Pura Vida Sunflower Necklace + Shell Bracelet Review!

🌻 Hey daydreamers! I’m so excited for this post. In Hannah’s spring cleaning post, she linked to this cute sunflower choker from Pura Vida*, and I knew I had to get it! It looked absolutely adorable, super summery, totally my style, and something I would wear every day. I waited a week or two to see if I still wanted it and was willing to spend money on it, and I did! I ordered it a few weeks ago, and it finally came on Tuesday. I decided to do a review of it on here, and that’s what I’m doing in today’s post!

You’ve most likely heard of Pura Vida, they’re an amazing jewelry brand that is super popular with teen girls and every purchase you make supports artisans around the world! Of course, this post is not sponsored (I wish! That would be insane haha). Let’s get right into it!

*UPDATE: The choker is now sold out! Hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon if you want to get it. There’s also a 40% off everything deal!

First off, the packaging is GORGEOUS! 😍 It came in this super-cute hot pink package with a fun design on it. How cool is that? Shipping took a lot longer than I anticipated, but that’s most likely due to the coronavirus messing with everything, so that’s fine haha.

It came with the sunflower choker ($24, but I used a discount code and got 20% off), a cute pouch with the mystery bracelet ($4), and a card with stickers inside!

The little card talked about the background and mission of the business and it come with a ton of cute stickers! I was super excited about those, since I wasn’t expecting it at all and it came with so many!

It came with 6 stickers: a hand, fin, balloon animal, popsicle, roller skate, and jean shorts! I love how they all have a matching color scheme and they’re super high quality. My favorites are the shorts and the roller skate! I still don’t know what I should put these on, so I’m saving them in case I ever get a new water bottle or something!

At checkout, there was an option to add a mystery bracelet for only $4! The mystery bracelet came in this surprisingly durable, high-quality, and really cute pouch that I’m using to store all the stickers I got.

And here’s the mystery bracelet! It was a complete surprise and I had no idea what I was going to get. I have to admit, at first I was disappointed that it wasn’t a little more colorful, but now I love it! It’s a super simple and elegant white with a beautiful shell charm that has little pearl beads around it. I love how it’s adjustable!

And finally, the sunflower choker! It’s even cuter in person. Once again, I was soooo impressed by the packaging!

And here it is out of the packaging! The little flower charms are so cute, and it’s exactly the perfect length. The picture makes the sunflowers look really orange, but in real life they’re a soft yellow/orange that looks super cute!

Even though we’re in quarantine and no one will see it (lol) I’ve been wearing it every day since I got it and it goes with everything! It makes me feel super summery and put together. It feels great, and I forget that I’m wearing it!

This is what it looks like on me! (I’m in my parent’s room because the lighting is really good in there and I was using the white sheets as a backdrop for the other pictures, lol) My friends are probably glad it came because I’ve been bugging them about how cute it is, haha. (Also, Barkleysblog123, I’m sending you the link to this review because I’m totally going to get it for your birthday! πŸ˜›)


  • I’m extremely happy with what I got and I have nothing negative at all to say about it!
  • It came with so many extra things and fun little surprises, definitely making it worth the price
  • I love the surprise bracelet and how cool it was that I didn’t know what I was going to get
  • It makes a great gift for literally anyone
  • This is totally something that’s going to be a signature piece for me and something I’ll wear everyday!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Sorry it was a lot shorter than usual, there wasn’t a lot to say without getting super repetitive, lol. Stay tuned for more summery posts coming up to celebrate the end of the school year and the the start of a brand new season!

Do you have this necklace, or do you want to get it? Have you ever gotten anything from Pura Vida? Are you so excited for summer?

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16 thoughts on “Pura Vida Sunflower Necklace + Shell Bracelet Review!

  1. I LOVE PURE VIDA!! I have two of their bracelets and I just love them!! I wear them everyday and that necklace is SOOO CUTTEE!!! eeeekkk!!
    Thanks for this awesome review!! I would love to add a pure vida chocker and necklace to my wardrobe! love it! Great post and see you in the next one.
    *hugs to you friend!!
    -kaelyn πŸ˜›

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