How To Make A Vision Board

Hey daydreamers! I recently did a review of the Bloom planner, and one of the pages in it has you create a vision board. I asked you guys if you wanted to see a full tutorial on how I made mine, and you guys loved the idea! This post has also been on my blog idea list for awhile. So, here’s the long-awaited (haha not really) vision board tutorial!

Vision boards are a great way to inspire yourself to achieve your goals. It’s the perfect way to visualize them (hence the name, vision board 😉)! I’ll be showing you some different ways to make both a digital one or a physical one. Let’s get right into the post!

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Guest Post – DIY Father’s Day Gifts!

Hey daydreamers! Today’s post is a guest post from Prajna @ Prajna’s Pages! Hope y’all enjoy!

Hey daydreamers! This is Prajna here, from the blog Prajna’s Pages. I post about bullet journaling, lifestyle, art, and my dog – Mickey. First of all, a huge thanks to Emmie for allowing me to post here! It was really fun to think of new ideas for this post. Thanks, Emmie!

As you guys may know, June 20th is fathers day. Due to quarantine, most shops are closed in my town, so I wanted to do something special for my dad to make up for it. That’s why I thought it would be great to make a DIY gift idea list for Father’s Day. These gifts are super easy and quick to make.

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Recent Favorites! // Clothes, Music, Books, Skincare & More!

Hey daydreamers! I’m definitely cutting it close this week – I’m writing this at 12:00 on Saturday and I normally post at 10:00 on Saturday. Anyways, today’s post is some products, clothes, music, books, skincare, and more that I’ve been loving recently! Sort of like a shopping haul with things I recently got and love. I’ll link to as much as I can so you can check these items out, and this post isn’t sponsored!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the giveaway! It’s closing this Tuesday, and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, so make sure to enter before it closes! And remember, you can still use my code EMMIE20 for 20% off your order at TwoFifty Scrunchies through August!

Okay, let’s get onto the post! It’s pretty similar to last week, since I found a really good lighting spot for these kinds of posts, so sorry about that. Also, I’m not trying to brag about anything in any way!! I just really love these items and wanted to recommend them to you, and I’m super grateful to have them.

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Reasons Why I Love You Jar |DIY Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Family!

Hey daydreamers! You might have noticed that it’s not my normal posting day. I’m really sorry about that, but I wasn’t able to get a post up last weekend because I had sooo much homework – 2 projects plus an oral report, typing and revising an essay, reading three chapters and writing a paragraph, a take-home assesment for a minor grade, video notes…not to mention I also had dance, a photoshoot event, and a father-daughter dance. 😳😳😳 So yeah, I was INSANELY busy!

I had originally decided just to not post at all this week, but then I came up with this cute craft idea and needed to post it before Valentine’s day, so that’s why I’m posting in the middle of the week!

Today, I’m going to be showing you a really cute, easy, and meaningful Valentine’s day gift that’s perfect to give to your parents or grandparents. You can have all of your siblings help out, and you can find most of the supplies at home! Let’s get started!

For this craft, you’ll need...

  • A mason jar OR a mini glass milk bottle
  • A straight edge cutter OR a pair of scissors
  • A pen
  • Pink or red tissue paper (you only need this if you’re doing the mason jar)
  • Pink or white card stock or construction paper
  • Hole puncher
  • Gold sparkly ribbon (white or red also works!)
  • A rubber band (not pictured)
  • Several sheets of plain white printer paper

First, write out 30 or so reasons why you love the person you’re giving the gift to! I made one for each of my parents. Make sure to mark “Mom” or “Dad” or whoever you’re giving it to on each sheet. You can be really creative with this, and try to write meaningful things for each person!

Using a straight edge cutter OR a pair of scissors, cut out the whole list so it’s easier to cut each reason.

Using a pair of scissors, cut out all of your reasons into little strips of paper – sort of like fortune-cookie style. Make sure to separate each list so you don’t get them mixed up!

Place the slips of paper into the jars/milk bottles.

