and thank you so much for reading!

Are any of these assumptions true – or false – about you?

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Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial! (super easy)

Hey daydreamers! First off, thank you so much to Natalie for giving me the idea for this post in the survey I did last month! (Wow, that feels like forever ago, remember when there wasn’t a global pandemic? XD) I really and truly appreciate it when you guys let me know what you want to see from me – I’m always looking for post ideas and inspiration, and if you have any ideas for me let me know in the comments and I’d be super happy to make a post about it! Thank you to everyone who took the survey, and I’m going to try to do the posts you guys asked for within the next few weeks, so stay tuned! 😉

As you can see from the title, today I’m going to do a super easy, super natural, and super fun makeup tutorial for everyday! Normally, I only wear some eyebrow makeup, sometimes a little mascara, and maybe some clear lip gloss if I feel like it, and during quarantine I haven’t been wearing any, haha. I decided to make a tutorial for when you’re feeling like putting on some extra makeup, but you don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy on it and you don’t want people to tell you’re wearing any!

It’s not super necessary to wear makeup in the current situation since we’re all stuck at home, but I think it’s an awesome opportunity to wear makeup for yourself and to feel good and not to impress other people, and you can brush up on some skills! SEE WHAT I DID THERE It’s also a good time to take care of your skin and let your face have a break, so just find what works for you ❤ ❤

Okay, without futher into-ing, (why don’t I ever say introducing or introduction? I just noticed that) let’s get into the tutorial! And also, disclaimer of the day, I’m in no way a professional makeup artist or makeup guru or anything, I have no idea what I’m doing and taught myself how to do everything, so don’t judge. XD Okay, let’s get started for real!

Okay, first step is to pull your hair back so it doesn’t get in the way. I’m using the light pink scrunchie from my Franchesca’s scrunchie review. A normal ponytail is fine, but if you want to get fancy, do a braid! (It literally doesn’t matter)

Next, I’m going to spray my face with this bliss Rose Gold Rescue rose water spray to sort of cleanse it and it’s also super refreshing!

All the stuff I’m using is from this Ulta makeup case unless I say otherwise, in case you were wondering!

Next, you’re going to do your eyebrows. If you don’t need to do them, I’m jealous, haha! If you have super light brows like me, go ahead and put the product on a brow brush and sort of draw on top of your brows to make them darker. If yours are normal, just fill in the sparse spots with a pencil or brush.

Time for bronzer! I’m not super great at bronzer, but use a larger brush to apply it gently to your cheekbones and add a little extra right at the sideburn area (that’s the only way I can explain it haha)

Also, add some blush. You want to go super light and natural to give yourself a rosy glow that’s not too obvious.

Next, my favorite part: eyeshadow! I’m using a palate from Ulta (I think? Not sure). Start with your nuetral color (I’m using the Candelight shade) and apply it all over your eyelid, crease, and brow bone. This is kind of a “base” for the rest of the eye makeup.

Next, apply at slightly darker shade over your eyelid only. I’m using the Amour shade for this one.

GLITTER!!! *ahem* I love adding a layer of glittery eyshadow, because it makes me feel so confident and put-together! I’m using the Glitz shade. Apply as much glitter as you want wherever you feel like it on your eyelid. 😉

You’re almost done! Now add a little bit of mascara. I’m using Maybelline GreatLash mascara, and I love it! It’s so much better than the one I was using before.

Finally, add some clear lip gloss, and you’re done!

And you’re done!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

And that’s it for the tutorial! Once again, if you have any other post ideas for me or you’d like to see more makeup and hair posts, make sure to leave a comment with your suggestions! And if you liked this post, make sure to check out my stage makeup tutorial! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back next weekend for another new post. Love you guys!

How’s your quarantine going? What have you been up to lately (I’ve been super bored)? Do you wear makeup? What does your daily makeup routine look like? Isn’t sparkly eyeshadow the best? Are you wearing makeup during quarantine, just a little, or not at all?

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What’s On My iPhone (ft. How I Organize My Apps!)

