january book recommendations!

Hey daydreamers! How has everyone been this week? I meant to get this post up last week, and then life happened… lol. School and dance are back in full swing, so back to balancing blogging with all that!

Recently I put up a survey asking for your thoughts about the blog and general and also for some post ideas, and a bunch of you guys requested more book-related posts, so here we are! I haven’t done one of these in years, plus I’ve been getting back into reading recently. So I’m super excited for this one! I’ll be sharing some books I’ve loved that I recommend for y’all to read ASAP, so let’s get right into it!

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what I got for christmas 2021!

Hey daydreamers! Christmas went by so quickly this year. It didn’t feel like Christmas at all until the actual day, and it was over just like that. I didn’t ask for many specific things, plus I completely forgot what I asked for, so I was super surprised what I got! This Christmas was amazing, and I’m super grateful for everything!!

I love reading these types of posts, so I hope you enjoy this one too!

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giveaway WINNER!

Hey daydreamers! How has everyone’s week been? I’m just popping in to announce the winner of the custom portrait giveway with Graphics by Josie! Let’s find out! I chose the winner completely randomly using a random name picker website. The winner is…
































Lindsey L!

Congratulations! Thanks so much to everyone who entered, and also a huge thank-you to Josephine for sponsoring this giveaway by providing the prize!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!

PS. If you’d like to host a giveaway or do a sponsored post or collaboration with me, head over to the Collaborate With Me page for more details!

Pura Vida Review!

Hey daydreamers! Sorry this post is a bit late. I’ve been so busy this week with my studio’s dance intensive, a cheer intensive on top of that, and getting ready for school. Also, it’s hard to believe it’s already August (!!). This summer has literally flown by so fast!

At camp, I lost my one of my favorite sunflower earrings from Pura Vida that I wear all the time! I was so sad – I took them out so I wouldn’t lose them in the lake…and I lost one of them when I took it out. *facepalm* So I ordered a new pair to replace it.

When I did, I saw that Pura Vida was having a huge sale, so I went ahead and grabbed a few more items! I took some pictures as I opened the package, and I thought it would be fun to do a little review. Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored or anything 😉 Let’s get into it!

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Altar’d State Haul & Review!

Hey daydreamers! How has your week been? I just got back from vacation (as I’m writing this), so that’s why there wasn’t a bonus post on Wednesday. 😉

A few weeks ago, my mom took me shopping at Altar’d State! I totally found my new favorite store – everything was exactly my style. It was like my Pinterest boards came to life. 😂 Everything was super organized and aesthetic. They played Christian music and had the cutest clothes and jewelry! They even set up your dressing room for you, with your name written on the front! It was such a fun outing, and I thought it would also be fun to post a haul/review of what I got from Altar’d State!

Let’s get right into it!

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Amazon Haul + Review: Star Necklace + Bloom Planner!

Hey daydreamers! How has your week been? I’m writing this on Wednesday, and I’m insanely sore from cheer camp this week, but it’s been fun.

Recently I bought a few items from Amazon using a giftcard I got, and I thought it would be super fun to review them for y’all! This post isn’t sponsored or affiliated with Amazon or anything like that, I just thought I’d share these products with you guys. Let’s get into it!

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What I Would Wear To… + Giveaway Winner!

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You can use the code EMMIE20 to get 20% off your purchase at Chaudeande through December 1! (Excluding the mystery sticker pack)

Hey daydreamers! I originally wasn’t going to get a post up this week, but today I finished homework early and had some free time to work on a post! On Pinterest, I see a ton of story pins on my feed. It’s really popular right now to make a story pin featuring “What I would wear…” to things like your wedding day, a pool party, on your birthday, etc. using outfits from Pinterest. I decided that would be a super fun blog post idea and it would be quick enough to get up in a day! I’ve put together outfits for five different occasions from Pinterest, and I made a board so you guys can easily save anything you like here. And stay ’till the end to find out the giveaway winner!

what I would wear…on Christmas morning

Since it’s Christmas morning and there isn’t any time to do a complicated hairstyle or anything, I would just leave my hair down!

On Christmas morning, I would wear this comfy-looking green hoodie! I love the oversized look of it.

I would wear it with the pants from these flannel pajamas.

I would definitely mix up these cute fuzzy socks!

what I would wear to…summer camp

I would do my hair in these messy dutch braids. I can sorta do them myself, but last year at camp there was one girl in our cabin who was amazing at them, so I always asked her to do them for me. 😛

I would wear this summery Pura Vida necklace with it.

This one is one of my favorites! To summer camp, I would wear a Simply Southern T-Shirt like this cute turtle one. This type of shirt is totally a summer staple here in the South!

I would pair it with the classic black Nike Dri-Fit shorts, because they’re super comfy and go with anything!

Another summer camp classic – I’d wear this outfit with these gray Birkenstocks! I really want some Birkenstocks for Christmas, but since they’re so expensive it probably wouldn’t be worth it because my feet are still growing and they wouldn’t fit in a year.