These next few steps are for the mason jar ONLY – since I didn’t have a lid, I made one out of tissue paper! If you’re using a milk bottle and don’t have a lid, you can also do this for it too, and just adjust for size.

Trace the bottom of your jar to get a good idea of what size it needs to be.

Then cut out a huge circle around it – make sure you cut at LEAST one or two layers, so that way the color shows up a lot more! You might need to try a few times to make sure your size is large enough.

Drape two or three layers of your tissue paper circle over your cup, like shown. You’re kind of going for it to look like a jar of jam.

Then, take a rubber band and twist it twice around the top of the jar to create a little lid!

This step is for both jars. Since I’m making two, I drew two hearts on pink construction paper and cut them out, but if you’re doing only one or more than two you can adjust to however many jars you’re making.

Cut them out so now you have two small pink hearts.

Next, take a whole puncher and punch a small hole right at the “V” part of the two “humps” of the heart. If your punch goes through the top, then just add some tape at the top and it will still work.

Almost done with the hearts! These are going to be your tags. Add “To” and “From” on the back and write “___ Reasons Why I Love You” on the front.

Loosely measure how much ribbon you’ll need to be able to wrap around the jar and have enough string left over to tie a little bow.

Tie the ribbon after wrapping it around the jar. Make sure it covers your rubber band if you’re doing the mason jar! Slip the ribbon through the hole punch on the name tag.

Tie it once again around the front, and you’re finished!

Thank you so much for reading this! I had a TON of fun making this craft. If you followed along, I would LOVE to see what you made! Shoot me an email with your craft at emeraldphoenix[at]icloud[dot]com, and you’ll be featured in the next craft, art, or journaling-related post.

Speaking of…Janel sent in some pictures of her INCREDIBLE bullet journal spread!! How cute is that? Hers was so much better than mine!

Thank you so much for sending in your photos!! Now I wish it was Christmas again!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

Did you make this craft? Did you enjoy it? What do you think about Valentine’s day? Do you usually get or make your family any gifts?

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My December Bullet Journal Spread – Nutcracker BuJo Theme!

Hey daydreamers!

AHH GUYS I’M SO EXCITED THAT CHRISTMAS IS FINALLY HERE! For me, Christmas is Amy Grant music, decorating the Christmas tree, making wishlists, and dancing in the Nutcracker. I love love love the Nutcracker ballet – it’s my favorite of all time and I love watching other ballet companies versions of it on YouTube, and performing in it is such a huge part of my Christmas!

So I thought for December it would be perfect to do a Nutcracker spread! A few months ago, I posted a bullet journal monthly spread for September, and I was really happy with how it turned out! But the problem is, I never actually ended up using it! And none of the ideas were my own – I copied everything from AmandaRachLee. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with recreating spreads, but this month I decided that I would try to create my own spread ideas. And I’m really glad I did! I think it turned out pretty well. (Most of it, at least…)

And if you recreate this spread, I would LOVE to see it! Shoot me an email at emeraldphoenix[at]icloud[com], and you’ll be featured in my next post! I wonder how many people would actually recreate this lol

I think my opening page is my absolute favorite out of all the spreads! The quote is from the Nutcracker and the Four Realms (which I’ve only watched 30 minutes of, haha), and I drew the snowflakes from a bunch of different tutorials I found online. The drawing of Clara and the Nutcracker prince I copied from an image I found on Google, and I really love how the drawing looks! I liked drawing both of their outfits.

This next spread is my calendar spread, and the theme for this one was the Land of Sweets! I drew the Sugar Plum fairy with tons of candy and treats, and I colored her in so she would pop off the page. I also wrote “DECEMBER” in a tall thin font and the months at the top in a cursive calligraphy font!

On the next pages, I have my habit tracker spread that’s battle-scene themed, and a mood tracker. The mood tracker was supposed to be like the party scene, with the Nutcracker doll under the tree and Clara walking by, but it almost looks like Clara is watching the tree grow the way she’s positioned. What do you think?