Hey daydreamers! It’s Emmie here! Whew, has it been a crazy week…my school just started online work, and I went from being 100% bored to being 100% busy. (I don’t think I even have to explain why my school is online right now – I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve heard about all the crazy stuff going on!) I was originally planning to do a “Things to Do When You’re Bored” post for today, but I didn’t like it and decided it wasn’t super original anymore, since that’s the only thing on YouTube right now. 😂

During some downtime the other day, though, I was watching Sadie Aldis (she’s one of my favorite YouTubers ever now, and she has Type 1 just like me, plus her videos are amazing! Thanks to Sophie for recommending her!) and she had an awesome video on how to organize your phone! I was inspired to try it out, and I’m so glad I did, because my phone looks way cleaner & more organized now. 😊 So I decided I should do a What’s On My Phone post! I’ve seen this all the time on YouTube but I don’t know if anyone’s ever done a blog post on this (if you’ve seen one, make sure to leave the link in the comments! I love to discover new blogs!), so I’m excited to try it out and hopefully y’all will enjoy reading this!

Okay, enough intro-ing…let’s get started! ⤵⤵⤵

I have an iPhone 8 in gold with a clear case. I used to have my grandma’s old iPhone 6, but all the sudden my Dexcom (continuous glucose monitor for type 1 diabetes) stopped working on there as Apple decided to be mean to all the older phones and mess up Bluetooth! Grrr! It worked out, though, because I was able to get an 8 since that’s the oldest it could work on!

I bought my PopSocket from Target with my own money a few months ago, and I really love it! It’s got this cool texture and the color matches everything perfectly!

This is my wallpaper! I recently changed it and I love how calming and aesthetic it is. I got it from Sadie Aldis’s Pinterest board. The color scheme is really cute!

On the “Widgets” side thingy when you scroll to the left, I have my current blood sugar, shortcuts (no clue why that’s on there), reminders, verse of the day from the Bible app, site stats for American Girl World (trying to figure out how to change it to this one, no such luck lol), and also my activity rings from my watch.

And if you swipe to the right, I just have my camera roll, which is taking a picture of my (wrinkly) backdrop, haha.

This is the first page thingy on my homescreen. I just organized my apps using the “shelf” method Sadie talks about in her video – basically, you sort all of your apps into folders. Then you take out your 3 most used apps from each category & put them next to it, creating a “shelf” with labels and storage! Isn’t that cool? It’s a super productive way to organize things and makes the stuff you use the most easy to access!

At the bottom, I have the 4 apps that I usually need to access most quickly: my Dexcom app (which tells me what my blood sugar is), iMessages (to keep in touch during social distancing!), Safari, and camera.

*fake gasp* Whadduya know! Safari just so happens to be open to this very blog! Oh, look, and that just so happens to be my most recent post! *EVEN FAKER GASP* I HAVE AN IDEA! You should just so happen check out that very post RIGHT HERE!

Did I just make a joke about shamelessly plugging my blog while actually doing so? Yes. Yes I did. (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

I named the very top folder “technical”, and it’s basically to stash the apps that come with your phone and you can’t delete and may use every 6 years or so (except Alexa, that one I use every so often to fix or change stuff for my Echo dot).

Next to that folder, I have Settings, the App Store (which for some reason is telling me how to make a grilled cheese sandwhich, thanks Apple) and the Clocks app, which I think are all pretty self-explainatory.

Below that, I have a folder called “social”. Since I can’t have social media yet (I’m not quite thirteen, 6 months to go!), I just have the phone call app and contacts in there.

Oh, and I also have Bitmoji! This is mine – cute, right? It’s really fun to change up the outfits on my Bitmoji, even though I don’t send it to people a whole lot. Which reminds me, I need to put some shorts on my Bitmoji…😂

Next to that, I have my Pinterest app! I begged my mom to let me get it, and I finally got it a few months ago, yay! You can follow me at GirlOnPointe, I have a bunch of boards with outfits, ballet, drawing, room ideas, funny, etc. Beside that, I have an app called Messenger Kids, which I use to text and video chat my friends who don’t have phones/phone numbers, and the FaceTime app.

Below that is my “productivity” folder. In it, I just have the Pages app (which I don’t use but have it just in case), files (also unused), voice memos (use this sometimes), and iBooks (literally have never used this lol).

