Birthday Shopping Haul! (Ft. A CRAZY EXCITING Announcement!)

Hey daydreamers! Ahh, I can’t believe that I’m going to be 12 in 12 days! (Well, actually 11, because I’m posting this late but OH WELL.) That’s crazy! To celebrate, my Grandma took me on a shopping trip for my birthday, so today I’m going to be showing you what I got! Thanks, Grandma!

About that CRAZY EXCITING announcement mentioned in the title…well, you’re going to have to wait until the end of the post – BUT IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE BALLET RELATED. *is freaking out*

*BORING DISCLAIMER STUFF* I’m not trying to brag about what I got, no hate please, I’m just showing you, blah blah blah. Let’s get started!

First, my grandma took me to get my nails done, and I’m obsessed with this copper color! Thanks, Grandma! I mean, this obviously isn’t a shopping item, but…

First off, I got this cute sparkly notebook from Claire’s! It has the words “Pretty little thoughts” on the front, and comes with a little golden pen. I’m so excited to write in this once I finish my current diary!

Claire’s had this buy 3 get 3 free deal, so I got five different nail polishes! I got a dark pink, light blue, matte pastel purple, white, and a clear coat. I’m definitely excited to paint my nails more, and this was a big item on my wishlist!

Of course, I had to get some scrunchies from Justice! I’m addicted. I have way too many scrunchies, but I love these gold and mint teal ones! I’m super excited to wear these.

I also got these cute jeans from Justice! These are super comfortable skinny jeans, and they’re light wash – my favorite! I love the little embroidery and the faded look. These are so cute! I wore them today and GUYS THESE ARE SO COMFY! Plus they go great with my scrunchies.

Next, I got these adorable light pink leg warmers from Target that I love! They’re so comfy and cute. I’m super excited to wear these, especially when – oh wait, you’re going to have to wait until the end of the post. πŸ˜‰ MWAHAHA

Also from the More Than Magic line, I got this cucumber melon sheet mask! I looove sheet masks, and I’m really excited to try this one out.

I also got this sun kissed summer-scented body lotion! It feels really good on my hands. I’m not 100% a fan of how it smells, (but I do think the scent is growing on me!) but it’s really soothing to wear!

From Target, I also got this 5-pack of lip balm. I really needed these, since I’m running low on all of my lip balm and my lips are allllwaaays chapped. They all smell pretty good, and I love the different scents and flavors!

I also got this cute athletic grey tank top from Target. It’s super comfortable, and it’ll go perfectly with those jeans! As a dancer, it’s pretty important for me to be able to move in what I’m wearing, since I’m constantly stretching and practicing. Plus, the top is cute!

I also got these adorable purple/pink/blue marble leggings from Target! I love the gorgeous pattern on these leggings and all the cute little details, like the crisscrossing at the ankles and stitching on the sides. They also feel super comfortable and I can totally breathe and move around in them! I’m wearing them right now with a matching tank top that I have.

Okay, last but not least, we have the item I’m most excited about…a Quip toothbrush! I’m so excited to open this! Also, I love how the copper matches my nails PERFECTLY, lol.

When you open it up, you’ll find a code to order refill batteries and brush heads, the brush itself in a plastic tube, and a pamphlet thingy that has brushing tips, toothpaste that you can get, how to get started, why Quip, and more!

And here’s the brush! I literally brushed my teeth in the middle of this post because I wanted to try it out so badly, and IT IS AMAZING. It’s like the best of both worlds, regular and electric, all wrapped up in one (aesthetically pleasing, lol) toothbrush!

I hope you guys liked this post! Once again, huge thanks to my Grandma for taking me shopping, I had so much fun! I’ll probably do a separate birthday haul post with the things I’ll get for my actual birthday, and of course I’ll show you guys what I did!

Hmm, anything else? Nope? Alright then, thanks for reading, see you next Saturday! *waves*

Kidding…I’ve kept you in suspense long enough! (I mean, you probably figured it out, but…) IT’S TIME FOR THE SUPER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT…I’m getting my pointe shoes!

*Squeals* If you skipped the post and scrolled down to the announcement, GO BACK AND READ THE POST. Okay? Done? Good! I’m going to my first fitting on October 19, and I’m so excited! I found out Wednesday, and I’ve spent the past few days hungrily devouring as much knowledge as I can: I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos, the making of pointe shoe films, read articles, and I’m even reading this book called The Pointe Book! It’s really good, and I’ll definitely do a review soon!

Are you as excited as I am that I’m finally getting pointe shoes? Which item is your favorite? Do you like the new More Than Magic brand from Target? Opinion on electric toothbrushes? Light or dark wash?

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35 thoughts on “Birthday Shopping Haul! (Ft. A CRAZY EXCITING Announcement!)

    I’m really glad you got all that cool stuff! It seems like you had a lot of fun shopping with your grandma. I like those leggings from Target. They’re really cute!

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  2. Ooh, nice haul. I especially like the nail polish. OOH. YAY, YOU’RE GETTING POINTE SHOES. I used to do ballet when I was younger. I’m actually going to start taking martial arts lessons soon. I think my first class is in two or three weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looks like a great birthday haul! Congratulations on your pointe! You’re growing into such a beautiful young lady in every way! May God Bless you! Happy12th Birthday!!!!!
    Your old neighbor,
    Mrs. Ratzel

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  4. Happy (almost) Birthday! πŸ’—πŸ’— Ooh congratulations on the exciting news! Pointe is one of the TOUGHEST things ever, yet so very rewarding! Do you know what brand you want to try? I have always stuck to wearing Siberian Swans, but I have tried others such as Russian Pointe, Suffolk, and Bloch. The Swans are made in Russia, and aren’t sold in stores yet, but you can order them online. Kathryn Morgan is a former NYCB dancer and current MCB dancer who has a YouTube channel and blog – you should look her up if you haven’t already! I met her back in November at a pointe shoe fitting and she was super kind! She offers many great videos and articles about first pointe shoes. πŸ™‚

    -Bekah πŸ’•

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    1. Haha, thank you! I’m so excited! I’ve been researching a ton of different brands. I’m thinking maybe Bloch, but I’m not sure what size/style yet! My feet are really small for my age – in street shoes I’m like a 3 1/2 or 4, so it might take a while to find one that’s right for me, but hopefully I can get a good first pair at my fitting! Ooh, that’s cool, I’ll have to look her up, thanks! I also watch a lot of Claudia Dean, have you heard of her?

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  5. YOOOOOOOOO CONGRATS CONGRATS that stuff is amazing and pointe shoes??? girl, you rock and go get ’em *big high fives* i’m hoping to audition for a theater school, so allll the dancing videos XD here’s to chasing our dreams, emmie! 12 is tough, but you’ll be glad you got there πŸ˜€

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