My habit tracker is my second favorite! Although Clara’s face looks really strange…I drew the Nutcracker and Rat King fighting off of images I found on Google. Each of the mini-calendars has one of the habits that I want to keep up every day this month, and each day I’ll color in the boxes that I complete the task!

And this side has my mood tracker from the party/transformation scene! On each day, I’ll color in an ornament/star/present/light/Nutcracker hat according to what my mood is that day, based on the key.

My next spreads are my playlist and brain dump! The playlist represents the scene where Clara and the Nutcracker are traveling to the Land of Sweets and they pass through the clouds. The angels light the way with their candles and announce their arrival with trumpets. On the right is my brain dump page, which is based on one of the dances from the Land of Sweets with Mother Ginger and the Polchinelles. Mother Ginger opens her giant skirt to reveal her little gingerbread clown children, who cartwheel and dance for Clara.

On the playlist page, I drew two angels and wrote out some of my favorite Christmas songs and albums. My favorites on this page are “Like It’s Christmas” by the Jonas Brothers and “Hallelujah” By Pentatonix!”

(Sorry there’s a weird line of White-Out in the middle of the page…) This page looked really great until I colored it, and then everything looked really messy…Oh well. The idea is to write random thoughts, ideas, lines, lyrics, and to-dos inside the skirt.

Moving on to my weekly spreads! I decided to draw all of my weekly spreads out before the month this time, since last month I forgot to draw my other weekly spreads and didn’t end up using it.

For the first week, I drew a Spanish dancer! She looks very full of herself and above everyone, haha. The Spanish dance for Clara with fans to represent chocolate.

Next I drew a Chinese dancer, and oof…she looked WAY better before I colored her! Everything got really messy and weird colors, plus her hair looks blonde for some reason because my light was reflecting the pen? IDK. But the Chinese dance with a parasol and represent tea.

This one might be my favorite weekly spread drawing! I love how her skirt and pointe shoes turned out, and her little lamb is so cute! The mirlitons are Danish shepherdesses that represent either marzipan or mirliton candies, depending on the version of the Nutcracker.

The Russian dancer was a little harder to draw, since the Russian dance doesn’t really have a distinctive costume, but the song is probably the most recognizable in the whole ballet. The Russians dance a trepak to represent candy canes.

Finally, I drew an Arabian dancer! I think she turned out pretty well and her costume is pretty accurate, but I just realized I forgot to color the banners on the Russian and Arabian dancers…oh well! The Arabian dancers are supposed to represent coffee.

If you recreate this spread, don’t forgot to send it to me! Shoot me an email at emeraldphoenix[at]icloud[com], and you’ll be featured in my next post! Merry Christmas, guys! (AHH I CAN FINALLY SAY THAT)

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10 Things That Make Me Happy! // Tag

I’ve been seeing this tag all around the blogosphere, and OH MY GOODNESS I wanted to steal this tag so bad! It looked so fun and relaxing to write, and it was fun and relaxing and made me so happy to read! So when Madi tagged me for this, I was LITERALLY SO HAPPY. Haha I need to put getting tagged for this post as one of ten things that make me happy!

(Okay, we’re one paragraph in, and I have already said the word happy WAY TOO MANY TIMES. *sigh*)

Anyways, a HUGE thank you to Madi for tagging me, and thank you to Maya for creating this! Let’s jump right in! *dives headfirst* (Wait don’t you always dive headfirst? You wouldn’t dive feet first, because then it wouldn’t be diving…*head spinning*)


When I dance, I just feel so happy and free – when I’m on pointe, I feel like I’m a hundred feet tall. When I leap, I feel like I’m flying in the air. When I turn, I feel like I’m spinning and spinning a hundred miles an hour. I love dance (and I love it so much I do it like 6+ hours a week, lol) and it makes me so happy!

(This is a picture of me in class last Saturday – we were waiting for the teacher to show us the combination!)

My favorite style of dance is (quite obviously!) ballet! I love feeling so graceful when I’m performing, and I really love dancing on pointe. It doesn’t even hurt that bad! I also enjoy the challenge and difficulty of it, how you’re always striving for perfection, pushing yourself to do more.

