Christmas Aesthetics (Blogmas Day 11)

Day 1: Nutcracker Recap

Day 2: Playlist Swap

Day 3: Blog Spotlight

Day 4: Christmas Outfits

Day 5: Nail Inspo

Day 6: Evermore Reaction, Pt. 1

Day 7: Evermore Reaction, Pt. 2

Day 8: Joy Devotional

Day 9: Day In My Life

Day 10: What’s On My Phone

Hey daydreamers! IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE?!! I’m sorry, WHAT?! I’m so excited!

To get everyone in the holiday mood, I put together a few Christmas aesthetics from Pinterest! I hope y’all enjoy these, and if you like anything, feel free to Pin to your own boards!

the nutcracker

walkin’ in a winter wonderland

cozy christmas

o, christmas tree

away in a manger

This post was super fun to make, so I hope you guys had fun reading it and looking at the aesthetics! My favorites are either Away in a Manger or The Nutcracker, but I love all of them. Which one is yours?

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, amazing Christmas Eve full of family and love! See you guys tommorow on Christmas Day. I love you all! Merry Christmas!!

Which aesthetic is your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Aesthetics (Blogmas Day 11)

  1. OOh all of these are SOOO AESTHETIC!! I would probably have to pick.. either the Nutcracker one or Walkin in a Winter Wonderland, although they are all so pretty!
    Merry Christmas Emmie!

    Liked by 1 person

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