I also have my notes app, which I divided into a bunch of categories – as you can see, “songs” and “writing” have the most notes in them, because I always have my phone with me and whenever inspiration strikes I can jot something down, and then when I’m trying to write a song I can go back and look at the random lyric ideas and start from there.

After that, I have Reminders! I like this app a lot because I can use it for packing lists and also daily schedules (sort of like a bullet journal for me). I really like the new update where you can add colors and icons, and they have PINK! And GOLD! YAYYYY!

And I also have my handy-dandy WordPress app for blogging on the go. Shout out to Kaylyn and Christina, y’all were in my reader when I took this! The WordPress app is super helpful for uploading images, since I have an Apple phone but not an Apple laptop so I can’t AirDrop my photos. Instead, I just upload them to my WordPress account, open it on the computer, and voila! Images in media! I also use this for checking notifications, the occasional comment reply, and catching up on the posts in my reader.

The I have a folder marked school and church, which I have all my apps that are used for faith & academic purposes. I have Google Docs, just in case I need it, this awesome library app called Overdrive which lets you download eBooks but I forgot how to log in to, my youth group app, this cool thingy called measure, and an app called Numbers that I never use but always convince myself I need it.

Then I have my Google Classroom app! This is what my school is using to do online learning, aka school from home. It’s actually a really good program and i haven’t had too much of a problem adjusting to it. Typically, I do all my work on my laptop, and then I use my phone to turn assignments in (because it’s easier to just snap a picture and upload it from the app).

Oh, and then I just have my calculator app. Random life hack: Did you know that if you type in something wrong and want to delete a number, just swipe backwards at the top and it will delete for you? 🤯 MIND BLOWN.

And then I just have my Bible app! I don’t use this every day because I prefer my paper Bible, but I use this to find verses and occasionally do plans on. Isn’t this verse awesome?

Next I have all my apps related to health and fitness, such as sugarmate (a blood sugar tracking app), VeryFitPro (I need to delete this since this went to my old watch), the OralB app (also need to delete this) the Health app that comes with your phone, a nutrition info app called CalorieKing, and the DexCom clarity app which enables me to share my blood sugar patterns with my doctors.

Next to that, I have my Watch app and Exercise app, which basically gives you a report on your steps, calories, and exercise during that day or week.

Whoaaaah, we’re halfway there, whoaaaah, livin’ on a prayer! (I felt the need to say that.)

Then I have the entertainment folder, where Podcasts is all lonely. XD I know it kind of defeats the purpose to have a folder with one app in it, but I still wanted to have that lable for the “shelf”, so…🤷

Next to that, I have my Apple Music app! Some of my favorite artists right now are the Jonas Brothers, Kelsea Ballerini, Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, and Riley Clemmons. I’m also currently obsessed with the album Fine Line by Harry Styles (so good!) and Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers is a go-to album for me. I’m also really into the songs Find You (RAMI Remix) by Nick Jonas, Rather Be Us by Tyler Rich, and also any of OneRepublic’s newer songs.

Next to that, I have the Netflix and Disney+ apps! My favorite Netflix shows are Alexa & Katie (BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE YOU SHOULD WATCH IT IT’S SO GOOOOD!), CHEER (everyone should watch this incredible documentary!!), and The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (I binged this show during spring break and it’s awesome!). On Disney+, I don’t watch a lot of stuff on my own, but we watch a ton of movies on there as a family.

Next I have my photography folder. These are two editing apps that are super helpful for touching up photos and making creative designs, but unfortunately I forgot my login! I have these on here in case I finally remember how.

On the photography “shelf”, I have the Photos app. Wow, I have a lot of pictures on here! I have an excessive amount of screenshots, what’s up with that? 🤔😂

Then I just have iMovie, which I use to make fun and silly videos with my friends, not anything serious or for my YouTube channel, lol. When I make stuff for my YouTube channel, I usually do that on my computer.

Then I have a games folder – I used to play these games a ton, but now I don’t really use them that much. I keep them on my phone just in case I’m ever bored.