(This picture was taken onstage at dress rehearsal for our contemporary recital last spring. I’m the one who’s about to be lifted!)

My other favorite style is contemporary! I love how much variation there is: it can be a violently fast, athletic dance or a slow, flowing emotional piece or a mixture of both! I also love the daring lifts and how I can express my emotions with choreography.

my puppy

My little puppy, Chewy, is the softest, fluffiest, cutest, tiniest dog in the whole entire world! I love him so much. *Squeezes* He makes me so happy with his hilarious antics and amazing adorableness!

And guess what? Today is Chewy’s third birthday! *Celebrates by throwing confetti in the air* He’s turning three today!

His activities include eating, sleeping, going on walks, barking at random things that don’t exist, staring at people, staring out the window, being cute, mushing his face into the carpet, sleeping on his back in his dog bed with his head hanging off the side, being adorable, and impersonating a present. (Lol) When we put the Christmas tree up, he loves sitting underneath it like a little Christmas gift! We haven’t put ours up this year yet, but I really want to…

photo from Unsplash

hot chocolate & tea

I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE AND TEA so much!! I love cozying up with a book and fuzzy socks while sipping skinny hot chocolate from Starbucks. I also started drinking tea in the mornings – my favorite flavor is probably peppermint! I love drinking warm herbal tea in the mornings; even though there isn’t any caffine in the type of tea I always drink, it wakes me up and makes me feel so cozy and warm and safe and…ahhh!

photo from Unsplash

I also really like bringing a to-go cup with my favorite herbal tea to church and I drink it during the sermon. When I’m at home, I use my mom’s old giant mug that says “Mom Fuel!” on it, lol!

Photo from Google

summer/fall/winter/spring (aka ALL THE SEASONS)

Okay, I know this one is kinda weird, but I was going to put that summer makes me happy, but then I’m LOVING fall right now and it’s my birthday season, and winter is so cozy and I love the holiday season, and spring has so much fun stuff that happens and I love all the flowers and weather, so…basically all the different seasons make me happy, each in their own unique way!!

photos from Unsplash

I love how God created seasons, how everything changes, bringing new adventures, feelings, and beauty in nature. The only thing about seasons is, well, we don’t really have them here in southeast Texas. XD Seriously, the leaves are JUST starting to fall, and today it’s 50 degrees but two days ago it was 75…

Photo from Unsplash


Music makes me so happy! My favorite artists and bands are: Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Matthew Parker, OneRepublic, and for KING&COUNTRY. I think I mainly listen to pop, but also I really like modern Christian music like Hollyn and for KING&COUNTRY!

If I’m not singing, there is probably something seriously wrong with me, because (fun fact!) I’m literally ALWAYS SINGING. While I’m walking around the house, in the shower, whatever I’m doing, I’m constantly belting out whatever song is stuck in my head at the moment! I sing so much to the point that my family gets crazy annoyed with me – after I’ve belted out the same chorus 10 times, I’m rewarded with an “EMMMMMIIIIIEEEE!!!!!” from my sister. XD (Except she uses my real name, of course, that would be super weird if she called me by my online name lol)

photo from Unsplash


Every night before I go to bed, I have to read a book or else I can’t fall asleep! I try to read SOMETHING every day – my Bible, a magazine, a book…and I love reading books so much! I always get way too invested in the characters, the story, the plot, to the point where I feel as if the book is real and I literally cannot put the book down.

photo from Unsplash

My favorite books are: the Hunger Games series, The Maddie Diaries, Life In Motion, and 11 before 12. I always get stuck in a rut of reading the same books over and over again!

photo from Unsplash


I love drawing! It’s so peaceful and relaxing. I’ll spend hours drawing pretty much anything, but I really love drawing ballerinas and pointe shoes. I also like to follow along to step-by-step drawing tutorials! I’m not the best at drawing realistically and I have a lot to learn, but I think my drawing and doodling skills have improved a lot over the years.