Finally, I would complete this summer-camp look with a friendship bracelet and Pura Vida bracelet on my wrist!

what I would wear…on my wedding day

I know this day is super far away, but who doesn’t like to daydream about their wedding dress? 😛

This hairstyle is SO gorgeous, and I love the flowers incorporated into it! I love those waves, and the twist looks so effortless and elegant. I would totally love to do my hair like this on my wedding day!

I love this dress, too! I really like the neckline and the way the fabric looks on the bodice, and the full, layered skirt looks so beautiful!

Finally, you’ve got to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day, right? This one is super pretty and I love the rose gold accents!

what I would wear…to the beach

I love this pretty half-up hairstyle with the colorful bandana scrunchie! The sunglasses are also super cute and totally match the beachy vibe.

This sundress is super pretty and I love the buttons down the front! It’s a little short, but I would wear it over my bathing suit as a cover-up to and from the beach.

I would wear this pink and striped bathing suit! It looks kind of high cut though, I would want it to be longer or I would wear shorts over it.

Finally, I’d just pair it with some random flip-flops. XD

what I would wear…to homecoming

This one is my favorite that I put together, so I decided to save it for last! This week is homecoming week for the high-schoolers at my school, so I came up with the outfit I could wear when I’m old enough to go.

I love this wavy half-up look that’s similar to the wedding hairstyle from earlier!

I love these dainty pearl earrings that match the gold pearl necklace.

I would definitely wear a dress like this! It’s a pretty shade of pink that wouldn’t wash out my (very pale XD) self, and I like the over-the-shoulder look and sweetheart neckline. It looks like a pretty good length, I would definitely not want a super short dress!

I would use this white and gold purse that matches the jewelry to carry my phone, diabetes supplies, etc.

Finally, I really like these white heels!

Time to announce the giveaway winner! Since I made y’all read that whole post before I tell you, I won’t make you scroll through a million dots this time. 😉 First off, a reminder of what the winner will be getting:

Three adorable, handmade stickers from Chloe’s new Etsy shop Chaudeande! And the winner is…


Congrats, Asha! I’ll send you an email ASAP about your prize! Make sure to check out her blog linked above and leave her a big 🥳 emoji in the comments! Thank you so much to Chloe for sponsoring this giveaway – I really enjoyed working with you and thanks for supporting my blog!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I love you guys so much and I’ll see you next week. Sorry I never got around to posting last week, but Halloween was so much busier than I thought it would be!

Would you wear any of these outfits? Which one is your favorite? What would you wear to summer camp, homecoming, a beach trip, etc.?

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TwoFifty Scrunchies Giveaway WINNER!

Hey daydreamers! Welcome back to another Bonus Wednesday post (for those of you who are new to my blog, I always post on Saturdays but sometimes if I have a quick announcement or something to share, I’ll do a bonus post on Wednesday)! WordPress changed the font of the Editor again for some reason, so this’ll be *really* annoying to type, but oh well. Anyway, today I’m announcing the long-awaited news of…the winner of my giveaway featuring TwoFifty Scrunchies!

I chose the winner completely randomly using a random name picker website. Most people had an advantage because they completed bonus entries which increased their chances of winning, and some completed more entries than others. First off, a reminder of what the winner will be getting!

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Recent Favorites! // Clothes, Music, Books, Skincare & More!

Hey daydreamers! I’m definitely cutting it close this week – I’m writing this at 12:00 on Saturday and I normally post at 10:00 on Saturday. Anyways, today’s post is some products, clothes, music, books, skincare, and more that I’ve been loving recently! Sort of like a shopping haul with things I recently got and love. I’ll link to as much as I can so you can check these items out, and this post isn’t sponsored!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the giveaway! It’s closing this Tuesday, and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, so make sure to enter before it closes! And remember, you can still use my code EMMIE20 for 20% off your order at TwoFifty Scrunchies through August!

Okay, let’s get onto the post! It’s pretty similar to last week, since I found a really good lighting spot for these kinds of posts, so sorry about that. Also, I’m not trying to brag about anything in any way!! I just really love these items and wanted to recommend them to you, and I’m super grateful to have them.

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HUGE Back-to-School Supplies Shopping Haul!

Hey guys! Before we get onto the post, I just wanted to let you know that you can now use my code EMMIE20 at checkout to get 20% of your purchase from TwoFifty Scrunchies through August! And if you haven’t already, enter our giveaway here!

Hey daydreamers! For me, back-to-school shopping is a serious end-of-summer ritual. I love finding cute new notebooks and feeling a fresh new start! Actually, when we got back from school shopping, we found out that our school pushed back the first day from August 10 to August 24. I still decided to go ahead and do this post!

I’m honestly soooo ready to go back to school. This has, quite literally, been the longest summer of my entire life, and there’s not a ton you can do (things are opening up now for me, but at the beginning we couldn’t go anywhere!) I’m looking forward to an actual routine, being busy, studying and doing homework (honestly, who am I? 😂) and, of course, cute new school supplies, which is what this post is about!

Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure to read my what’s in my backpack (beginning vs. end of the year) post before you read this one! Okay, let’s get right to it.

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