Then, I have my favorite games that I actually play: Slither.io (you have your own snake/worm and have to get rid of the others and eat as many dots as you can to grow big, it sounds weird but it’s really fun!), Design Home (you can design rooms for different clients and earn your own houses, it’s so fun and totally free, which is the best part!), and Wordscapes (this game is so relaxing but really hard!)

Finally, I have a category called “world” with compass, maps, Find My Phone, and the weather app next to it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

WHEW! That was the longest post EVER. *checks* 2,000 WORDS?! If you made it through all of that, you win best reader ever! 👏👏👏Hopefully you read all of that, and if so, I hope you enjoyed! It was so fun to take the pictures for this post.And while you’re bored at home, if you want, you can read through some of my old posts if you’d like. Thanks for reading, and stay safe guys!

How do you organize your phone? What’s your favorite app that you have? What kind of phone do you have (if you have one)? What does your wallpaper look like?

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March Lookbook – 10 Teen/Tween Outfit Ideas For Spring 2020!

Pin me!

Hey daydreamers! Spring break is finally here, and I’ve felt so relaxed and refreshed this week…and a little bored, too. 😂 With all that time on my hands, I decided to create a bunch of blog posts, so I’m all set for the next couple of weeks! Yay me being productive! 👊😝

On the survey I posted last week, you guys wanted to see more fashion posts! I had this one all planned out, so it worked out perfectly. Hey, I’m here to do what the people ask. 😂 The nice thing about early March in Texas is that you can wear almost anything and not be hot or cold – jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, short sleeves and shorts, a short-sleeved dress and leggings, etc.

Another thing I love about springtime is the color palate, so I tried to incorporate a lot of light colors and pastels but also some dark ones also to balance it out! If you like any of these outfits, I’ll have similar items linked below and make sure to pin them on your Outfits board on Pinterest (and if you do, let me know and I’ll send you 3 free wallpapers!)

Without further adieu, let’s get to it! *Quick disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.*

Look 1

Shirt: Ivory Ella (every shirt you buy goes towards elephant conservation efforts!)

Overall shorts: Target (similar)

Scrunchie: Francesca’s

Sunglasses: Francesca’s (not the exact ones, but super close)

Look 2

Shirt: Similar (this is an old shirt that I’ve had for a while and Target doesn’t sell anymore, but I found a sorta similar option?)

Shorts: Target

Scrunchie: Similar (once again Justice doesn’t sell this anymore)

Look 3

Shirt: Just a plain white shirt tied with a hair tie, but the one I have is from Target.

Leggings: Justice

Plaid shirt (tied around waist): Justice

Scrunchies: Francesca’s

Look 4

Shirt: Stitch Fix exclusive

Shorts: similar

Scrunchie: similar

Sunglasses: Francesca’s (not the exact ones, but super close)

Look 5

Shirt: Just a plain white shirt tucked in, but the one I have is from Target.

Shorts: Stich Fix Exclusive, similar

Baseball cap: From Gymboree (which closed), similar

Scrunchie: Francesca’s

Look 6

Plaid shirt: Justice

Jeans: Similar

Boots: Target

Look 7

Shirt: Stitch Fix exclusive

Skirt: Target

Necklace: Originally from Crazy8, similar

Scrunchie: Amazon

Look 8

Dress, tied up as a shirt: Stitch Fix Exclusive

Jeans: Similar

Boots: Target

Scrunchie: Target

Look 9

Shirt: Stitch Fix exclusive

Shorts: Stich Fix Exclusive, similar

Scrunchie: Francesca’s

Sunglasses: Francesca’s (not the exact ones, but super close)


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2878.jpg

Top: Originally from Crazy8, similar

Jeans: Justice

Scrunchie: Francesca’s

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I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had a blast making it, and it was so fun and relaxing to put together these outfits! (And wow, today I learned just how much of my clothing is from Target and Justice. 😮😂) Remember, if you like any of these outfits, don’t forget to pin them! I have some really exciting posts coming up, and I can’t wait for y’all to see them! Thank you so much for reading, and have a fantastic day!

Which outfit is your favorite? What do you wear in spring? Aren’t Francesca’s scrunchies awesome? What’s the weather like in March where you live? What outfit would you be most likely to wear?

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