I also really enjoy drawing in my bullet journal! I’m working on a December spread that I’m really proud of so far and I know you guys will love, so I’ll make sure to make a post about that soon! I also doodle everywhere – in class, on my hand, on random sheets of notebook paper…

Photo from Unsplash

making videos

I love, love, love making videos – especially vlogging and making stop motions. It makes me so happy to see all of my hard work pay off when everything finally comes together after hours (in a stop motion’s case, months) of hard work! I’m currently working on a top-secret project that might involve a video…

photo from Unsplash

my friends

Hanging out with all of my amazing friends together makes me so happy. I love you guys!! *hugs* (Also shoutout to Janel, who’s one of my best commenters and a great friend!) When I’m with my friends, I can be myself, share my secrets, and laugh my head off and nobody will judge me. Nothing is ever boring when I’m with my friends!

photo from unsplash

And also all of my amazing online friends make me so happy! I get so happy and excited every time I get a comment from one of you guys! *hugs the entire blogosphere*

Photo from Unsplash


This one is kinda meta! Blogging makes me feel so happy and relaxed and I just love it so much. I’m free to create, to express myself, and I love writing posts and taking pictures about my life. Ever since I’ve started this blog I realized that lifestyle blogging really suits me and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to share my creativity on both of my main blogs!

WHEW! That was quite the long post. Now to tag 10 people who make ME happy!

  1. Hannah
  2. Diamond
  3. Natalie
  4. Enni
  5. Mary Elizabeth
  6. Charis
  7. Gracie M
  8. Bekah Banister
  9. Janel (I know you don’t have a blog, but I would love to hear about 10 things that make YOU happy!)
  10. Anybody who wants to steal this tag!

What are some things that make you happy? Tea or hot chocolate? What’s your favorite book? Favorite season?

I challenge you to write down some things that make YOU happy and post it – post it on your blog, post it on your social media, post it on your refrigerator. Just take some time to think about some things that make you happy that you’re grateful for!

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My September Bullet Journal Spread | Recreating AmandaRachLee BuJo

Hey daydreamers! Today I’m going to be doing something a little different than what I usually do – I’m going to be showing you guys this month’s spread for my bullet journal!

If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, it’s basically a dotted notebook where you track your mood, habits, calendar, to-do lists, and it’s basically a productivity tool. A lot of YouTubers (like AmandaRachLee) take a more artistic approach to bullet journaling (or BuJo) and make this really cute, creative spreads!

I got my bullet journal like forever ago, and I would always make a whole complicated watercolor spread I found on YouTube, never use it, decide to start over, rip it out…and repeat that cycle over and over again. But, then I found the YouTube channel AmandaRachLee, and I was super inspired by her fun and creative bullet journal ideas that I decided to give them a try!

A few months ago, I made…um…whatever this is. I tried to do Amanda’s June bubble tea theme, and it didn’t turn out that well! I had a hard time keeping the doodles from getting messy, the spacing was all over the place, it looked really weird…overall, I just wasn’t that happy with it.

*apologies in advance for the cringey-ness* This was my attempt at her June calendar…yikes! That weird sheet of paper was glued in there in attempt to cover up some horrid mistake. As you can tell, I didn’t exactly use it that much!

(This is actually the only spread from that month that I actually sort of liked…The only thing that bothers me is the wonky boxes and weird shading, but these songs are all so amazing! Plus, I love all the pictures in here!)

The next month, I tried again. I actually like this page from one of Amanda’s old videos, but I didn’t ever finish the rest of the month. I do like the travel-themed doodles on this one, though! In August, I pretty much just gave up.

(If you want to compare Amanda’s spreads to mine, don’t forget to watch her video!)

But a few days ago, this lovely little video popped up in my notifications! I really liked the adorable stationery theme, and it seemed pretty easy to me. I was feeling pretty artistic, so I decided, why not give it a try?


And I’m SO GLAD I did! This probably turned out to be one of my favorite drawings EVER – I’m not even kidding, I’m that happy how this turned out! I decided to use a different color scheme from Amanda, and I decided to make the opening page a little different, adding my own colors and designs. On the left page, I continued the design from the right to make it more interesting! This is one of my favorite pages from this month!

On the left page, I wrote “SEPTEMBER” in bubble letters that kind of bounce around the page. Above that, I drew some markers and wash tape! Below, there’s some pens, a ruler, paperclip, more washiest tape, a little notebook, a pencil, and an eraser.

On this side, I used a lowercase typewriter font along with the bubble one to write “You can never have too much STATIONERY!” (I always thought it was spelled stationARY, but turns out, I’m wrong. ¯\_(ツ)_/) Then I drew binder clips, washiest tape, a paperclip, ruler, gluestick, pencils, eraser, and then added some ACTUAL washi tape strips to the page.

My next page is my calendar spread! This one took a long time to do – it took awhile to figure out spacing and stuff, plus at first I made a 6-day week. 😂 Once I got that all straightened out, I added a little box on the side for tasks and some more stationary! (As you can see, I’m pretty busy this month!)

At the top, I also wrote “SEPTEMBER” in the same way as the last spread. I also wrote abbreviations for each day at the top in the same font from the last spread also, but this time in uppercase. I traced the letters with a gel pen from each color in my palate.

I drew a bunch of washi tape at the top (by tracing actual washi tape, lol). I wrote “TASKS” in a smaller version of the bubble font, and then I added a little pushpin/tack drawing to my task box. In the tasks box, I’ll write the overall stuff that I need to get done this month.

Yes, I am aware that September has 30 days. 😂 I didn’t add a whole other row for two reasons: 1) I thought it would look weird and 2) I forgot. Oh, and I also drew a pencil, pencil eraser, and pen cap at the bottom.

On the next page, I have my Habit Tracker and Mood Tracker spreads! A habit tracker is exactly what it sounds like: you track your habits using mini-calendars for each category. If I complete a task that day, I’ll color in one of the dates. At the end of the month I can look back at my productivity!

I have six categories that I want to keep up with this month: reading my Bible every night, stretching every day, either writing or blogging each day, writing daily entries in my diary, and keeping up with my skincare routine and brushing my teeth twice a day. 🙂

For the header, I wrote “HABIT” in bubble letters and wrote “tracker” in the typewriter font. I also drew a little highlighter and colored over the word “tracker” like the highlighter was highlighting it!

A mood tracker is pretty much the same idea: depending on my mood, I’ll color in the bubble letters with a certain color. I pretty much did the same header as my habit tracker, and drew the calendar like it was on a sticky note.

My key is a little different from Amanda’s, since I’m using different colors! Sad is a bright teal, frustrated/annoyed is grey, neutral/bored is just left white, happy is pink, and excited/joyful is golden!

My second to last spread is my brain dump page! A brain dump is a place where you can literally dump all of your ideas. I drew a bunch of stationery around the page – I think the pink gel pen at the top looks the best for some reason! I totally agree with Amanda – this page was super meta to draw a notebook…inside of a notebook!

Why is it so hilarious that a binder clip drawing and a REAL binder clip are right next to each other 🤣🤣🤣🤣

And now, for my final page, my first weekly spread for this month! (Each week, I’ll draw a new weekly spread similar to this one). This spread I kept very minimal and simple, since I wanted to leave as much room as possible for the actual bullet journaling part.

I wrote each day similar to how it is on the calendar, and in the eighth box I added a little space for notes. Right now it looks pretty boring, but hopefully once I fill it up with to-do lists and such it’ll look better!

If you made it to the end of this post, I applaud you! 👏👏👏 If you want to learn more about bullet journaling, head over to the official BuJo website for more info and tips! And for more bullet journal ideas, tips, and inspiration, check out Amanda’s channel, AmandaRachLee! You also can buy the bullet journal I have here!

This isn’t sponsored, I swear 😂

Now, it’s your turn! Do you have a bullet journal? Do you have way too much stationery (like me)? Do you like art? Pushpins or tacks? Should I share my BuJo spreads every month? What are your favorite bullet journal YouTube channels and blogs?

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